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My Dearest Mother and Me  I could never forget the day Mom called me to sit beside her at the Singer sewing machine. That was the first day of many days she began patiently teaching me the different kinds of stitches, how to hem, put on buttons, install a zipper, knit, pom-pom, thread a sewing machine, etc. She would lovingly show me the chain stitch, straight stitch, underhand stitch, and overhand stitch. I am happy she did that. She taught me that a man need not depend on a woman to do simple things or anything if he has the skill to do it. She taught me that I must not treat my wife as a maid by demanding that she do things for me. Today, although I am not able to truly craft a dress or pair of pants, I am really good at making adjustments and mending. In fact, at times I am my wife’s chief consultant when she makes dresses. Thanks to my dearest mother. I have never made Annick feel that she was required to do something for me simply because she was a woman. Thanks to my dearest mother, Mary. I acquired the paper art skills from my mother. She loved decorating anything. She not only decorated classroom walls, but books and fabrics. She was magnificent.   Read More




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