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My Wish List for 2017



Barrington H. Brennen

Usually at the end or the beginning of a year many people make projections, New Year’s resolutions or a wish lists. These are usually goals to attain in the coming year. Making such lists is important to keep us focused and goal-centered. For the past twenty years, I’ve done something similar in this column. During the year, the central theme in this column is usually on loving relationships. Also, when focusing on my “wish list” for the New Year, the topic “loving relationships” is also my central focus. I have stressed over the years that loving relationships should be the focus not just in the home, but in the church, schools, community, businesses, and government. I wish more people could understand that.

Here’s my “wish list” for The Bahamas in 2017. I endeavored to make it as comprehensive as possible. It is my wish that . . .

  • Every word spoken would uplift, heal, love, and not destroy.

  • Harshness and rudeness will not be a part of our daily living.

  • Everyone will respect and honor the rights of everyone—Bahamians, Haitians, Jamaican, Philippines, Americans, Guyanese, Barbadian, Trinidadians, Chinese, French, Japanese, European, Nigerian, Kenya, South African, black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor, educated, not educated, fat, skinny, developmentally or physically disabled, visually impaired, tall, short –everyone.

  • Every church, community, school and corporate leader make it their focus to have a people-centered approach to leadership.

  • Christians to stop being the biggest hypocrites around. Stop saying one thing and living another way. Stop calling on God while at the same time causing pain and misery to others.

  • Everyone accepts and practice the belief the both men and women have equal rights, authority, opportunity, vote, access, and protection under the law.

  • Every child feels safe to walk the streets to school, church, or fun parks.

  • Every woman knows that her partner will not rape her because he values her as his equal and not as sexual property.

  • Every woman feels emotionally and physically safe in the presence of every man.

  • Every man feels emotionally and physically safe in the presence of every woman.

  • Every politician focus on serving rather than being served by the people.

  • Everyone will avoid xenophobic, misogynistic, and misandronistic language.

  • Every church will open its door every day of the week for ministry to the community

  • Every store or business engaging in sales will demonstrate caring and helpful attitude.

  • The use of illegal substance (cocaine, marijuana) will be greatly reduced.

  • Numbers gambling and other forms of gambling be seriously monitored to reduce gambling addiction.

  • Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking to only be allowed in the presence of other smokers with the nearest non-smoker being at least one thousand feet away from the smoker.

  • Alcoholic consumption be reduced by at least fifty percent to reduce the results of alcoholism and the cost to our national health system.

  • Everyone would adhere to the speed limits and other road law and traffic violators be severely punished.

  • Bus drivers who violet the laws are several punished by taking away their driver’s licenses for at least ten years in addition to other penalties.

  • Professionalism and courtesy become standard behavioral patterns in every business, institution, and service outlet.

  • Every politician will be honest and trustworthy.

  • Every worker will put in an honest day’s work—come to work on time and keep focused on the job.

  • Every worker will work as though he or she is indispensable but never thinks that way.

  • Every worker will not steal goods from their employees.

  • The government to begin two to three months training of all Justices of the Peace-present and future.

  • The government to initiate standardized fees used by Justices of the Peace.

  • The government to create a code of ethics and standards for Justices of the Peace.

  • The government to require a health certification from a medical doctor for couples to obtain a license to get married. This health certification will verify general health condition, history of sexually transmitted infections, sickle cell, blood type, etc.

  • Every educator will focus on getting every student to succeed in the classroom.

  • The government to stop fully all forms of social promotion in public schools.

  • School principals will be held accountable for teachers who do not produce students with at least a passing grade. It is not right to punish teachers when their supervisors (principals) are really the ones to produced productive teachers.

  • Educators to understand that academic and technical training are on the same level intellectually. They need to grasp that no one can succeeded doing a technical job without first having the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic; and further more higher reasoning skills.

  • The government continues to keep our major traffic routs clean.

  • Members of parliament are disciplined if their communities are not kept clear of mounting trash and debris.

  • Our forts and national parks became beautiful oasis for local and tourist attraction.

  • Every Bahamian citizen and resident of The Bahamas understand and believes that all the care for the beauty and upkeep of our country is not for the tourist but for our own national health, enjoyment, and reputation. Let the tourist enjoy what we enjoy and are proud of.

  • Every resident of The Bahamas make it his or her business to keep the surroundings clean, green and pristine.

  • The electrical company will be able to get out of debt and obtain 800 megawatts of new power engines.

  • That every Bahamian home can acquire at least one solar panel for lighting assistance.

  • That Baha Mar will open with full employment

  • The Bahamas will regain at least A+ financial grading.

  • Everyone listen to inspirational, classical, or soft country music at least once a week. Remember, too much rap or rock music makes one agitated and angry.

  • Everyone eat less red meat and highly-spiced foods. Remember that lots of red meats affect the heart, and lots of spicy foods affect the stomach. If these are affected, the mind will also be affected.

  • Everyone to reach out and hold the hand of someone each day.

  • Everyone remember to always say "I Love You" to a friend, parent, child, partner, spouse, or colleague.

  • Everyone always to take with them wherever they go a friendly smile and a warm heart.

  • Everyone needs to understand that the happiness quotient of a country is the responsibility of everyone living in that county—everyone.

    Have a happy and meaningful and loving new year.

Barrington Brennen is a counseling psychologist, marriage and family therapist and board certified clinical psychotherapist and Nationally Certified Psychologist, in the USA. Send your questions to question@soencouragment.org  or call 242-327-1980 or visit www.soencouragement.org





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