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Have a Brennen Seminar for Your, Organization, Church, or Hometown



Barrington Brennen is willing to come to your hometown, church, community, business, or school, to conduct a seminar.

Keeping It HOTT Seminars

Belize Seminar 2017

England Seminar 2016

England Seminar 2013

England Seminar Videos 2012  View four seminars I conducted in England in June 2012



Below is a list of some of the seminars Barrington Brennen conducts.  Note that seminars can be tailored to the needs of the participants:

  1. Single Adults Seminars

  2. Marriage enrichment
  3. Marriage Healing
  4. Roles in marriage
  5. Conflict Management in Marriage
  6. Conflict Management on the Job
  7. Communication in Marriage
  8. Divorce Recovery
  9. Gender Equality
  10. Homosexual Recovery
  11. Retirement and Family Life
  12. Parenting
  13. Fidelity in Marriage
  14. Abuse Sexual, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, etc
  15. Stress Management
  16. Sexual Abstinence 
  17. Family violence
  18. Child abuse
  19. Toxic Intimacy
  20. Social development
  21. Sexuality
  22. Pre-marriage education
  23. Effects of music
  24. Single Adult Seminars
  25. Dating and other spicy things
  26. Men Becoming Whole Again
  27. Men Making a Difference
  28. Fatherhood/Motherhood
  29. Music The impact of music on moral and social development
  30. Etc.



Barrington Brennen is willing to travel to any country or town to help strengthen marriages, families, relationship, individuals, and young people.   He will tailor the seminar to meet the needs of your institution or church. With the use of visual aids, (video projector, handouts, role play, etc) and humor, the seminars are very interactive and exciting.  

For cost and information on how you can have Barrington Brennen come to your town to conduct a seminar or be a guest speaker, call 242-327-1980 or 242-477 4002 or write to P.O. Box CB-11045, Nassau, Bahamas, or email at info@soencouragment.org



  • Anglican Clergy Spouse Seminar at the Warwick Hotel -- June 4, 2022

  • Parenting Seminar at Centreville Church Bahamas--June 11, 2022

  • Ghana West Africa, Nation-wide Adventist Family Retreat May 2022

  • Coping with Stress During COVID19 (Done many times on ZOOM for various organzations).

  • January 2022 Financial Seminar via ZOOM for Belize



  • Short Zoom Marriage Seminar Bahamas  December 4, 2021 6 p.m. Bahamas time

  • Short Zoom Marriage Seminar Belize, December 11, 2021, 3 p.m., Belize time

  • Ghana Singles Retreat November 12-14, 2021

  • Good New Church Youth Oct 28, 2021

  • Grant's Town Adventist Church Youth October 15, 2021

  • NCU COVID Symposium September 25, 2021

  • Singles Seminar at Shekinah Family Word Center June 5, 2021

  • "Unequally Yoked" Zoom with Living Faith Church Youth, January 23, 2021

  • Single Adults Zoom Retreat Belize Adventist Union Mission December 18, 29, 2020

  • Keeping it HOTT Marriage Zoom Retreat Belize Adventist Churches, February 5 to 7, 2021  -- Fee $30 BZD, registration required



  • Domestic Violence and the Church (Zoom) Seminar - North Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, December 5, 2020

  • Domestic Violence and the Church (Zoom)--Sponsored by the Rotary Club and The Crisis Center -- November 21, 2020

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Response (COVID19) Zoom Seminar - Elizabeth Estates and Flamingo Gardens - Oct 2020

  • Seminar for Couples via ZOOM on coping with COVID19  September 15, 2020 Barrington Brennen and Dr. Edrica Richardson

  • Grief and Loss Zoom Seminar - New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Nassau; June 3, 2020

  • Keeping it Hot Marriage Seminar at the Faith National Church of God, Freeport Grand Bahama, February 23, 2020

