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Articles on Relationships & Personal Development
The following articles and slide presentations are by Bahamian, Barrington H. Brennen MA Coun. Psy., MA Rel., NCP, BCCP, JP, a specialist in relationships.  He is a marriage and family therapist, counseling psychologist, nationally certified psychologist, Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist (USA) an ordained minister of the gospel, a marriage officer and a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.   These articles are designed to provide insight, inspiration, restoration, information and healing for individuals and relationships.  If you are single, married, divorced, homosexual, heterosexual, lonely or happy, there is something here to encourage you and to help you "smile again."     Brennen   BIO

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    New Article(s)   Saturday, March 14, 2015

  1. The Marriage Ceremony


    Relationships Romantic Relationships, Dating, Marriage, Engagement

  1. Unhealthy Relationships Slide Presentation  Bahamas Harvest Church, May 31, 2014

  2. How To Stop An Affair

  3. Habits Used By Successful Couples

  4. Lord, Please Give Me A Good Husband

  5. Oxytocin and the Twenty-Second Hug

  6. You Cannot Have Peace in Your Marriage

  7. Too Old for Sex

  8. To Young to Love

  9. No Digital Affairs with Christmas

  10. The Ultimate Betrayal

  11. Smoke-Free Marriages

  12. Honey, I Appreciate You

  13. Seat Belts and Marriage

  14. Kiss Me Please A Remake

  15. Divorce Up 700%

  16. Is Marriage On the Decline?

  17. The Do List for Married Couples

  18. She Has A Right to Know

  19. The Marriage Duet

  20. Blood Is Thicker Than Water

  21. Essentials of Marriage Preparation

  22. Intimate Partner Violence Quiz

  23. Tell The World You Are Getting Married

  24. ONLINE QUESTIONS:  What Kind of Woman Do You Want?

  25. What to Do On Valentines Day?

  26. Romantic Make-Over

  27. Honey, Let's Talk 

  28. Intellectual Intimacy 

  29. Spiritual Intimacy  

  30. Marriage and Divorce in the Bahamas

  31. Infidelity: Game or Sin? Part II

  32. Infidelity: Game or Sin?

  33. I Lost My Breasts And My Husband

  34. Marriage & Divorce & Live Births Statistics  Updated November 19, 2007

  35. Compulsory Pre-Marriage Health Certificate Needed  PDF FORMAT

  36. The Couple that Eats Johnny Cake Sticks Together (Sermon).  PDF Format

  37. The Secret of 51 Golden Years (Article)  PDF Format

  38. The Four Women In My Life

  39. Is Commitment Enough?  Part 2

  40. Is Commitment Enough?

  41. The Fire is Gone Out - When the Sex Drive is Dead

  42. Nurturing a Long Distance Relationship

  43. Opposite or Complementary?

  44. Don't Be Fooled, Flowers Aren't Enough

  45. Spicy and Sweet Month

  46. Making Weddings Sacred Once More - Part Two

  47. Making Weddings Sacred Once More - Part One

  48. Marital Conflict Seminar Handout

  49. The Golden Era of Marriage

  50. The Greatest of These Is Love

  51. A Perfect Marriage is Possible  PDF Format

  52. Forgive Him?!  No Way!

  53. Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons

  54. Love Makes No Demands

