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How Can I Know I Made the Right Choice?

How do I know if the shoe fits?

Barrington H. Brennen, 1998, 2020


Question: I have been in many relationships with girls, and each time I think, "this could be the one." But every time I start thinking that, the relationship goes sour. Iím in a relationship with this girl whoís like no other girl that I have been with. Iím starting to think that this could be the one, but Iím scared became this is where the relationship usually starts to go down hill. I have no reason or cause to think this except for past experiences. I want this relationship to go on, but I not thinking about marriage right now. I just enjoy her company and donít want to lose it. How can I assure myself that this will not happen again?

Answer: There is no simple answer to this question dear friend. However, I want to look over a few ideas with you. First, I do not know how old you are. I am assuming, though, that you might be at the time of life where most people go in and out of relationships faster than shoe changes. This is not necessarily bad. In fact, if you enter a relationship with the idea of giving, and not merely expecting to receive, you will come out of that relationship more mature to face the others.

Since values change as time progresses so do our friends, that is why it is important not to get too serious at too young an age or too quickly in a relationship.

Note carefully it is more important being the right persons than choosing the right person.  You are to make sure that you are emotionally, intellectually, financially and spiritually ready to make a decision for a relationship. 

Another way of looking at this is that you might be predicting the outcome by your own self-prophesying downfall. Maybe you have lost trust in yourself, or perhaps your family background offers no positive modeling for you in this area. You constantly feel overwhelmed and self-defeated. You might need to focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. Think positively and set goals that can be reached within reasonable time. Allow yourself the privilege of making mistakes, and not moments of self-destructive thoughts and defeatism.

Another concern is that your might be moving too fast in the relationship and expecting too much too soon from you friend. You might be inquiring too much too early, or wanting to become physical too soon. Many young ladies want a relationship to move along graciously and tenderly, with an understanding element of firmness. Therefore, what you would need to do is to slow down, move gently, go patiently yet positively. Donít forget that being well groomed, smelling sweet, and the wise use of humor can go a long way. Making your friend feel special through kind words of appreciation and tokens of love are always helpful (a flower delivered to her home, or "I love you____" written in the sky).

Finally, allow a little time to breathe. Do not try to cloud her every hour of every day with your presence. Remember absence makes the heart fonder. If you water a plant ever day, eight hours a day, for one week, it will die. You can literally drown the plant with water, the same ingredient that makes it grow into a healthy plant.  Similarly, you can drown your own relationship with love. "He that had an ear let h

Note carefully that what really distorts healthy decision making is jumping in to bed with someone early in the relationship.   Sex distorts objectivity. It blurs clear thinking making it difficult to truly evaluate whether or not you should stay with a person.   So avoid getting physically close (having sex and heavy petting and kissing) before your minds are hooked up.  This can impact making the right choice.


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