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Multidimensional Men for Gender Equality   In this article I am honored to share with you some ideas about gender equality from my own son, Gerard, now residing in Nebraska with his family. Our son perhaps can be called a

 "metrosexual male." Who is a metrosexual male? Here’s how one author describes him: "He's been described as a straight, sensitive, well-educated, urban dweller who is in touch with his feminine side.” If one concludes that Gerard’s physique and fine-tuned, large curved muscles are symbol of a macho male, you would be mistaken.   Gerard is sensitive, caring, determined, emotionally and physically strong. He is not embarrassed to express love and tenderness to his two sons and more importantly, to his dear wife, Dana. Read some excerpts from an article he recently wrote:  Men are multidimensional human beings who are capable of being more. Unfortunately, we have been taught that men can only be one of many things; for example: A man can only be strong, but not sensitive; or sensitive, but not strong. A man can be logical but not intuitive; or intuitive, but not logical.       Read More

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