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Attention all couples in Grand Bahama, plan to attend this exciting seminar.  It is going to be stimulating, provocative, life-changing, and informative. Don't miss it. Who are invited to attend?  
Marriage couples, couples in the process of divorce, unhappy couples, seriously courting and engaged couples, adult individuals who work with couples.
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"Marriage is not a solo, it is a 'duet' between a man and a woman singing together around the piano of unconditionally loving and acceptance."
Barrington H. Brennen

Who is Barrington Brennen?   Barrington H. Brennen is a marriage and family therapist, counseling psychologist (for 24 years), special training in critical incident/disaster response, nationally certified psychologist, board certified clinical psychotherapist (USA); Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, marriage officer for The Bahamas, musician, writer, armature graphic artist, inspirational speaker, husband of one wife, Annick (pronounced Annique) for 42 years (July 21, 1977), father of two adult children, father-in-law, grandfather of four, and a lover of people.

Barrington H. Brennen is co-founder and co-president (along with his wife Annick) of Sounds of Encouragement Association (SOE) and Council for Family Research (CFR, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of life and helping people smile again through
the mediums of seminars, workshops, publications, radio, television, and research. He is also the founding chairperson for The Bahamas Friendship Council which organizes National Friendship Day which is held on the fourth Wednesday in November each year.

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The Duet of Marriage

Marriage is not a solo, it is a "duet" between a man and a woman singing together around the piano of unconditionally loving and acceptance. Each spouse produces a distinct tone. A healthy marriage occurs when these two individuals, over time, have learned how to blend sweetly their individual "tones" (differences, likes, dislikes, attitudes and behaviors) to form another unique and special harmonious sound–the marriage harmony.

A duet is only made possible because each individual comes to the piano of marriage with the ability to stand alone with his or her own sound. Many have agreed to "sing the duet" of marriage, but they have not been able to form harmony. Although forming the duet of marriage is instant, having occurred on the wedding day, the harmony of marriage, though, is not by default. It does not occur at the altar. It does not occur on the honeymoon. It is not automatic. A harmonious marriage is the result of years of practice, patience, growing, adjusting, and performing. It usually takes between five and ten years for a couple to learn how to blend harmoniously.
The dictionary defines harmony as "the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect." It is similar in marriage. Harmony in marriage is a description of a sweet, pleasing, effectiveness, brought on by a willingness and openness on the part of both performers.
As a little boy, I was fascinated with the music of one of the world’s oldest quartets–the Kings Heralds. I grew up listening to them, and in particular, admiring the deep rich bass voice of Jim McClintock. The quartet had a smooth blend that penetrated the coldest heart. After 15 years of singing with the quartet, my favorite bass singer, Jim McClintock, retired and a new bass joined the group: Jim Ayers. Jim has an extremely rich, deep bass.

When he talks, your toes tinkle. Although he is a great soloist and has a beautiful voice, it took him at least one entire year to learn how to sing harmoniously with the quartet. At first, his voice was distinctly heard above the others’. However, when listening to the quartet today, you can hear all four parts clearly; but neither voice is standing out as a sore thumb. They have learned how to blend. So should marriage partners. 

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The seminar slides will be uploaded on this site within 24 hours after the actual seminar.



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