  • Speak at Kingsway Academy at the Honors Convocation on February 26, 2020

  • Keeping it Hott Board Cruise July 2020  To be decided




  • Keeping Families Strong Conference at Greenwich Seventh-day Adventist Church, London, United Kingdom.  September 20 to 2 8, 2018

  • Homosexuality presentation at the Let's Talk Sex Youth Series  at Living Faith Adventist Church, July 13, 2019

  • Pornography and Masturbation presentation at the Let's Talk Sex Youth Series  at Living Faith Adventist Church, July 6, 2019

  • Day of the Family presentation on May 15, 2019

  • Presentation on Stress at SOAR Seminar, April 13, 2019

  • Keeping to Hot During the Cold Times: What to do when there are natural or painful life changes or unexpected tragedy in marriage? Grant's Town Church Marriage Couples Association, April 6, 2019

  • Communication and Sex Presentation to the Good News Adventist Church Marriage Association, March 30, 2019

  • Male Mental Health, University of the Bahamas students.  February 27, 2019


  • CEDAW: The Bahamas' Hearing October 25, 2018

  • Speak at Family Conference at Philadelphia Adventist Church, Bahamas  September 4, 2018

  • "Behind Closed Doors" International Day of the Family"  May 18, 2018, Adventura Plaza Hearing Room JFK

  • Marital Rape Round Table Discussion at Colina Building Collins Ave on March 5, 2018

  • Speak at a Marriage Seminar at Breezes Hotel February 10, 2018 by New Covenant Baptist Church

  • Presentation on The Decimalization of Marijuana--Presentation at Hillview Church Adventist Youth Meeting, January 20, 2019





  • Belize Marriage Retreat, June 16-18, 2017

  • Presentation to the Prison staff on relationships April 11, 2017

  • Presentation on Grief and Loss at the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, March 12, 2017

  •  Marriage Luncheon for Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church at Hilton Hotel, Nassau, Feb 26, 2017



  • Three-night, Marriage Seminar at The Remnant Tabernacle of Praise, 309 Carmichael Road, Nassau, Bahamas (Pastor Melvin Grant)  October 19-21, 2016

  • Speak at Correctional Officers Retreat on "How to Balance Work and Family Relationships" on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 1:15 p.m. to 230 p.m. at Workers House, Tonique Williams-Daring Highway. (Retreat is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)

  • Speak at the United Nations on March 18, 2016.  The side meeting at the Coalition on the Status of Women annual meeting sponsored by The Bahamas Mission.  Representing the Bahamas Psychological Association and Caribbean Alliance of National Associations (CANPA) on Gender-Based Violence in the Caribbean and the Way Forward

  • Speak at the Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries Carmichael Road, Nassau, The Bahamas on March 20, 2016.  The topic is: "Spring cleaning for new beginnings"    

  • Participate in a discussion (15 minute) on the Constitutional Referendum on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at  9:30 pm. at Social Services Building, Nassau, The Bahamas.  "Biblical Perspective"

  • Speak at a side meeting at the United Nations, New York, March 18, 2016.  Represent the Caribbean and Bahamas at the Gender-based Violence Conference organized by The Bahamas Mission.  The topic is "Caribbean Psychological Science
    And Gender-based Violence Progress and the Way forward"

  • Speak at STRAW at Breezes Annual Girls Leadership Conference March 11, 2016.  The theme is "No Empty Chairs."  I will speak on the topic "The Rocking Chair Syndrome . . .  - What to Do when you can't get up, but you want to leave"

  • "Cure for the Common Life" at Living Faith Adventist Church February 27 to March 6, 2016.  Present on two nights "Porn" and "Divorce."  Contribute other nights. 

  • Pre-Enrich Training, April 2016

  • May 27-29, 2016, Marriage Retreat in London, England.