  55. When Loving You Is Destroying Me

  56. Dating Games

  57. Secret Ingredients for a Spicy Marriage

  58. Honey, Love Alone Will Not Do

  59. Is Your Lover Loving You?

  60. Wealth, Success, or Love?

  61. I Now Pronounce You "Man and Wife."

  62. Favoritism Destroys Families and Nations 

  63. How Do I know I the Shoe Fits?

  64. My Sweet Valentine 

  65. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1994

  66. Kiss Me Please A Remake 2009

  67. Honey, What do You What to do Tonight? 

  68. Time is Your Best Friend 

  69. I have Rights too, Baby"    

  70. How to Handle Conflicts   

  71. Marital Conflict Seminar Handout

  72. Toxic Intimacy

  73. Guidelines for Fighting With Your Spouse  PDF


Grief and Loss

  1. Complicated Grief

  2. Tips On Grieving Handout




  1. Forgive Instantly.  Trust Slowly

  2. Forgiveness is an Ugly Beast   2013

  3. Forgive Him?!  No Way! 




  1. Classical Music Everywhere

  2. Classical Music Can Reduce Crime

  3. Music and the Quality of Life

  4. Music, the Brain and Your Health

  5. The Junkanoo Pains     PDF Format  

  6. Junkanoo Isn't Enough






  1. The Porn Craze

  2. Pornography and Censorship  


    Sexual Relationships

  1. The ABCs of Great Sex

  2. Abortion: Freedom or Misery

  3. Is Sex Dirty or Sinful

  4. When A Man is Raped Part 2

  5. When A Man Is Raped Part 1

  6. From Subordination to Equality in Christ By Annick Brennen

  7. Abortion

  8. The Ultimate Betrayal

  9. Why Should I Not Have Sex Before Marriage

  10. Sexual Harassment

  11. Rape is Not Sex

  12. My Husband Raped Me

  13. Do Not Touch the Hips

  14. Keep You Hands Off

  15. Innocent or Guilty?

  16. We Need Healing In Our Church   (Part One)

  17. How to Help A Wounded Pastor  ( Part Two)

  18. Sexual Abuse Prevention & Healing Seminar for People in Power

  19. Marital Rape, Myth or Reality

  20. Sex and Driving  Article for Monday June 21, 2004 in the Nassau Guardian

  21. Sex In The Forbidden Zone - Part IV "Wounded Men   PDF FORMAT  New

  22. Sex In The Forbidden Zone - Part III "Wounded WomenPDF Format

  23. Sex In the Forbidden Zone - Part II  PDF Format

  24. Sex In The Forbidden Zone - Part I  PDF Format

  25. Sex and Driving 

  26. I prefer Experienced Men

  27. The Man I am Pregnant For Isn't My Husband - Part 1   Part  2

  28. Releasing Sexual Tension -   Part 2  

  29. Dangerous Sexual Secrets  Written May 1, 2002



      Roles in Marriage

  1. Multidimensional Men for Gender Equality

  2. Rights

  3. Men, Here's How to Love the Other Gender  Gender Equality Rightly Understood, Part Two

  4. Men, Here’s How to Love the Other Gender  Gender Equality Rightly Understood, Part One

  5. She Is Not Your Helper

  6. Wives are not Maids

  7. Fixing the Testosterone and Sharing the Power

  8. Leadership is the Top Stumbling Block in Marriage

  9. ONLINE QUESTIONS:  What Kind of Woman Do You Want?

  10. Anymore Good Women Available?  PDF Format

  11. The Budget Debate  PDF Format

  12. The Sample Budget and Guidelines

  13. The Unwanted Virtuous Woman  PDF Format

  14. The Unwanted Virtuous Man  PDF Format

  15. Lord Please Give Me  House Wife   

