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Current Online Surveys and Major Research Projects

Last updated: Wednesday, September 12, 2018


The Bahamas Women Demographic and Autonomy Survey Sept 12, '18

Abortion Survey March 5, 2014  Survey on Violence Against Women  Added November 26, 2013
Sexual Satisfaction Survey for Couples age 50 to 120  Added January 24, 2013  Gay Adventist Survey for Pastors Added November 25, 2013
Feasibility Study for the Proposed NCU Campus in Nassau  By Annick Brennen  Mini Questionnaire On Affairs  Added December 19, 2012
World Survey On Women's Ordination  Started May 2010  Religion and Same-Sex Marriage  May 14, 2012
Online Survey on Government Censorship Residents of The Bahamas  Jan, 2012  Survey on Artificial Insemination for Christians  April 19, 2012

The Bahamas Guidance Counselors Online Survey On Homosexuality

 The Bullying Awareness Survey   Feb 16, 2012
Family and Behavior Survey for  High School Students Online Version  Missing Adventist Survey  Added November 20, 2013
Family and Behavior Survey for  High School Students Print Version  Survey On Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Bahamas First
Slide Presentations on the Role of Religion in Violence  Marriage and Divorce Statistics for the Bahamas
High School Students Survey  STATISTICS
Pastoral Survey on Amendments (August 1, 2014)  Marriage and Divorce Statistics for the Bahamas