  • Barrington Brennen's Marriage Retreat, Nassau, The Bahamas, July 2016






  • Speak at Conference Marriage Conference at Melia Hotal on Saturday afternoon, November 22, 2015, on the topic, "Midlife Issues in Marriage . . . .Until Gray Do Us Part"

  • October 28, 2015, Wesley Methodist Church "Marriage Seminar"

  • Thursday, October 22, 2015, "Fireproof Your Relationship"  at Remnant Tabernacle of Praise, Carmichael Road. (Pastor Melvin Grant)

  • Speak on July 1, 2015, "Retirement at Family Life" at Sandilands Rehabilitation Center

  • Speak on Friday, March 13, 2015, Marriage Seminar at Breezes Resort Nassau

  • Speak at Zion South Beacht Church on February 8, 2015 for a Marriage Seminar



  • Marriage Seminar, Saturday, July 26, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. at Boy's Scouts Hall

  • Parenting Seminar at the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Saturday, July 5, 2014

  • Sexuality Seminar with teens of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, July 11, 2014

  • April 3, 204 speak on "The Role of the Church" at the "Understanding the Boy Child Workshop," sponsored by the Ministry of Social Service.  Held at Holy Cross Anglican Church, Soldier Road.

  • Tuesday, April 1, 2014 speak to T. A. Thompson Junior High School. Speak to problem students.

  • April 20, 2014, Miami Ministerial Retreat.  Intimate Partner Abuse.

  • April 28, 2014, PrepareEnrch Training for pastors and counselors  Nassau

  • Tuesday, May 8, 2014, National Insurance Board seminar for accountants at the Hilton Hotel

  • Saturday, May 31, 2014, Bahamas Harvest Church singles and married women seminar "Maintaining Healthy Relationship.

  • Friday, February 21, 2014, 6:30  National Baptism Women's Convention Monthly Meeting. "Keeping the fire in your marriage"   Transfiguration Baptist Church Market Street  (Contact Pastor Sabrina Pinder 361 5352)         $150

  • Sunday, February 23, 2014.  St Gregory's Anglican Church, Carmichael Road, Nassau, The Bahamas.  Seminars for single adults, engaged and married couples (4 to 8:30 p.m.)      $500

  • March 2014 Two full day workshops on "Gender Sensitive & Social Communication Skills For Men On Gender-Based Violence"  Date, place and time to be decided. Sponsored by the Bahamas Women Bureau and United Nations Women

  • November 24, 2014, PrepareEnrch Training for pastors and counselors  Nassau


  • January 27, 2013:  Speak at St Georges Angelical Church, Nassau, on the topic "Building Healthy relationships in the home, job, neighborhood and family."

  • February 20, 2013:  Speak at Professional Development Day for T. A. Thompson and C. C. Sweeting High Schools.  To be held at T. A. Thompson High School at 12 noon.   Speak on "Emotional Wellness"   Theme for the day "Partnering in Excellence As We do for God"

  • March 15, 2013:  Speak at STRAW Conference at 10:00 a.m. at the Wyndham Hotel, Nassau, The Bahamas.   This is the 9th annual girls leadership conference.  Terri Cunningham - STRAW Center for Young Women.  328 2304

  • Marriage Summit  February 15 to 17, 2013 by Barrington Brennen and assisted by Annick Brennen

  • March 26 (Wed) 2013:  Speak at Epiphany Anglican Church, Prince Charles Drive, Married Couples Meeting

  • Two Marriage Retreats and Family Seminar-- England May 17 to 27, 2012

    • First Marriage Seminar-May 17-19: Devere Hotel Theobalds, Enfield, near London

      • The Nuts and Bolts of Keeping it Sweet

      • Kissing Won’t Help Honey ---When Love Hurts

      • When the Division makes no Provision

      • Talk so your partner will listen and listen so your partner will talk

      • Outercourse Before Intercourse

      • Forgive Me Baby – Healing moments

      •  I Take You, Honey, One More Time Renewal of Vows


    • Second Marriage Seminar -May 24-26: Starventon Park Devere in Northampton



  • "Toxic Relationships"  Department of Rehabilitative Services.  12:00 a.m. November 13, 2012.  Rehabilitation Center, Thompson Blvd.