  16. Should I Get Pregnant or Have a Career? 

  17. The Five Kinds of Wives

  18. Gentlemen, Please Remove Your Hats   The Five Kinds of Husbands

  19. Honey, Let's Led Together - Part One

  20. Forgive Him?!  No Way!



  1. Retirement: Blessing or Curse?

  2. Aged Vigor



    Male Leadership In Crisis Series

  1. Male Leadership In Crisis  Part One

  2. Male Leadership In Crisis  Part Two

  3. Male Leadership In Crisis  Part Three

  4. Dad, I Need You  Part Four

  5. Would the Real Man Please Stand Up  Part Five

  6. Is Testosterone to Blame? Part Six




  1. The Pain of Separation and Divorce

  2. Why So Many Divorces?  PDF Format

  3. Until Death Do Us Part

  4. Until Divorce Do Us Part

  5. For the Sake of the Children - Part 1  Part 2

  6. God Hates Divorce and Violence


 Abuse/Violence Quizzes

  1. Parental Violence Quiz

  2. Intimate Partner Violence Quiz

  3. The Violence Quiz



    Abuse  Spouse, Child, & Sexual Abuse

  1. No More Tears Left to Cry

  2. Childhood Sex With My Father Still Pains Me.

  3. From Subordination to Equality in Christ By Annick Brennen

  4. The Church:  Caught Between the Devil and a Woman   Sept 23, 2010 Intimate Partner Abuse

  5. My Husband Raped Me

  6. The Lord Told Me

  7. The Church Must Change

  8. Please Remember Our Children 

  9. Sexual Abuse Prevention & Healing Seminar for People in Power

  10. Intimate Partner Violence Quiz

  11. Parental Violence Quiz

  12. I Can't Leave My Parents  PDF FORMAT  Article on child abuse

  13. What is Child Abuse? 

  14. Recognizing Sexual Abuse and What to Do About It

  15. Making a Non-Violent Bahamas 

  16. Why do Christian Husbands Abuse Their Wives?  - Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

  17. Domestic Violence and the Church  PDF Format 13 pages Updated October 15, 2001

  18. Religion, the Church and Domestic Violence Slide Show Download WP Presentations  or  Go Show - Ready to Run on Your Computer-    PDF FORMAT    Added June 24, 2002

  19. A Deadly Formula for Violence  

  20. Why Do Women Stay?

  21. I Can't Leave My Parents  PDF FORMAT  Why do children stay in abusive relationships?

  22. Effect of Abuse on Children

  23. Should I Leave Him?

  24. The Voice of A Little Child in Pain  Incest  Written April 7, 2002

  25. Dad and Uncles, Exposing Their Secret  Incest

  26. Dad, You're Hurting Me Again  Incest

  27. Why Do Men Stay in Abusive Relationships?  Added September 15, 2001


Campus Rage - Shame-based Relations -  Ending violence

  1. Campus Rage Begins in the Home  PDF Format

  2. Send Angry Parents Back to School PDF Format

Cigarette Smoking - Relationship

  1. Smoke-Free Marriages


    Parenting Parent-Child Relationship, Parenting Skills

  1. Technology Black-outs for Children Under Age 12

  2. Dad's Please Hug Your Daughters

  3. Dad, Please Stay at Home

  4. Busy Hands, Lazy Brains

  5. Parental Tips for the New School Year

  6. Our Great Dads

  7. Back to Summer Plans

  8. Parental Power Varius

  9. Education and Family Revolution

  10. No Beating, Please

  11. Education and Family Revolution

  12. 23 Stupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Children’s Lives  Updated July 27, 2012

