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 My Father: A Real Father
By Barrington H. Brennen, June 8, 2007


The following letter is from a teenage son to his father on Fathersí Day.   It reminds us of the value of fathers and that there are great fathers in our country.  This letter talks about the kind of fathers who are making a positive difference in the lives of their children, especially their teenage sons.  We do have great fathers.  Fathers, your sons are watching.    Read, enjoy, and share with a friend.


ďMy father is a man I respect very much and love dearly.  He is one of a kind and can never be replaced.  His physical features and unique personality distinguish him as a gentleman.    There is nothing lacking in him, and most people agree with this.  Being multi-talented, he is able to cook, sing, repair small car engine, paint, and be a good father.  I could go on and on with his talents, but these are the ones that I love the most.  It would be difficult to see my father without the God-given talents that make him the person he is today!

Most men tend to change size as they grow other, especially married men; but my father is one who maintains his weight and is proud of it.   Like an elegant swan, he has a long and lanky appearance that looks best in suits and formal clothing.  His broad shoulders make him look taller than he really is, and his full beard give him the distinguished gentleman demeanor.       

Sometimes, when my father is really surprised, he opens his big black eyes as wide as he can, which can be dreadful if he is upset or tired.  Itís a good thing that he rarely gets angry, so I only see his surprised facial expression. 

Cooking is one of my fatherís greatest talents.   Ever since I was born, he cooked for the family and did a good job keeping us healthy.  The food he cooks is always a surprise because he loves to mix all types of ingredients in his crazy experiments.  The dishes always turn out well even when we are afraid to try them.  It is difficult to imagine a tall, slim man in the kitchen; but my father pulls it off really well.  Not only is he a good cook, he is also fun to be around.   He is funny, gracious and kind.  He is usually the life of the party and can make us all laugh and giggle until . . . .

As a father, there is nothing lacking.  He is a great spiritual influence for all of us.  He is consistent, yet flexible.  Love is always visible through his actions.  He is devoted to my mother, providing her with her needs just as she is with his.  Their commitment to each other and God is a perfect example of a Christian family.  I love him so much because he is a true father.  It is through his influence that I learned about Godís love, the versatility that makes a father.  It is important that men use their talent in their homes to bring love into the family.

Creativity is a good ingredient to keep the fire burning. Not only will the fire burn continually, but also it will grow larger and warm others around it.   This is what God intended, men loving with versatility.Ē


If you have a special story about your father that you would like to share to encourage others,  send it to me at the address below.  The letter must be no more than 450 words. Fathers are special just like mothers and perhaps even more special.  Let me hear about your special father.

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