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  March 5, 2014

Read article  Abortion: Freedom for Misery?


Survey On Abortion

1. I believe that abortion is not ideal but a woman has a right to choose? (required)

2. I believe that abortion at any time, even if the mother's life is in danger, is wrong? (required)

3. I believe that a woman is free to consider her pregnancy as an "invasion" of her body and should be feel free to have an abortion. (required)

4. I believe that a woman should only have an abortion, if she chooses, in cases of incest, rape, threat to mother's health or life, or extreme birth defects. (required)

5. My Gender (required)

6. I have had a abortion (required)
More than two times
Multiple times
This question does not apply to me

7. I had a abortion as (required)
A single person
Married person
This question does not apply to me

8. I believe it is okay to have an abortion when: (required)
It is never okay
One is not ready to have a baby yet
It is an inconvenient time of life or the child interferes with goals
One cannot afford the pregnancy
There is a fear of people finding out about the pregnancy
The pregnancy was not planned or wanted
Although these reasons are not "okay" a woman has a freedom of choice
I choose not to answer this question

9. Did you ever had an abortion? (required)
This question does not apply to me
I never had an abortion
I had one abortion
I had two abortion
I had three abortion
I had multiple abortions

10. My emotional state after an abortion (required)
This question dose not apply to me
I had no emotional issues after an abortion
I was depressed after having an abortion
I felt guilty after an abortion
I felt lonely after an abortion
I had suicidal thoughts after an abortion
Years after having an abortion I have emotional issues because of it

11. My medical issues after abortion (required)
This question does not apply to me
I had not medical issues after abortion
Due to my abortion(s) I have certain medical problems
I have difficulty getting pregnant again
I have a damaged womb due to a botched abortion

12. I will share this survey with someone  (required)



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