  13. 23 Stupid Things Explanations

  14. The School Trip Nightmare

  15. The Birthday Party Dilemma

  16. Where Will Your Teenager Be On Saturday Night Part 2

  17. Where Will Your Teenager Be On Saturday Night?

  18. School Rules for Parents

  19. What Teens Need from Adults

  20. Teenagers, Violence, and Culpability

  21. Another 864 Hours Wasted

  22. Please Remember Our Children 

  23. Prom or Transcript? 

  24. My Father: A Real Father

  25. Education Reform Can Reduce Crime

  26. Releasing the Violence Trap

  27. The Violence Trap

  28. Crime, Family and God

  29. Homework Strategies for Parents

  30. Back To School With No Television

  31. The Obedience Trap

  32. Parental Violence Quiz

  33. Summer Mania Parenting during the school holidays

  34. The Effects of Parenting On Society  Presented at Calvary Bible Church, Nassau , Oct 26, 2003

  35. Raising Children  Slide Presentation to Go.  No software needed.  

  36. Back to Basics.  What Are They?  PDF FORMAT

  37. What Village Can Raise My Child?  PDF FORMAT

  38. Grammy's Tired Today  PDF Format

  39. When In-Laws Get In The Way    PDF FORMAT

  40. Mom, Please Listen to Me

  41. Keep the Children Out Of The Bed??!!

  42. It's Time to Close the Church Doors Part One

  43. It's Time to Close the Church Doors Part Two

  44. When the Good Lord Created Fathers

  45. When Parents Nurture, Children Blossom  Part 1

  46. When Parents Nurture, Children Blossom  Part 2

  47. Mom Ruins Son's Life  PDF Format Originally "Mom please leave your son alone"

  48. Talk So Your Child Will Listen

  49. What to say when your child asks about the birds and the bees?

  50. Growth and Development of Children and Teens

  51. A Father's Love 

  52. Mom's The Word  PDF Format  Written May 8, 2002



    Stress   Added October 7, 2001

  1. Serets to a Healthier, Happier Life:  Give Thanks   Tribune interview with Jeffarah Gibson  Nov 29, 2011

  2. Stress, a Blessing and a Curse

  3. Stress, a Blessing and a curse - Part 2

  4. Stress, "Laughing at wesef"  - Part 3

  5. Humor for Stress - Part 4



    Child Discipline

  1. Discipline or Punishment

  2. Rules Without Relationships  Part 1

  3. Rules Without Relationships  Part 2

  4. Teachers, Please Be Nice  Rules Without Relationships Part 3

  5. More Good Teachers Needed Rules Without Relationships Part 4


    Homosexuality  Compassion / Understanding / Recovery / Acceptance
  1. Must They Change

  2. Homosexuality and the Church

  3. Gays Are Not Our Problems   

  4. Overcoming the Homosexual Lifestyle  

  5. Condemnation or  Compassion  Added July 24, 2003

  6. Facing My Deepest Fears

  7. God Loves Homosexuals

  8. Learning to Love Homosexuals  

  9. Let's Make Him Straight

  10. Homosexuality: Hope or Dilemma  This article is for publication in a Adventist magazine and includes some thoughts from previous articles 




  1. Technology Black-Out for Children Under Age 12

  2. To Young to Watch Television

  3. It's Time to Get Rid of the Television

  4. Back To School With No Television

  5. Television and Sexual Feelings

  6. Television Blackout Time



  1. Gambling with Sex

  2. Is Gambling Really Our Problem?




  1. My Dearest Mother and Me

  2. More Gumption Needed in 2015

  3. Giving Thursday  December 23, 2014

  4. Friendship Thursday December 18

  5. Smiling Thursday December 11

  6. Kindness Thursday December 4

  7. The Social Media Dilemma

  8. The Luxury of Being Tired

  9. Stop and Pick Up the Trash

  10. Abortion: Freedom or Misery

  11. The Butterfly Principle

  12. A Message of Love to the Nation

  13. Aged Vigor

  14. Please Stop Killing the Innocents

  15. Men Who Sit on Toilet Seats

  16. Complicated Grief

  17. Tips on Pastoral Counseling PDF Slides

  18. What More Can I Write?

  19. A Constitution for Everyone

  20. A Child is Born

  21. Who Comes to Your Church?

  22. Happiness Killers

  23. The Bully Boss

  24. Traffic Laws in My Head

  25. How Fast Are Your Driving?

  26. Causes of Crime

  27. Identifying Poisonous Teachings

  28. Lights Off

  29. Mental Health After a Hurricane

  30. I am happy we are not a Christian nation

  31. Retirement and Family Life Seminar Slide Show Bahamas Electricity Corporation 2011

  32. New Government Ministry Needed

  33. Overcoming Life's Challenges [ Show ]  [ PDFSlide Presentation to Teachers (T. A. Thompson Junior High School)

  34. Say No to Christmas loans — please!

  35. More PEPSI Needed

  36. The Lord Told Me

  37. The Church Must Change

  38. West Jamaica "Bone of My Bone"

  39. What Teens Need from Adults

  40. Teenagers, Violence, and Culpability

  41. Let's Give Them a Second Chance Helping the Ex-con

  42. Family and Crime Reduction in The Bahamas  A Speech

  43. Education Reform Can Reduce Crime

  44. Crime, Family and God

  45. The Last Days . . . Family & Worship Controversy (Slide Show Sermon)

  46. The Physiological, Psychological & Behavioral Impact of Music  Slide Show

  47. Okay, You Can Have Your Peas and Rice

  48. No Peas and Rice In 2005

  49. My Emotions After the HurricaneTips to help you cope with crisis

  50. Whose Prayer Did God Answer?

  51. Sex and Driving 

  52. Who Delivered Your Christmas Gift?  PDF Format

  53. Gender Issues In Tertiary Education  PDF Format   

  54. Corel Slide Presentation for Gender Issues   No Software Needed  Use the space bar or arrow keys to move the slides forward.