  • "The Healthy Church:  The Crisis and the joys"  The church and domestic violence.  November 8, 2012. Social Services

  • Chaplaincy Symposium "Family: the good, the bad, and the ugly."  November 6, 2012.  Place:  Holy Cross Anglican Church, Soldier Road, Nassau.  Symposium theme:  "Working together in the midst of brokeness"

  • Gender Issues and Family - Ministry of Health - August 22, 2012

  • Village Keepers Seminar sponsored by Bain and Grants Town Urban Renewal Project Office, Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.   Speak at 10:55 a.m. to 11:55 a.m. on "The Effects of the Drugs Sub-Culture on Youth Violence from a Family Perspective."  Place:  Transfiguration Baptist Church Hall, Vesey Street.  (Inspector Anthony Rolle 434 4210)

  • Marriage Seminar at Sheraton Nassau Beach Hotel, June 1, 2012

  • Bahamas Electricity Corporation Retirement Seminar:  Family and Retirement  June 8 & 22, 2012

  • Speak on "Back to Basics: Understanding Family Dynamics" at New Covenant Baptist Church, Wednesday, April 18, 2012, at 7:30 during a week of Family Emphasis

  • Speak on "Bringing Families to the Table: Family Intervention Strategies that Work" at Grace Community Church for the Department of Social Services.  Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

  • Speak at the South Bahamas Ministerial Symposium on the topic "Sexuality and the Ministry" from 11:25 am to 11:55 am on Thursday, 12thApril, 2012 at the Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Speak at  for The Bureau for Women’s Affairs and the National Women’s Advisory Council  Conference on ‘Loving Yourself, Intimacy and Sex: What you need to know."    My topic will be “The Purpose of Sex and Intimacy:  Why do we need both?”  March 10, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at Our Lady's Catholic Church Parish Hall located on Deveaux and Young Streets, off East Street.   

  • School Guidance Counselors Association (Bahamas) Seminar on Homosexuality.  "Homosexuality and the guidance counselor - the care approach."  February 23, 2012

  • Forgive Him!  No Way!  Presentation at the Women's Ministries meeting for Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church, Saturday night, March 3, 2012

  • Marriage Fellowship Banquet February 18, 2012 - New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church - "Igniting the love flame."

  • Prepare/Enrich Seminars in Nassau: April and November 2012  Click here to register and see actual dates and cost

  • South England Conference Camp Meeting June 12-17, 2011  Speak each morning on family and relationship issues. Coordinated by Pastor Leslie Ackie)




  • Marriage Seminar with Grant's Town Adventist Church Married Couples Fellowship.  November 19, 2011, Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

  • Single Adult Seminar at the New Providence Adventist Church December 2-3, 2011, Nassau

  • "Toxic Relationships":  September 29, 2011.  Department of Rehabilitative Services, The Bahamas

  • "Rekindling the Fire" Marriage Retreat November 19, 2011, Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church Family Ministries.

  • Nassau:  "Revival or Deformation"  ACTS 7 Days at Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, July 17 to 22, 2011

  • Nassau:   PrepareEnrich Training for pastors and mental health processionals July 18, 2011,  December, 2011. Click here to register

  • Marriage Seminar at Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, Bahamas "Roadblocks to the Hot You."  July 10, 2011, 11:00 a.m.

