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What is the problem?
By Barrington H. Brennen, September 28, 2023

Why does the topic of homosexuality cause bitterness in the hearts of many in our country?  What I have observed is that much of the vitriolic about homosexuality comes from so-called loving Christians.  Should we spend so much energy on this subject? Doesn’t it sound like the experience of the woman who was dragged to Jesus because she was "caught" in adultery? Jesus, in responding to these angry, self-righteous men said: "He who is innocent, let him cast the first stone."

Many believe that once someone is a homosexual, he or she would be crude, violent, and promiscuous.  This belief is causing far too much pain and damage to many law-abiding, loving, persons of the LGBTQ community.   Truthfully, there are many heterosexuals (straight people) who are wounding others, and destroying the lives of future generations by their own promiscuity, drunkenness, chemical addiction, rape, incest, intimate partner abuse, physical and emotional violence, etc. 

Note carefully, as inferred earlier, the fact of someone being homosexual is not the problem in our country.  Being a homosexual does not make one bad or good.  It is the cantankerous behavior of many heterosexuals and homosexuals.   Why are so many Christians silent about the bad behavior of straight people?   The same person who believes in a loving gospel are silent about the pain caused by heterosexuals.  Their silence is really a loud campaign for promiscuity, violence, incest, rape, etc.  Yes, it is!

Many church buildings are popping up all over Nassau. Is the increase in the number of church buildings directly related to an increase of the true Christian spirit or spreading of the gospel? The gospel is transforming and not merely condemning. Too many of our spiritual leaders are living ungodly lives. Why are we not angry at the very serious problem of sweet-hearting? Is it because too many of our church leaders preach every week after getting out of a bed of adultery? Sometimes their spouses and adulterous partners are in the same congregation. Do we have the moral authority to be mad at wrongdoing when we are guilty of it? Why are we so proud of men who have lots of children with so many women?  Why are we not so angry about the hundreds of children who are sexually abused or raped in our country? What irony!

A over a decade ago I wrote these words in response to this very issue: "Where will our national Bahamian cruise ship dock?" Will we qualify to pull into the harbor of moral purity? Will we cast our anchors in the calm, peaceful waters of justice and safety? Will we travel across the turquoise waters of sexual fidelity? Will we leave the ship and walk down the pink sandy beaches of family respect and unity? Will we eat at the banquet table of teenage virginity, experiencing the cool, balmy breezes of positive parental modeling? Will we run in the subtropical sun of personal integrity? Will we climb coconut palm trees of openness and honesty and drink the coconut water of truth and sincerity? Will we swim in the comfortable cool waters of national pride?"  My message is that before we seek to make others righteous, let us first examine our own hearts.

Let me respond to some myths about homosexuality.  1.  Homosexual are promiscuous by nature.  False.  Truthfully, according to research, homosexuals and heterosexuals are equally promiscuous.  2.  All homosexuals have multiple partners.  False.  There are many homosexuals who choose to remain faithful to one partner for life or choose to remain celibate.   3.  All homosexuals engaged in anal sex.  False.  There is a percentage of homosexuals who believe that anal sex is repugnant.  Ironically, there are many heterosexuals and married couples who have anal sex.  There are many high school teenage girls who have anal sex because they think they will still remain a virgin by doing so.   4.  Every homosexual would be honored to participate in a parade to honor homosexuality.  False.  There are countless homosexuals who would not join such a parade because they do not support what they would call vulgarity, open display of sexual innuendos, etc.

Why am I mentioning these myths?  Because many have formulated their anti-homosexual promotions blindly.  Thus, they create a hell-pit of burning anger which they throw in all homosexuals and leave the violent, promiscuous heterosexuals in their paradise of stupidity and pain.   How hypocritical!   

Note carefully, I am not a supporter of parades that seem to be an open display of vulgarity and what many would call indecency.  However, should I ask what about another parade held in May each year in our country where public sexual innuendos are common among heterosexuals. 

While I am not “pro-homosexual” I certainly believe and respect one’s freedom to choose the way he or she wants to live.  In addition, here is what I wrote in 2020 that will reveal a little more about my beliefs about homosexuality:  “I do believe that some individuals can cease having same sex attractions and/or cease having same sex relationships.   However, I am also aware that a percentage of individuals who desire not to have same sex attraction, are not successful, even with sincere prayer and a meaningful relationship with Jesus. I sincerely believe that these individuals are equally as normal and spiritual as all the others. I also know that reparative therapy does not work for everyone.”

I would like to see the hatred and damnation against homosexuals end in this county.  Since we are so adamant that we are a religious nation, than the energy of our spiritual leaders should first be to live godly lives themselves and to emphasize godly living among all members.  That includes loving those who they believe are the unlovable.  

Please dear friend, let’s start loving instead of protesting.

Barrington Brennen is a marriage and family therapist Send your questions to barringtonbrennen@gmail.com or visit www.soencouragement.org  or call 1-242-327-1980



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