  55. Revival!?!  What About the Family 

  56. New Year Transformational Resolutions    PDF Format

  57. The Gift of Poinsettias   PDF Format

  58. Fixing Our Nation   PDF Format

  59. To "Let Go" Takes Love  PDF Format

  60. I Am a Vegetarian, And So Is My Dog  PDF Format  June 2002

  61. The Meaning of Family Author Unknown

  62. Tradition Must Make Sense

  63. Look Forward to Being Very, Very, Old  Part 1

  64. Look Forward to Being Very, Very, Old  Part 2

  65. Christmas Sadness

  66. AIDS!   Let's Make a Difference

  67. Worry Can be Dangerous to Your Health

  68. Laughter is Good Medicine, So is Love, Tears, & a Good Diet"

  69. Why Should I be the One To Die?

  70. More Good Women Needed (Stupid Things Women Do)

  71. A New Bread of Bahamian Men Needed  (More Good Men Needed)

  72. No Crabs for Our Fathers

  73. Suicide is Forever

  74. The Society of Child-Like Grown Ups

  75. Beatitudes to Teenagers  PDF Format

  76. What is God's Will  

  77. Whose Prayer Did God Answer?

  78. Why Stop the Crime?  PDF Format

  79. The Golden Era Of Virtuous Bahamian Men

  80. Where Will Our Cruise Ship Dock?


    Seminar Slide Shows All shows are in WordPerfect Presentations

  1. Relationship Fireproof Seminar At Breezes Hotel, March 13, 2015.  By Antioch Baptist Church

  2. Keeping the Fire in Your Marriage The Women’s Convention of the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary And Educational, Held at Transfiguration Baptist Church February 21, 2014, Nassau

  3. Farewell to the Brennens  Living Fatih Seventh-day Adventist Church Janaury 19, 2013

  4. Refresh, Recommit, Reconnect Slide Show Marriage Seminar

  5. Peace in Your Marriage Slide Show

  6. Barefoot Sabbath at Living Faith Sermon Slide Show for June 7, 2008

  7. The Last Days . . . Family & Worship Controversy (Slide Show Sermon)

  8. The Physiological, Psychological & Behavioral Impact of Music  Slide Show

  9. Raising Children  Slide Presentation to Go.  No software needed.  

  10. "In Partnership With God"  Show to go.  No software needed.  Slides for the Consecration Service for Women's and Children's Ministries, February 6, 2004

  11. "In Partnership With God"  PDF Format for printing

  12. "I Don't Love You Anymore" Corel Presentation Presented at Mount Mariah Baptist Church, Nassau, December 5, 2003

  13. The Effects of Parenting On Society  Presented at Calvary Bible Church, Nassau , October 26, 2003

    1. Power Point Slide Show No Software Needed   

    2. Power Point Slide Show To Down Load On Your Computer

  14. Hope Sermon Slides  863K

  15. Broken Cisterns  WordPerfect Presentation Format  - Sermon Slides

  16. Domestic Violence and the Church "What the Church Can Do"  WP .6 mb

  17. Religion, the Church and Domestic Violence  WP 

  18. Sexual Abstinence  WordPerfect Presentation Format - Seminar Slides

  19. Two Shall Become One Marriage Seminar Slides  WordPerfect  1.2 mb

  20. Retirement and Family Life Seminar .6mb   Participants Handout of Slides Information (Abbreviated) PDF FORMAT  2 Pages

  21. Retirement and Family Life Social Survey PDF FORMAT

  22. Affirmation, Appreciation, Commitment Slide Show to Go No software needed

  23. Affirmation, Appreciation, Commitment Slide Show to Download (WordPerfect Presentation Needed) 1.2 MB

  24. Reach Out And Touch Audio Sermon  -  Family Ministries Day at Centreville, February 28, 2004





Stages of Ministerial Development    WORD FORMAT   December 22, 2008

The Chart of the Stages   WORD FORMAT








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