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Marriage and Family Seminars in England

May 17 to 27, 2103

By Barrington Brennen

Assisted by Annick Brennen



  [ May 29, 2013 ] The two marriage retreats held in England were very successful and well attended.  The first retreat was held at a De Vere Hotel in Enfield, London and sixty-five couples attended.  The second retreat was at a De Vere Hotel in Northampton, London and thirty-seven couples attended.  The couples were enthusiastic and responsive.  

Between the two retreats, which were held on the weekends, Barrington conducted a five-night family seminar at the Bedford Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Bedford is the birthplace and home town of John Bunyan of Pilgrims Progress.  Barrington spoke on active parenting, anger management, abuse, and forgiveness.  The participants were excited as they were able to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

England is quite a cosmopolitan country. At both retreats there were many nationalities represented.  For example, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, Barbados, England, Ireland, Rwanda, Trinidad, South Africa, Haiti, and much more.   The mixture of nationalities made the retreats very exciting as we learned about the cultural differences and challenges in marriages from the different participants.   Some of the hot topics at the marriage retreats were communication and conflict resolution skills, gender equality in marriage, sex, passion and compassion.

The first seminar was organized my Linda Mukwada (Zimbabwe) assisted by her husband, Take Care affectionately called T.C..  Linda is a theology student at New Bold College, England, and was determined to have a retreat for couples when she heard Barrington Brennen at Camp Meeting 2012 in London.    The second retreat was organized by Peterson Sentenga.  He is the leader of Marriage Couples Fellowship.  This group was organized more than eight years ago and has been having marriage retreats ever since. 

  Barrington Brennen is an ordained minister of the gospel, marriage and family therapist, counseling psychologist, a Nationally Certified Psychologist, Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist, USA; a Certified Prepare/Enrich Trainer and Counselor; a musician and recording artist, and Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. See more

Annick Brennen is a retired educator and, administrator.  She currently an education consultant, freelance rapporteur, and designer.  See more

Annick and Barrington have been married since July 21, 1977 (almost 36 years).  They have two married adult children and three grand children. (Gerard and Marguerite)

The Brennen family is a little United Nations. Barrington is from The Bahamas.  Annick is from Martinique (French), Leslie (son-in-law is from St Maarten (Dutch). Dana (daughter-in-law) is from Nebraska (Caucasian America)


Marriage Seminar May 17-19

Marriage Seminar May 24-26


 Devere Hotel Theobalds, Enfield

Starventon Park Devere in Northampton


Some of the Topics

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Keeping it Sweet

  • Kissing Won’t Help Honey ---When Love Hurts

  • When the Division makes no Provision

  • Talk so your partner will listen and listen so your partner will talk

  • Outercourse Before Intercourse

  • Parenting to Last a Life Time

  • Forgive Me Baby – Healing Moments

  •  I Take You, Honey, One More Time Renewal of Vows



Family Seminar May 20 to 23

Bedford Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

73 Bromham Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK40 2AQ

7:00 to 9:00 PM Nightly



  • Principles of Parenting

  • Family Pain . . . The Dark Secrets

  • Discipline or Punishment

  • The Defiant Child

  • Parenting for Eternity






Handouts for Marriage Seminar


Handouts for Parenting Seminar



Informative Articles

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Important Video for Couples

By Barrington Brennen (London 2012)

"Making the Best out of Marriage"



Below are Short Videos of the Retreats

A part of the closing program for the first marriage retreat

May 17-19, 2013

De Vere Hotel, Enfield, England


A part of the closing program for the second marriage retreat

May 24-26, 2013

De Vere Hotel, Northampton, England


Photos from the Retreats




Photos of a few of the places I visited

The statue above is John Bunyan in Bedford, England. 

John Bunyan (1628 to 1688) wrote "Pilgrims Progress" in 1678






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