Seat Belts and Marriage  Just a few weeks ago the Government of The Bahamas began enforcing the seat belt law. The law was passed in 2002, but it was not enforced because of public outcry. Isn’t that interesting? A law that will actually save lives was criticized by the very citizens whose lives it will save. Experts tell us that “Seat belts are your first line of defense against injuries or death.” Seat belts prevent a passenger from being thrown out of the car and crushed by it. Since the law has been enforced, I am excited as I drive to see that most of the drivers have their seat belts on. It is so refreshing to see how so many of us are so obedient to the law of the land. I wonder whether it is only because we were forced to do so or we believe that seat belts really work.

There are important decisions we also have to make to prevent our lives from being ‘crushed’ by the unexpected ‘accidents’ of life. Some of these decisions are about our marriages. I wonder if we were told to do something to save our marriages, would we also refuse to do it. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. There are those who refused to obey the seat belt law because they argued that the fines were too high or that they had no seat belts in their cars and it was too expensive to purchase them. Similarly, many married people refuse to strap on their marital “seat belts” of commitment and romance that will most likely prevent them from being “thrown out” of the marriage when “hitting against the wall” of disagreements. In the few paragraphs that follow, you will read about the marital “seat belts” that can minimize catastrophe in marriage. 
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