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Spicy and Sweet Month
By Barrington H. Brennen

This is the month when flower shops are busy, chocolate bars are common, and sharing cards is plentiful. It is loverís month. February 14 is known around the world as loverís day or traditionally called Valentineís day. During the entire month of February many churches will be focusing on relationships. There will be many opportunities for couples to enrich their relationships and marriages through banquets, seminars or special church services.

Marriage Enrichment Seminar
Hereís a spicy seminar couples cannot afford to miss. Between February 8 to 10, 2002, you can be a part of a "Journey Toward Intimacy," the marriage enrichment seminar of the year. Special speakers and facilitators will be Willie and Elaine Oliver, a husband and wife team from Washington D.C., USA. Registration is a must for this special event. For a $50 registration fee, couples will find ways to add real spice to their relationships. The sessions begin on Friday night February 8, 6:00 at the Sheraton Hilton Hotel. They continue on Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Nassau Beach Hotel, and on Sunday morning at 9:00 to 12 noon. To register, go to the Adventist Headquarters on Harrold Road or call 341 4021 for more information.


What Are You Going to Do?
What are you going to do this month to add spice to your relationship? Some will go on trips, others will renew their vows. Yet still others will go on long boat cruises or stay at home and rest in each otherís arms. Whatever you do, enjoy it. It is the motive that counts. Value the time spent together. You must take the time, not only during the month of February to nurture your relationship, but all year round.

Too many couples take for granted the love that they have for each other. Some think that the amount of passionate love they had on the wedding day will be sufficient to keep the marriage going throughout the entire marriage. Thatís a bid mistake.

Romance Can Die
Romance can and will die if it is not nurtured. No relationship lasts on past glories. There must always be some new energy to keep the relationship healthy. Too often couples ignore the need to provide a regular supply of love in the relationship. Gradually they grow apart until they find themselves emotionally reaching for each other and neither is within reach. They are emotionally divorced, each blaming the other for the pain, but both are guilty of causing the rift between themselves. If only they valued their relationship. If only they took the time to love each other, and not take their love for granted. They did not fight or curse each other. They did not cheat on each other. They did not belittle or demean each other in public. They just grew apart because they took each other for granted.


Write A Poem
Dear reader, one of the best ways to keep the fires of love is to write regular poems or letters to each other. Why donít we start this month. My assignment for you is to write a poem for your spouse. Make it special. Be creative. Then give it to your spouse with a passionate kiss. Here is a lovely poem to inspire all relationships written by John Laker (used with permission)
Sunset Lovers
by John Laker

Twilight approaches, we two here are one
Wrapped in each other as we watch the sun
Fade into the distance as the day closes
Holding you close your perfume smells of roses
We embrace in the sunset as lovers have done

My arms wrap around you, the sun slowly sets
My heart is at peace, no qualms or regrets
We share this sweet moment, for this is our time
To savour each other, I'm yours and you're mine
To see through the distance however life gets

Your warmth flows thru me as you take my hand
Lips saying nothing, yet I understand
Unspoken volumes from deep in your heart
Of passion and tenderness you sweetly impart
A love without question, or price or demand

I stand here with you and look into your eyes
And I see deep within them your love never dies
I feel so at peace when I know you are near
Feeling your touch I have nothing to fear
All doubts have passed like the clouds of the skies

Our hearts beat in unison as you gaze up at me
As one in Creation, as Love was meant to be
The sun on our faces we could stand here forever
Let's capture this moment and always endeavor
To maintain this closeness, for Eternity


Dear friend, remember to love your spouse today.


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