  • Marriage Seminar at Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church, Old Trail Road, Nassau "Guarantees for Success in Marriage"  Monday, July 25, 2011 and Monday, August 1, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

  • London, September 15 to 25, 2011Women Healing and Empowerment Network Conference Living Waters ~ Springs of Life Conference Birmingham, England Domestic Violence Conference (Actual dates of entire conference will be September 14 to 28, 2011).  Barrington Brennen will conduct seminars on the topic "The Secret Lives of Men  . .  The abusive behavior of men and effective healing strategies"

“Men and the Generation Trap Sharing the joys and the tears of manhood.”
(For the men). With Barrington Brennen. Going to be with Pastor Richard Daley
Thursday, September 15, 2011 – Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church, South London

“Women” Mable Dunbar

“Living Waters, Streams of Life” Theme for the day
Dynamics of Abuse
Launch of the WHEL Prayer Line Women and Men’s Healing and Empowerment Line
Renewal Christian Center, Solihull, West Midland, England
Also launch of the WHE Network UK

Training of males volunteers for the help line

SUNDAY AFTERNOON to Sabbath the 24 of September With Pastor Michael Simpson (Person Ministries Director for the North England Conference
Traveling to North Port three hours from Birmingham 
Series with the Personal Ministries

  • April 4-8, 2011: Bahamas Academy High School Week of Prayer  "Building the Hot You"

  • Living Faith, Bahamas:  Marriage, Single Adults and Youth Retreats

  • Thursday, March 24, 2011; Family and Retirement Seminar for Bahamas Electricity Corporation (Annual retirement worshop).




  • Gold Gates Assembly Marriage Retreat. Place and time to be announced

  • March 7, 2010: Parkgate Church Men's Retreat

  • CEO Conference in Nassau. "The Effects of Family Life on Leadership"

  • May 9 to 23, 2010 St Marteen.  "More Abundant Relationships Conference" 

  • July 18, 2010 New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Highway, Nassau.  Family Day "Parenting God's Way"

  • August 7-21, 2010 London, England.  "More Abundant Relationships Conference"  Marriage & Family Enrichment Place: Harrigay and Kings Cross District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches in London (South England). Pastor Vaughn Thorpe

  • New Bethany Baptist Church Family Day in August 2010

  • A Stone Throw Away Marriage Seminar, November 19, 2010

  • R.M. Bailey School Girls, November 2, 2010

  • And many more . . . .






  • February 6 to February 8, 2008: "Hope for Families Today" - More Abundant Family Seminar. Bradenton, Florida

  • February 16, 2008:  Anglican Church Christian Parenting and Family Life Skills Course.  Speak on "Various Models of Parenting," "Understanding Culture, Parenting, Values and Traditions,"  "Discipline Vs Abuse."  ( 6 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.)  Contact: Mrs. Cecilia Askew 393 6197

  • April 2009 Church of God of Prophecy Family Day, Nassau

  • May 2009, Holy Cross Anglican Church. Parenting Seminar, Nassau

  • June 4 & 5, 2009 Marriage Retreat at the RIU Hotel, Paradise Island, The Bahamas for a Karl and Raqual Adderly Ministries (Baptist)

  • July 18 & 19, 2009, Family Weekend, Norland Seventh-day Adventist Church, Miami, Florida

  • September 26, 2009 Presentation on Intimacy to a Couples Retreat at St Ann's Anglican Church Parish organized by Rev Angela Palacious.

  • October 30 to November 1, 2009:  More Abundant Marriage Retreat: Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Jamaica Conference

  • November 18, 2009, 6:00 p.m.: "Intimate Partner Abuse" at the Pastoral Care Symposium at the Holy Cross Parish Centre (Anglican) Highbury Park Soldier Road, Nassau.  Organized by Rev Sebastian Campbell.


Seminars, Conferences, Speaking Appointments, Radio or Television Engagements 2008

  • March 24 to 30 More Abundant Relationship Conference "Conferencias De Relacciones: Mas Abundante" Antillean Adventist University, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

  • May 19-22, Bahamas Conference Adventist Counseling Services Mental Health Summit

  • July 20,  Cooping with Families in Crisis.  Speak at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Nassau

  • August 10  Family Seminar at Christian Discipleship Ministries International, Nassau

  • August 17  Training of Lay Leader on Pastoral Ministry and Psychology

  • September 7, Back to School Parenting Seminar, Nassau

  • September 14, Conflict Resolution Seminar at Christian Discipleship Ministries International, Nassau

  • October 19 to November 8 More Abundant Living Conference at Living Faith Church, Bahamas

  • November 22, 2008  Speak at Family Day Montego Bay West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

  • December 4 to 7  Speak at Family Conference at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica

  • November 22, 2007 Engagement Seminar Nassau






Seminars, Conferences, Speaking Appointments, Radio or Television Engagements 2007

  • November 30 to December 2, 2007, "Intimacy Weekend," Northern Caribbean University Church, Mandeville, Jamaica.

