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How Fast Are You Driving?

By Barrington H. Brennen

November 24, 2011

PDF Format    Conversion Chart

Do you know how fast you are driving?  I ask that question because most automobiles in The Bahamas have speedometers that are measured in kilometers per our and we are a country that uses the measurement miles per hour.  Most of us only know about meters and kilometers in track and field sports—100 meter, 200 meters, etc.  Even then, we have only learned them by route and have not taken the time to understand the metric system.   However, where it matters most, our automobiles, we are totally ignorant. 

How can we have a country that boasts of parliamentary democracy for more that 250 years and where laws and policies govern everyone but in this most crucial area it is sadly lacking?  Could this be a sign of lawlessness?  Could this be a sign of laziness and a don’t-care attitude?  How can you know that the police accusation of how fast you are driving is correct if you really cannot interpret the speedometer in your car?  This is very serious.   For the past 20 years I also owned cars with kilometers (KM/H) but I have tried to memorize the conversion figures to miles per hour but I have failed miserably.

This might seem simple to many but it is really very serious.  It might be a sign of other weaknesses in our society.  It might be a sign of the inability of leaders and residents in all areas of society to be transparent, disciplined, and people of integrity.   How have we allowed so many years to pass just ignoring that this very important instrument does not fit our country’s standard of operations?  Is that stupidity, laziness, or ignorance?

Every road sign that tells us how fast to drive is measured in miles per hour, yet our automobiles has kilometers per hour. Wow, that causes confusion.  I wonder where this inability to make the connection between legal instructions and policies, to instruments of measurement started.   Did it start in our homes by teaching our children that we do not have to be honest in every thing we do?  Many are taught that we can take our neighbors fruits off the tree without asking.  We lie to the immigration officer and feel that it is quite appropriate.   Is this also a sign of spiritual lethargy in our country?   Most of us profess to be Christian but it seems as though our speedometers need to be “converted.” We not do it because we think God is not that concerned about transparency and this “little thing.”  Is he?  Yes he is?  Luke 8:17 states:  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” 



Why aren’t the speed signs written in both kilometers per hour and milers per hour?  Or why are we allowed to import automobiles with instruments not parallel with our road policies? That must change.  Here is how we can start.  Since with have so many vehicles with speedometers measured in kilometers, my suggestion is that the government simply requires every automobile have a small conversion card (converting kilometers per hour to mile per hour) on each dashboard.  This should be required to obtain automobile license each year.  Also it would be wise for everyone to memorize the conversion of popular speed limits used in The Bahamas.  For example, what are 15, 25, 35, and 45 miles per hour in kilometers per hour?   Many are not aware that the fastest we can legally drive anywhere in The Bahamas is 72.4 kilometers per hour.    Downtown Bay Street has a speed limit of 15 miles per hour which is 24.2 kilometers per hour.   Below is a conversion chart I encourage you to cut out and place on your dashboard.  Also try to memorize key speed limits.  I encourage all pastors and business owners to distribute this conversion card to everyone this week.


How Fast Are You Driving?

Keep this list in your car

Print Out Conversion Chart for Your Car







































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