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The Violence Quiz
Barrington H. Brennen, April 22, 295

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Are you a violent person? Social scientists and religious leaders both agree that family relationships provide the greatest influence on a personís character development, thus impacting whether someone will become violent or not. As I stated in previous articles, ďnon-violence is a process. Parents hold the primary key to a non-violent nation. It is in the home where children learn the first skills of non-violence or violent behavior. It is not in the church or school. It is not in the yard shooting marbles. It is not on the cornerís basket ball court. Itís in the home. Mothers and fathers bear responsibility for the present condition of our nation. Transforming violence to non-violence must begin with parents.Ē

Answer the questions below in each category to see your potential for becoming violent. These questions are not intended to replace professional assessment or treatment. It is a non-scientific approach to help you think about potential violence in your life. If you answer yes to most of the questions is each group, you may need professional help.

1. Are you quick tempered?
2. Do you have a hot, fiery temper?
3. Do you get angry when you are slowed down by otherís mistakes?
4. Do you feel annoyed when you are not given recognition for doing good work?
5. When you are mad, do you say nasty things?
6. Do you get furious when others criticize you?
7. Do you get angry when you do a good job and obtain a poor evolution?

1. You cannot control your angry feelings.
2. You freely express your anger.
3. You have difficulty keeping your cool.
4. You have difficulty being patient with others.
5. You strike out at whatever infuriates you.
6. You have difficulty calming down after being angry.
7. If someone annoys you, you tell him how you feel
8. You enjoy making sarcastic remarks at others.
9. You are very critical of others.
10. You are usually angrier than you are willing to admit

1. When you are criticized , you tend to answer back and protest.
2. You get into fights with other people.
3. You really admire persons who know how to fight with their fists or body.
4. You prefer to listen to Raggae instead of classical music.
5. When you someone shoves you, you try to give him/her a good shove or punch.
6. Given enough provocation, you may hit another person.
7. You get into fights a littler more than the average person.
8. You have no problem using a weapon (rock, knife, any object) when angry and tempted to fight.
9. You are suspicious of people who are especially nice to you.
10. When you are mad, you break up things around you.

Remember, if you answered yes to most of these questions, you may need professional help. These questions are only designed to help you to think about your behavior. It is not to be used as a professional assessment. If you have any questions, feel free to call you counselor. The first step in solving the violence in our county is for each person to take a good look at self. Letís start today.


Barrington Brennen is a marriage and family therapist and a specialist in the treatment of family violence. Send your questions or comments to P.O. Box N-896, Nassau, Bahamas; or email: question@soencouragement.org, or call 323 8772, or visit the website www.soencouragement.org for this article and many more.

April 22, 2005



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