  • November 2-4, 2007, Family Conference in Exuma, The Bahamas

  • October 19-21, 2007, Family Conference in St Maarten, Netherlands, West Indies

  • September 25-27, 2007 "Confronting Sexual Violence in the Region"  Nassau

  • September 7-9, 2007, "Intimacy Weekend" at Antilles Adventist University, Puerto Rico

  • August 21, 2007, Speak at Morning Devotion, 6:30 a.m. on the Princess Carnival, Caribbean Family Cruise

  • July 22, 2007,  Principles of Relationships"  at the Church of God Shirley Street, Nassau

  • July 11, 2007, "My Body My Treasure"  Speech to teenage boys at Doris Johnson High School Nassau.

  • June 23, 2007, Pastors' Family Retreat, "Family Relationships"  Harbor Side Hotel, Paradise Island, Nassau.

  • June 3, 2007, Mental Health Summit, Grant's Town Adventist Church, Nassau

  • April 6-9, 2007, Family Seminar at Philisburg Adventist Church, St Martin, West Indies

  • March 30, 2007, Parenting Seminar at Chapel on the Hill, Nassau

  • Marcy 26 to 30, 2007, Week of Prayer at Bahamas Academy.  "Last Days Events"

  • March 7, 2007,  Speak to Boys and Parents of D. W. Davis High School, Nassau

  • March 3, 2007,  "Teenagers and Sex" at Bethany Adventist Church, Nassau

  • February 28, 2007, "Domestic Violence" at Sandilands Mental Health Hospital, Nassau

  • February 23, 2007, "Parents and Teen Relationships" at South Side Baptist Church, Carmichael Road, Nassau

  • February 13, 2007, "Parenting Skills" at Fox Hill Primary School, Nassau

  • February 9, 2007, "The Principles of Marriage"  at Hillside Mission Baptist Church, Nassau

Seminars, Speaking, Radio, Television Engagements 2006

  • January 20 - Short Marriage Seminar - Landrail Point Crooked

  • February 5 - Music Talk at Bethany Adventist Church, Nassau

  • February 11 - "Marriage & Relationships"  Cousin McPhee Methodist Church seminar

  • February 12 - Preach at Philadelphia Adventist Church, Nassau - Family Day

  • February 12 - Valentines Banquet (speech) "A Language of Love" - Rhodes Methodist, at Nassau Beach Hotel

  • February 13 - Radio Show "Matters of the Heart"  Romantic Make-Over

  • February 13 - Hillview Adventist Church Couples Banquet - Speech

  • February 14 - Landrail Point, Crooked Island - Valentines Marriage Seminar

  • February 24 - Kiwanis Club of Over The Hill, Nassau, "Relationships"

  • March 10 - Bahamas Electrical Corporation Eleuthera - "Setting Priorities"

  • March 27 - Radio Show "Matter of the Heart"  "Romantic Make-Over"

  • April 2 - Speak at Youth Day at the Berea Adventist Church, Nassau

  • April 7-9 - Ohio, USA - Intimate Partner Abuse and Family Violence Conference

  • April - Singles Conference

  • April 15 "Career and Family Life"  BEC Seminar in Abaco

  • April 18 - Speak at a class at the College of the Bahamas. "Why not to marry young"

  • April 20 -  Family/Parenting Seminar at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church "Relationship between parents and children."

