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Sexual Satisfaction Survey for Married Couples

This survey is to be completed by married individuals only

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Sexual Satisfaction for Married Individuals
1. Gender

2. Marital Status

Married and living together
Married and living apart
Divorce pending but living together
Separated but still sexually involved
3. Years of Marriage

0-9 Years of Marriage
10-15 Years of Marriage
16-20 Years of Marriage
21-25 Years of Marriage
26-30 Years of Marriage
31-35 Years of Marriage
36-40 Years of Marriage
41-45 Years of Marriage
46-50 Years of Marriage
51-55 Years of Marriage
56-60 Years of Marriage
61-65 Years of Marriage
66-70 Years of Marriage
71-75 Years of Marriage
76-80 Years of Marriage
80 Plus Years of Marriage
4. How would you rate your level of overall sexual satisfaction with your spouse?

I am very, very satisfied
I am satisfied
I am not so satisfied
I am am not satisfied
5. I would like my spouse and I to have sex

More often
Less often
Not at all
It does not matter. I am happy the way it is right now
6. My partner has a medical problem that's causing problems in our sexual relationship

7. I have a medical problem that's causing problems in our sexual relationship

8. Has your spouse ever fulfilled your greatest sexual desire (required)

9. How often do you obtain climax (orgasm) during sex? (required)

Every time we have sex
Most of the time we have sex
Some of the time we have sex
Very rarely
Not at all
10. Is your partner responsive to your need to have full satisfaction during sex (required)

11. How often you would like to have sex to be fully satisfied (required)

Every day
At least three times a week
At least twice a week
At least once a week
About three times a month
About once every six week
Four times a year
Once a year
When ever . . . It does not matter
12. Would you take medication (prescription or natural) to enhance your sex drive is necessary? (required)

13. Are yo using any medication (prescription or natural) or food right now to help boast your sex drive (required)

14. If you are using medication (prescription or natural) or food to boast your sex drive please list below

15. I will share this survey with married couples I know.