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Books, Videos & Links Barrington Brennen Recommends for Couples and Families
The following books are must-read books and videos to have in your library



  • His Needs Her Needs Willard Harley Nook

    • I do have some reservations about his book because it is very traditional and is not balanced when dealing with the genders.  However, I recommend this book because it deals with a major problem in relationship in an effective way - knowing and understanding each other's needs.

  • From Anger to Intimacy Dr. Smalley and Cunningham   GET     KINDLE

  • Stay in Love Fall in Love Willard Harley

  • Love Busters Willard Harley

  • Empowering Couples David Olsen

  • Marriage Check Up David Olsen

  • The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman

  • Boundaries in Dating Cloud and Townsend

  • Boundaries for Marriage Cloud and Townsend

  • Boundaries for Kids  Cloud and Townsend

  • Sheet Music Kevin Leman

  • That Kind Can Never Change . . . Can They?  Victor Adamson (homosexual recovery)

  • Someone I Love is Gay Anita Worthen (for families who have homosexual love ones)

  • Romantic Lovers ISBN 9780890815229

  • Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage Gary Smalley

  • The Wild Man's Journey Richard Rohr  Great book for men

  • 12 Christian Beliefs that can Drive you Crazy Townsend and Cloud

  • Hidden Keys of a Loving, Lasting Marriage Gary Smalley

  • Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives Laura Schlessinger

  • Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives Laura Schlessinger

  • Quiet Times for Couples Norman Wright

  • Stupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Kids: Don't Have Them If You Won't Raise Them Laura Schlessinger

  • Groups and Resources  ?

  • Youth Equality Foundation ?



  • Hope Springs  Starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell (Dec 4, 2012)

  • Marriage Retreat  August 23, 2012

  • Courageous*

  • Fly Wheel*

  • Facing the Giants

  • Fire Proof*

  • A Vow to Cherish

  • Something to Sing About

  • Preacherís Wife

  • Caught

  • Last Flight Out

  • Road to Redemption

  • Nite Song

  • Billy - The Early Years

  • Razor's Edge

* Although these are "Christian" movies, it is my opinion that they are made by a company that believes that it is solely the man's or husband's responsibly to provide spiritual leadership, guidance in the home.  These movies do not promote partnership in marriage.  I recommend them because they have a few great themes in them and they can help to transform some people as long as they are not extreme traditionalist or have rigid family values.  However, watch with an open mind.  It is my experience that rigid family beliefs and practices combined with rigid religious beliefs, always causes abuse.  Here is a good quotation to support by view from the Education written by Mrs. Ellen G. White:  Here is a good quote from the book Education:

"The work of co-operation should begin with the father and mother themselves, in the home life. In the training of their children they have a joint responsibility, and it should be their constant endeavor to act together. Let them yield themselves to God, seeking help from Him to sustain each other. Let them teach their children to be true to God, true to principle, and thus true to themselves and to all with whom they are connected. With such training, children when sent to school will not be a cause of disturbance or anxiety. They will be a support to their teachers, and an example and encouragement to their fellow pupils."


"Fathers and mothers need to understand their responsibility. The world is full of snares for the feet of the young. Multitudes are attracted by a life of selfish and sensual pleasure. They cannot discern the hidden dangers or the fearful ending of the path that seems to them the way of happiness. Through the indulgence of appetite and passion, their energies are wasted, and millions are ruined for this world and for the world to come. Parents should remember that their children must encounter these temptations. Even before the birth of the child, the preparation should begin that will enable it to fight successfully the battle against evil."


These kinds of joint leadership in parenting are not portrayed in the movie Courageous.  However, it is important to note that the absentee father or the missing father in the home is one of the greatest disasters of the this century.  But it is not because the mother is not important.  It is because we have not emphasized the equal responsibilities of both parents in raising healthy well-balanced children. Written February 12, 2012 by Barrington Brennen



To Have and To Hold

Mad About Marriage Kindle


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Helpful Links

Videos on relationships, general themes, or inspirational

1  Making the Best out of Marriage
    By Barrington Brennen, lecture
2. More Brennen Videos 3. Hope Springs, Movie
4. Marriage Retreat, Movie 5 Why Did I Get Married 6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
7. The Preacher's Wife, Movie 8. A Vow to Cherish 9. A Separation
10. A United Kingdom, True Story    

The Making of a Bad Man











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