  • April 26 "Career, Family Life and Spirituality"  BEC Seminar at Headquarters in Nassau

  • March 10 - "Career and Family Life"  BEC Seminar in Eleuthera

  • May 4 -  "Career and Family Life"  BEC in Seminar in Exuma

  • May 4 - 8 -  Great Exuma - Marriage and Family Conference (Seminars for the entire family.

  • May to June - BEC Family Island Seminars

  • June 12 -  Family Life Presentation - All Saints Anglican Church

  • July 24 - Effective Parenting - Church of God of Prophecy, Blue Hill Road

  • August 28 - Adventist Back to School Parenting Seminar

  • October 12 - Retirement Seminar for Bahamas Electrical Corporation.

  • October 18 - Pre-Retirement Seminar for Bahamas Electrical Corporation

  • November 12 - Parenting Seminar at Zion Baptist Church

  • November Engagement Seminar

  • More to come





The drawing is by 15-year-old Willette Rolle, of the New Englerston Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau,

who drew the picture of me while I was preaching.



Some of the Professional Seminars I have Attended

For my continual growth and professional certification

See a more extensive and current list by clicking here.


Resolving Conflict and Repairing Relationships
December 6, 2013 by Cedar Barstow, MEd, CHT


Treating Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and ADD without Medication: Is It Possible? Treating Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and ADD without Medication: Is It Possible?
October 25, 2013 by Robert J. Hedaya, MD, ABPN, DFAPA


Best Practices for Successful Legal and Ethical Online Counseling and Coaching
September 14, 2012 by Marlene M. Maheu, PhD


How to Maintain a Responsible and Ethical Online Presence as a Mental Health Practitioner
August 3, 2012 by DeeAnna Merz Nagel, LPC, DCC


Emotionally Focused Therapy: Recognizing and Healing Attachment Distress in Couples Work
July 20, 2012 by Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD


Working with Transgender Clients: A Person-Centered and Narrative Therapy Model
April 6, 2012 by Damon M. Constantinides, PhD, LSW


Digital Ethics and Social Networking in Psychotherapy and Counseling
March 11th, 2011 by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Neuroplasticity and Brain Based Interventions in Therapy: Calming The Caveman To Manage The Thinker
August 5th, 2011 by Lynne Kenney, Psy.D.

Relational Systems, Boundaries, Emotional Space, and Empathy
July 29th, 2011 by Daniel A. Bochner, Ph.D

Change the Metaphor, Change the Self: An Introduction to Clean Language, Symbolic Modeling, and Metaphor Therapy
July 15th, 2011 by Gina Campbell, M.Ed., CAPF, CCF

Understanding and Treating Distorted Body Image
April 29th, 2011 by Scott M. Granet, LCSW

The New Rules of Marriage
March 18th, 2011 by Terry Real, LICSW

Authentic, Empathy-Based Marketing for Therapists: Methods for Growing and Communicating about Your Practice
February 18th, 2011 by Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, Founder and CEO

Mindsight in Action: How to Create a Healthy Mind
February 4th, 2011 by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

An Overview of Attachment Wounds: Defining and Addressing Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent and Disorganized Styles
October 29th, 2010 by Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D.

A Thriving Practice in Any Economy: Enjoy a Fee-For-Service Psychotherapy Practice Outside Managed Care
July 9th, 2010 by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

The Dangers of Psychotherapy: Hope, Hopelessness and Healing
April 9th, 2010 by Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D.

Bad to the Bone: Can Our Genes Make Us Act Badly?
August 21st, 2009 by Barbara Oakley, Ph.D.

Compassionate Nonviolent Communication
August 7th, 2009 by Rachelle Lamb

Addictions, Compulsions, & Self-Sabotage: A Multi-level Approach to Trauma's Legacy
November 7th, 2008 by Dusty Miller, Ed.D.

Psychological Resources Personal Experience and Social Relationships
May 16th, 2008 by Stephen R. Lankton, LCSW, DAHB,

An Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy
January 18th, 2008 by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., LMFT






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