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Christmas Dates Can Be Fun

Once again I am presenting exciting things couples can do during this Christmas season or during courting times that can build their relationship. These ideas are for matured single adults or youth who may require supervision.


Visit Atlantis Resorts fun area on Paradise Island. Spend two hours together at the carnival at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center. Create your very own Christmas comedy drama on video. Enjoy a pop corn pillow fight (not in the bedroom). Take a trip on the Bohingi. Pretend you are five-year-old again and play on the swings. Have a Christmas sing-a-long at your home with friends. Visit the Botanical Garden on a sunny day. Go skateboarding on a single board made for two. Go to a restaurant with other couples. Go parasailing together. Walk a mile together. Play basket ball. Have a pizza, yogurt and laugh-me-to-death party. Read the book of Solomon together. Play monopoly. Go swimming with family or/friends on a sunny day. Go on a butterfly discovery walk. Visit the Water Tower together. Go canoeing on a Bahamian lake. Enjoy a game of Pictorama. Assemble a puzzle. Spend a few hours at a Adastra zoo. Enjoy the dolphin encounter at the Blue Lagoon. Swing with the dolphins. Play tooth- pick-pass with other couples. Visit a hospital or nursing home. Listen to Christian love music together. Read the book of Ruth. Go diving in the pool. Learn a new indoor game each month. Attend a concert together. Go duck hunting. Go bird watching. Enjoy caroling during the Christmas season. Visit each other's parents -take them on a date with you. Pray together. Draw pictures of each other. Play Pictionary. Plan you own special Olympic day. Play catch-me-if-you-can. Play the "tell me what's on my mind" game. Visit our national museums and parks together. Smile at everyone you see. Have a Sunday morning breakfast by the lake. Write a song together. Go biking on a nature trail. Go on a flower hunt. Read Elizabeth and Robert Browning poems to each other. Go sky diving. Go wind surfing. Go Bird watching. Go window shopping in a mall. Read a favorite magazine or newspaper together. Shell collecting on a beach. Take turn writing a story. Learn to play the guitar together. Cook a gourmet meal together in one of your parents' home. Play "what your favorite . . ." Hug a tree. Go jogging together. Make surprises for each other. Modify a card game with your own special rules. Go to bed before 10 p.m. each night Invent a secret code romantic language. Go riding, rolling, jumping and walking on the beaches. Play arm wrestling for couples. Play scrabble, chess, or tic-tac-toe together. Talk about God together. Water ski together. Make hand crafts together. Watch a wholesome movie together. Jump off the roof of a fifty story building-with parachutes on of course. Read epitaphs together. Go Scuba diving. Play football, volleyball, table tennis together. Sit and look in each other's face. On a clear night, count the stars. Go butterfly catching. Study the effects of the moon on romantic relationships. Pretend Subway is a fancy restaurant. On a wet day, walk in the rain together. Read the book of Ruth and Esther together. Spend very little time kissing. No petting of body parts. SIT AND BE STILL.  Have fun.


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