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Mini Questionnaire On Affairs

If you are an adult (over 18 years old) kindly complete the questionnaire below.

Only answer all relevant questions.

This is a very confidential questionnaire. 

Absolutely no on, including CFR, can find out who answered these questions.



1. Gender

2. Social Status

Never-married single
Married and living full-time with spouse
Married but spouse lives abroad
Engaged to be married
Divorce pending
Partnered (living together and not married)
3. Spiritual Information

I am an active Christian
I am a faithful believer of another religion
I am a skeptic
I am atheist
I am not a Christian
I am a backslidden Christian
I am a non-practicing Christian
4. Behavior

I have never had an affair
I am currently having an affair
I had an affair and ended it
I never had an affair but wish I had one
5. Method

My affair started unintentionally
I deliberately sought to have an affair
My affair stated with texting/messaging
I used a cell phone
I used an online messenger (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc)
I used email
7. Intensity

My affair remained non-physical
My affair became physical
I do not want to end the affair
I am hurt and want to get out of the affair
I feel betrayed
It was a great affair but I ended it because I know it is wrong
My affair ended because my spouse found out
If my spouse did not find out I might still be having an affair
8. Quality of Marriage

I want to keep my marriage
I want to end my marriage
I want to keep my marriage but my spouse does not want it
There is too much pain between my spouse and I preventing us from healing

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