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The Luxury of Being Tired   "Voices are screaming from every corner of the house.  The telephone is ringing off the hook.  The food is on the stove.   The television is blasting the children’s afternoon special.  While the food is cooking you are about to start preparing the little ones’ school uniforms for the next day.  Grammy is calling for some assistance at her home.  The washing machine is active with the week’s laundry. The house is dirty and you must do some cleaning before your guests arrive.  Just when you are about to catch your breath a little one runs in crying because he just fell down and bruised his knee.   You must pause and be the family doctor right now.  Although you arrived home from work very tired, you cannot enjoy the gift of being tired.   The work has to go on.  You must be the super woman to do two full-time jobs—in and out of the home—and do them very well.  The children’s needs have to be met.  They are younger and fragile.  They would not understand.  So, even though you feel like pulling your hair out and screaming, you must keep your composure."     Read More




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