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Select Videos by Barrington H. Brennen

Video 1

Money, money, money!
Honey, where is the money?

A video on couple budgeting




Video 2

Back to Basics: Understanding Family Dynamics

Who is attending your church?   Trouble in Christian Families.

Tuesday,  June 12, 2012  (57.07 min)


Video 3

The Obedience Trap

The three kinds of obedience

Wednesday, June 13,  2012 (49:25 min)





Video 4

Getting the Best Out of Marriage

For adults only

Getting the Best out of the Single Life

For single adults ages 25 to 105

Thursday, June 14,  2012 (56.53 min)




Video 5

22 Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess Up Their Children's Lives


Friday,  June 15, 2012 (50:15 min)

Click here for the script/article on 22 Stupid Things.  You will observe that one more is added making it 23 Stupid Thing . . .


Intimacy for Couples Video




Click here to watch all the speakers during the Camp Meeting

Pastor Mark Finley, Pastor Roy Adams, USA; Dr. Cheryl Wilson-Bridges,  USA;

Pastor Steve Riley,  Trinidad; Pastor Rupert Bushner USA,


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