Application to Get Marriage License

 Procedures Required to Obtain the License Application for the Marriage Officer Brennen to do Your Wedding

Steps to Getting Married in The Bahamas

  • TIME OF THE WEDDING:  Wedding ceremonies can be conducted in The Bahamas between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. seven days a week, all year round; rain or sunshine; indoor or outdoor.
  • WHO CAN MARRY YOU?: The ceremony must be conducted by a marriage officer.  Generally only ordained ministers of the gospel who have been approved by the Government, are marriage officers. Other persons who can perform the ceremony are the Registrar, Magistrates and Local Family Island Administrators.  
  • CONTACT BRENNEN TO PERFORM THE CEREMONY:  A couple can contact Marriage Officer Barrington Brennen, the Marriage Officer, via a WhatsApp call 242-477-4002 or land phone 242-327-1980, or email to begin planning for the wedding.
  • OPTIONS FOR PLANNING AND HAVING YOUR WEDDING:  In addition to having Barrington H. Brennen conduct your wedding ceremony, most of the large hotels have their own wedding planning departments.  Also there are some local wedding planners who can assist you.  Native Travel by Naomi Wilson, is an excellent choice to help you plan your wedding. Native Travel also can help with honeymoon planning, trip coordination, excursions in The Bahamas, etc
  • DESTINATION COUPLES:  Destination couples should arrive in the Bahamas two to three three days before the wedding date to facilitate preparation for the wedding.
  • PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATION FOR THE LICENSE TO MARRY:  The couple is required, as soon as possible, to email to the Registrar at  requesting to make an appointment for an interview with he Registrar to get the license to get married in The Bahamas.  The request can also be done my the marriage officer.   This license gives the Marriage Officer authority to do the marriage ceremony.  The license is to be given to the Marriage Officer.
    1. The license to get married is valid for 90 days.  In other words a couple would have one to ninety days to get married.
    2. The marriage license fee of  $100 ($B/$US ) is paid to the Marriage Registry, Shirley Street, Nassau.
    3. There is an addition interview fee of $100 applicable only to a Bahamian Citizen marrying a Foreign Citizen.
    4. Take both passports when attending the interview.  For Bahamian Citizens you need a passport or Voter's Card.  For non-citizens you can have any Government Issued ID
    5. If  anyone (Bahamian or foreigner living in The Bahamas) is forty years old or over, and never been married, a sworn affidavit of bachelorhood / spinsterhood is needed. A $10 Stamp must affixed to the Affidavit.
    6. All persons, Bahamians/residents/visitors getting married in The Bahamas who is 40 years old and older and never been married, must have a affidavit of bachelorhood / spinsterhood.  (This will be done locally by a Justice of the Peace). A $10 ($11 with VAT) postal stamp is required.
    7. If anyone is divorced (Bahamian or Foreigner), a certified sealed copy of the divorce papers is needed.  It the divorce papers are in another language other and English, it must be translated and apostilled for any divorced applicant.
    8. Or if anyone is a widow or widower (Bahamian or Foreigner), an official death certificate of the deceased spouse is needed.
    9. If anyone is a foreigner, proof of status in the country is required. 
    10. Please print out the application form to complete in its entirety to bring along with you if you do not already have one. Kindly state your contact information.
  • ADDITIONAL CERTIFIED COPIES OF THE CERTIFICATE: At the wedding ceremony, the couple will receive official marriage certificates from the marriage officer.  In addition, the couple can apply for one to two certified copies of the certificate from the Registrar for the cost of $20 each.  This can be done the next day by any one of them going to the Registrar and receive one right away.
  • DOWNLOAD APPLICATION: Click her for the application for a marriage License that must signed by a Justice of the Peace, or Notary Public in your territory.  If you live in The Bahamas, Barrington Brennen can sign this documents. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Note carefully that although a Justice of the Peace can sign the application to get married, a Justice of the Peace cannot perform a marriage ceremony in The Bahamas.  The officiant must be an approved marriage office in The Bahamas.  (Barrington Brennen is a Justice of the Peace and Marriage Officer) Generally, only ordained ministers of the gospel who have been approved by the Government, are marriage officers. Other persons who can perform the ceremony are the Registrar, Magistrates and Local Family Island Administrators.



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Brennen's Wedding Request Form and Fees

  • If you are requesting Barrington Brennen to do your wedding, download, print, and fill out application form

  • Take application to Barrington Brennen and/or email to

  • Note that Brennen outdoor facilities for a wedding are not available on Saturdays.

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Wedding Location in The Bahamas

The marriage officer lives on the Island of New Providence, The Bahamas.  This is usually the destination of choice.  However, couples may choose another Bahamian island for their wedding.   Couples may choose to have a wedding at their hotel, in a church, on the beach, in a park or garden, or any where else they may select.


Here are a few location ideas for a wedding in The Bahamas (couples can explore on their own):


Type of Wedding Ceremony

Couples may choose a religious, traditional wedding based on their faith tradition or a civil one.   The length of the ceremony is the couple's choice. It can be just a few minutes to much longer. 


Online Payment Option