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Dress Code for Photographers    Recently I attended a lovely wedding ceremony in a beautiful church.  The only thing that spoiled it was the photographer who was so conspicuous with his untidy attire parading in front of everyone.   I whispered to someone beside me: “How could a professional photographer be so inconsiderate by coming to a formal occasion looking like a run-down vagabond.”  I was angry.   I have attended far too many weddings, funerals, and formal occasions where the photographers and videographers were inappropriately dressed for the occasion.  So now I cannot help but write about it.  I don’t know if this article will help someone.  I hope it does.   Photographers and videographers are not to be sore thumbs at these occasions.   They are to blend in and not be disrespectful to the guests by having improper attire: untidy shirts out of the trousers, jeans, wide open unbuttoned shirts, untidy hair, etc.  Some female photographers’ pants are so tight, they are a distraction and downright distasteful and unhealthy.  It is as though they ran in from the jogging track.  True, photographers or videographers may not need to come in a necktie or formal coat, but their dress can still tastefully blend in with the occasion. .   Read More




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