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Great Links for my Spiritual and Social Wellbeing

  1. National Symbols of the Bahamas  Government of the Bahamas Government website
  2. Jamaica Adventist Union Headquarters
  3. A Brief History of the World-Wide Seventh-day Adventist Church 
  4. Adventists 28 Fundamental Beliefs   PDF Format
  5. Who Are Adventists? - Short Video to Download - A People of Hope
  6. Adventist Churches Around the World    It is not an exhaustive list
  7. Organizational Structure and Governance of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  8. Basic Fundamental Beliefs  All you need to know about Adventist beliefs and teachings
  9. What Adventists Teach About:
  10.      Speaking in Tongues
  11.      Biblical Sabbath     Sabbath
  12.      Sabbath Keeping
  13.      Meaning of Soul in the Bible
  14.      Everlasting Punishment
  15.      Judgment
  16.      Justification
  17.      Faith and Works
  18.      Jewelry  More or Jewelry
  19.      Clean and Unclean Meats
  20.     Alcohol, Wine and Beer   More Info
  21.     Methods of Bible Study
  22. Biblical Research Institute of the Adventist Church
  23. Geosciences Research Institute
  24. Facts and Figures of the Adventist Church World Wide
  25. A Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Music - Guidelines Voted October 2004
  26. Adventist Professional Network
  27. Adventist Volunteers Ministries Network
  28. Adventist Deaf Ministry
  29. The Territory of the Bahamas Conference
  30. Official Statements  Official statements on specific issues.  For example "Marriage," "The Environment." etc
  31. Ellen White's Writings - A search engine for all her writings etc. 
  32. Nine of Ellen White's Most Popular Books Online
  33. Ellen G. White Estate Main Site
  34. Ellen G. White Estate and Resource Center at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica
  35. Ellen White  Who is she?
  36. The Sabbath
  37. History of the Sabbath
  38. Guidelines for Sabbath Observance 
  39. Adult Sabbath School Lesson  There is a new lesson each quarter. 
  40. French Adults Sabbath School Lesson



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