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A Perfect Marriage Is Possible
By Barrington H. Brennen

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Question: Dear Sir: Is a perfect marriage possible in a world that is so selfish and materialistic?

Answer:  Dear Friend, Yes! It is possible to have a perfect marriage today. Without a doubt, two loving people can succeed in having a well-balanced, mutually enhancing, emotionally and spiritually satisfying relationship. Before you get turned of by thinking that I am just a fool who believes we are living in a utopian society. You are wrong. Read on and see how you can have a perfect marriage.

Here is my definition of a perfect marriage:

A perfect marriage is one in which both married partners realize and admit their imperfections and find ways of reducing them one by one thus creating a synergy of marital forces that only brings harmony.

I am sure we are aware that absolute perfection is not possible on this earth. That will only be possible after Jesus Christ returns and recreates the earth. The perfection Jesus asks sinners to have on this earth is not freedom from the presence of sin, but freedom from the power or control of sin in our lives. Freedom from the presence of sin will only occur when Christ removes sin entirely from the universe.

Similarly, a perfect marriage on this earth is the harmonious blending of two sinful human beings struggling with imperfect thoughts and actions. It is this struggle that refines and molds us, building character of integrity. Hence, a perfect marriage is not the lack of imperfections, but the presence of a repentant, humble spirit. Romans 5:1-5 provides for the most meaningful explanation of the joy of pain and suffering in our lives. It says " . . . .We rejoice also in our suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Could it be that a pain-free marriage is a miserable marriage? Happy couples would agree that it was the test and trials that enriched their marriage. We learn best about each other by observing how we deal with the pain, disappointments, and troubles.

To further clarify my definition of a perfect marriage here are some points. 

  1. A perfect marriage is not free from pain, but free of misery. 
  2. A perfect marriage is not absence from anger, but absence from resentment. 
  3. A perfect marriage is not free from disagreements, but free from discord. 
  4. A perfect marriage is not absence of challenges, but absence of confusion.  
  5. A perfect marriage is not free from diminishing romance, but free from an apathetic spirit.

Yes, I do believe you can have a perfect marriage today where both partners feel fulfilled, loved, and valued. Go and create a perfect marriage.






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