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Please Remember Our Children
By Barrington H. Brennen, October 23, 2007

The opinions in this article are my own and do not reflect those of any church, denomination, or agency.   Read with an open mind.

Who are pleading for our children?  Why are we drowning the tearful voices of our hurting children with the loud cries of adults debating on subjects that are, by choice, for adults only. Little children are innocent and unable to defend themselves.   Adults are to love, care, and protect children.   The sad story is that too many of our children are being wounded emotionally and physically by the very ones that should be providing nurture and care.   These children are being abused in ways that leave permanent scars that impact the way they will relate to others or how they will feel about themselves throughout their lives.

While we get in heated debates whether or not to have a gay channel on our cable network, let us not forget a more important subject: child abuse—the intentional wounding of the defenseless and the weak.   While adults can choose what to watch and decide whether or not they want to corrupt their minds and cripple their intelligence with pornography, too many children are being sexually molested against their will, damaging their tender hearts, minds, and bodies for life. 

What are the real issues?   This is an evil world.  Christians live in this evil world.  The role of the Christian is to be the salt to season and not the pepper to burn holes in our stomachs.  The Apostle Paul says in Romans 12:1 “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.” This implies that the world will always be in a mess.   When we feel that there is an activity, institution, or program that speaks against God’s Divine will, the Christians’ first role is to protest against it by their consistent lifestyle and teaching, not by coercing and threatening.  The most effective antidote against an evil in society is the positive lifestyle of Christians.   If all Christians in The Bahamas truly lived a Godly life, we would not need to fear the evils that surround us.   The truth is that thousands of so-called Christians patronize those evils.  They are watching the Pay per View Channels and are going to the sleazy joints.  We are the hypocrites, not the ones practicing open homosexuality. 
The many porn channels have been showing dangerous, mind-polluting images, including gay porn for decades on our channels.  Why have we been so silent about them? Is it because we are watching them?  Are we sending the message by our protest that heterosexual promiscuity (between consenting adults) is okay while homosexual promiscuity (between consenting adults) is abominable and despicable?  In my mind they are all equally evil.  These channels are designed for adults who want to mess up their minds or do not have Christian moral principles.  This is their choice.  It is not a crime. On the other hand, when a five-year-old boy’s anus is penetrated by the penis of an adult male, this is not the child’s choice.  It is a crime and sin against him.    When a six-year-old child is forced to have sex or is raped by her step-father and contracts a sexually transmitted disease, it is not a choice made by that child.  It is a crime and a sin by the adult against the child.  Where are our voices when the weak and defenseless are wounded?   Why do we defend corrupt leaders in the church or community and leave the hurting hanging out to dry?    Every week in The Bahamas many children are being severely abused against their will and turned over to prostitution by adults who should know better.  Where are our loud voices of protest?
Why haven’t we shouted and screamed against the ten porn channels that have been on our cable network for years?  Yes, I am sad that they exist, but the truth is that not everyone shares my views and lifestyle.  This is a pluralistic society.  These kinds of channels are under “lock and key” making it mandatory that we intentionally choose and spend money to watch them.   What Christians can do is to not patronize them.  Teach others the dangers of watching them and send letters of protest to the networks to remove them. 

Let’s be careful in putting too much energy in speaking out against evil that we really miss our mission on earth: To preach and live the gospel of Christ.   Christians, let’s not forget that the best and most effective way of identifying the counterfeit is studying the real.   Let the people of our nation see the “real” in our lives.  We must expose evil.  But evil is exposed when we live real godly lives.   I am not saying we should not have seminars or workshop on the dynamics of abuse or the dangers of pornography.  This is what I do.   But once again, we must remember that the Christian’s lifestyle must be the loudest voice against evil in society. 

We do have a dilemma concerning speaking out against homosexuality.  Some of the ardent, do-not-want-to-change homosexuals call me homophobic simply because I believe that homosexuality is evil and one can recover from the lifestyle.  On the other hand, I am condemned by Christians who are bitter against homosexuals because I present a companionate, kind, and loving approach to dealing with them.   This is really a twisted and thwarted world.   Christians, we are putting our own feet in our mouths.  Let us have more campaigns and demonstrations on demanding that Christians live godly lives.   Let us spend more money printing posters, banners, newsletters and sermons how to live for Christ.  Let us also by our lifestyle expose child and spouse abusers and rapists.  We must not cover them up. 


A few years ago I wrote an article entitled “Where will our Cruise Ship Dock” as an attempt to help us to think about what is most important.  It was in response to the gay ship coming to Nassau.  Here are a few lines from that article: 

“The main question I want you to ponder is this: "Where will our national Bahamian cruise ship dock?" Will we qualify to pull into the harbor of moral purity? Will we cast our anchors in the calm, peaceful waters of justice and safety? Will we travel across the turquoise waters of sexual fidelity? Will we leave the ship and walk down the pink sandy beaches of family respect and unity? Will we eat at the banquet table of teenage virginity, experiencing the cool, balmy breezes of positive parental modeling? Will we run into the subtropical sun of personal integrity? Will we climb coconut palm trees of openness and honesty and drink the coconut water of truth and sincerity? Will we swim in the comfortable cool waters of national pride? These questions are designed to help us think of the reality of the state of our nation.”

Barrington Brennen is a marriage and family therapist.  Send your questions to P.O. Box N-896 or email question@soencouragement.org or visit the website at www.soencouragement.org 










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