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Official Forms/Certificates

Forms for the Wedding Ceremony



This link is a PDF application for license to get married. 
It must be signed by a Marriage Office, or Justice of the Peace or Notary Public

Official Form to Request for Marriage License   


Here is the email the couple is to use to request for an appointment to see the Marriage Registrar






Below are forms the marriage officer will use to marry the couple. 


"Register" is the "Marriage Certificate" that is given to the couple.

The couple can have two more more certificates.

"Duplicate" is the one that is given to the Marriage Registry to register the marriage


WORD FORMAT: Duplicate   Register     

WORDPERFECT FORMAT:   Duplicate   Registry


Marriage Officers can register the couple and weddings online.

See official forms and links from The Government's website:  

Marriage Registry

Official Form to Request for Marriage License 

This is the way to go.   This method the above documents are not needed.


Other Forms 









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