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Honey, What Do You Want to do Tonight?

Question: Dear Sir: Last week you gave us a list of things young unmarried couples can do to have fun and not be sexually active. What can married couples to do to have fun, and what activities they can do that can be sexually stimulating?

Answer: Dear Friend, Last week I attended a marriage seminar at Atlantis Hotel conducted by Gloria and Jansen Trotman of St Croix, the Virgin Islands. They gave some wonderful romantic ideas that can keep fires burning in your marriage. Here are some their ideas along with some of my own:

Take a trip to Elizabeth Island, Exuma. Snuggle up and play your most romantic CDís or cassettes. Rent a romantic video and hold each other close as you view it. Have a candlelight dinner with a delicious menu planned by the two of you. Use you best cutlery and finest china. You many order the meal from a caterer. Have a candle light dinner (just the two of you) in sexy night wares. Spend an evening experimenting with different types of loving touches. Take a walk together in the moonlight. Watch a sunset together. Ladies, take the initiative in lovemaking tonight. Call your spouse on the job today and begin preparing for the "special" tonight. Go on a second honeymoon. Spend the night in a hotel. Read love poems to each other. Buy some sexy lingerie. Picnic at the beach together. Make love in the living room (windows closed, children not around). Go window shopping after the stores area closed and hold hands as you walk along. Go on top of the Water Tower to kiss. Share a milkshake on a hot day. Go out for pizza and have fun. Watch the dog show on TV. Buy matching outfits. Go to the perfume shop and learn about the various fragrances then pick out one for each other. Frolic in bed when the weather is too bad to go out to work. Go to Club Med, Eleuthra. Redecorate your home together. Hug a lot and kiss a lot. Have a private lingerie fashion show just for the two of you. Shape up together at an exercise club. Take a long bubble bath together. Massage each other. Celebrate "Being Especially Sweet Day" on the first day of every month or quarter by being especially sweet to your spouse. Enjoy dinner at an elegant restaurant. Invite your in-laws over for a special day and entertain them like royalty. Rent a comedy video and laugh together. Make the next dish of macaroni while not wearing underwear, and serve it hot with the name "pantie-less macaroni." That will certainly coo

k up a storm. Walk the dog together. Try counting the stars at dusk. Go through old junk at home together and dump all the stuff you really do not need anymore. Decorate the house for Christmas together. Have an "Outrageous Meal Day." See who can come up with the most outrageous but tasty concoction. Shower together. Leave a love note under the pillow. Dress up and rent a limo to take you around for an evening. Spend the evening dancing together in your bedroom to the favorite romantic music. Engage in a pillow fight. Have your portrait painted. Practice for a kissing competition. Invent something. Plan a campfire for couples. Plan a lunch time dinner date on a busy day. Fall in love all over again. Bake bread together. Build a tree house for the two of you and hug and kiss in it. Go to see the sunrise. Go to see the sunset. Have a romantic moonlight picnic (even in your own backyard). Have an evening for sharing stale jokes. Prepare a written account of your first year together. See how far you have come and how much you have grown together. Read a love story together. Go sailing to Balmoral Island. Kiss every time you part and every time you meet again. Give each other romantic pet names and use them often. Say "I love you" often and mean it. Go bird watching. Accept each other without trying to remake each other. Eat your meals together as often as you can. Enjoy nature together. Prepare a book of love coupons and give coupons to each other for redemption whenever your spouse wishes. Have a evening sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other. Sleep naked together.

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