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Complied by Barrington H. Brennen

October 5, 2011, 2017

Abortion Survey    Abortion Article

In 2000, cases of rape or incest accounted for 1% of abortions. Another study, in 1998, revealed that in 1987-1988 women reported the following reasons for choosing an abortion:

  • 25.5% Want to postpone childbearing

  • 21.3% Cannot afford a baby

  • 14.1% Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy

  • 12.2% Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy

  • 10.8% Having a child will disrupt education or job

  • 7.9% Want no (more) children

  • 3.3% Risk to fetal health

  • 2.8% Risk to maternal health

  • 2.1% Other

According to many studies the primary reasons for choosing an abortion are:

  • pregnancy was not planned or wanted
  • not ready to have a baby yet  
  • inconvenient time of life or the child interferes with goals
  • financial concerns
  • pressure by parents or other family members  
  • fear of people finding out about the pregnancy

But, the number one reason that women choose abortionist that their partner, the father of the child, either passively or aggressively, refused to support the women in carrying the child to birth.

In other words, the woman believes that she will be abandoned by the most important person in her life if she continues the pregnancy.

Yet 70% of Relationships End Anyway!

It has been reported that an estimated 70% of relationships end within the first year following an abortion. If you are thinking that having an abortion will help you keep your lover, think again.

Why do the men leave?
Often, the men who refuse to live up to their responsibilities resent the women that they have let down: the mother of the child that they did not support.

And, when a woman realizes the pain abortion has caused, she will resent the man who got them pregnant and did not fulfill his obligations as a father.

Other factors such as guilt, shame, anger, and fear are other reasons why the relationship may end.

Please realize that abortion not only destroys your child, it can also ruin the very relationship that you most hoped would last.

Types of Abortion

  • Therapeutic abortion  (Mother’s health) There are more than 50 surgeries which can be performed inside the uterus. If this is possible, the fetus, even inside the uterus of the mother, is already considered a patient, in other words, a person; and, if it is a person, it has the right to live.  However, early decision about abortion is key here.   The mother's health must be considered.
  • Eugenic abortion Imperfection (defect):  Perfection does not mean having the right to live. People do not pass a quality control. A person can be “defective” (physically imperfect) yet still wonderful human being… or be physically complete, “perfect”, but a human monster or a despicable person. This is not a reason to abort. The kindness of a human heart does no need a perfect body to develop itself completely.  However, it is my view that if a fetus has a life-threatening defect (so to speak) therapeutic can be an option.  I am talking about babies born blind or with not hands, etc.  Many of these live to have very productive lives. 
  • Abortion for ignorance It is not a life.  One would have to hide tons of scientific information which confirms that it is a life by looking at the stages of gestation. The majority of women who have an abortion really do not know what they are doing. If they knew, they would not do it.
  • Social abortion Overpopulation: As an example: China, with its policy of having just one child, avoided the birth of at least 2 million children from 1970 to the present…and as a consequence, in the near future will see increase of aged people, the aging of its population. (AICA December 1, 1999).  The aging of the population, not the in population lives, the fertility rate is under the 2.1 necessary to assure the replacement of generations.
  • Emotional abortion Rape:  Rape is a violent act.   It is my view that a woman can have the option to abort due to rape.  It will be best this is done early (within the first trimester).   The problem for me is when there is a later-term abortion.  This is a personal choice.  There are countless persons who were born out of rape and have become outstand citizens.   It is not just an automatic abortion.  Is abortion the best option that society can offer a woman who has been raped? A woman is a victim of a rape and not of a pregnancy. She must receive psychological therapy, and perhaps physical therapy too, but not through an abortion. This will not release her from any of the pain (physical nor psychological produced by a rape.

Psychological Effects of Abortion In the last 18 months (2003 report) alone, seven new studies have been published in major medical journals showing that abortion is associated with elevated rates of suicide, death from other causes, substance abuse, clinical depression, and psychiatric hospitalization. It has been discovered that there are many emotional aspects that can effect the psychological well being of women who undergo an abortion. These emotions include guilty feelings, anxiety, depression, loss, anger, and even suicide. Clinical research has found that when women are in trusting, sharing relationships, they report deep seated feelings of exploitation over their abortion experience.

Symptoms of Post-Abortion-Syndrome Disorder  There is a large spectrum of symptoms of this disorder. In order to diagnose that a woman has Post-Abortion-Syndrome she must be completely honest with herself, and with the feelings that she has. Many women report strong feelings of guilt and confusion, as well as loss and many other emotions. In Canadian study by Dr. Ian Kent, many women feel deep loss and pain for the child that "should have been". (Kent 1989, 6) One woman reports the wave and confusion she went through, " I felt an incredible sense of loss that plunged me deeper into a state of confusion." (Hutchison 1997, 23) There are extreme cases, in which the diagnosis is very easy. Such cases include a seventeen-year-old girl who developed lethargy, malaise, and vomiting. Doctors were unable to reach any conclusion about condition, then on the anniversary of her abortion she experienced overt psychosis. Mental examination revealed hallucinations, as well as psychotic thought processes. Guilt is probably the most common symptom of a Post-Abortion-Syndrome, which can lead to depression, complexes, or fear of infertility and of sex. (Alliance Action Inc. 1996, 1)

Many women recognize that they have been misled about the abortion procedure itself and by assurances that abortion is the right choice so they can get on with their life. They often find that they cannot get on with their life, instead experiencing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Students stop studying or drop out. Career women lose incentive or change jobs. Relationships with men and with other family members are often destroyed or seriously compromised. One women observed, “The destruction of a precious, sweet child totally destroys the beauty of the sexual union that created it.”



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