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Men Who Sit on Toilet Seats

By Barrington H. Brennen, November 19, 2013

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For sometime now I have been pre-occupied with the interesting topic of why most men do not sit on toilet seats when urinating, especially while at home, or in other bathrooms without urinals.  Should I write about this topic?  Is it something worthwhile writing about?   My subject appetite became satisfied when I came across several articles, forums, and some research on the topic.  I felt so much better to know that I was not the only one wondering about this topic.

Almost forty years ago I realized that it was best to sit on the toilet seat while urinating because it reduced the risk of splashes and the possibility of leaving the seat wet for the one who would come behind me, especially my dear wife.   Sitting while urinating avoided arguments and greatly increased hygiene.   The only places I would stand while urinating would be where there are urinals in public facilities.  I could aim directly into the bowl avoiding splashes.  It was safe and hygienic.


What concerned me over the years was the attitude of many men who refuse to appreciate how wise it is

 to sit on the toilet seat to urine.  One professor told me that there was a small unisex toilet near the classroom where he taught.  The women always complained of the smell and how untidy it was due to the men who left urine on the toilet seat and the floor.  So the professor requested that all the men sit while urinating so the bathroom would be always fresh and clean.  The responses of the men were terrible.  They said “Do you think we are females?  That’s ridiculous! What stupid man would sit on the toilet seat?”    Some stamped away bellowing expletives and saying other mean things at the professor. They all refused to sit on the toilet sit to urine.   At least these men could have raised the toilet seat so the aim area would be wider and close it when finished, but they refused to cooperate.

One research indicates that about 80 percent of men around the world refuse to sit on the toilet seat or at least raise the seat while urinating at home.   I found a somewhat humorous article that describes four types of men who refuse to sit on the toilet seat or who at least refuse to lift the toilet sit when urinating.  You might find this interesting.  It is found on “The Lazy Nigerian” online.  Here are the four kinds of men:

First, the lazy man.  “This breed of man makes up close to 80 percent of the world’s population.” They consist of those who are ready to urine just about anywhere in public, even beside car doors and beside the road on the side of trees, “The toilet seat, in their eyes, is a 50 pound weight that requires brute strength in lifting.”

Second, the proud man.  “This type of man may not necessarily have anything to be proud of but certainly feels too big to bend over and touch a toilet seat, let alone lift it. He has more ‘important things’ to worry about. He thinks it’s someone else’s job to clean his mess up (it’s beneath him).”

Third, the inconsiderate man.  This type of man is “commonly associated with men who are in  relationships and are yet to be married. They seem to forget quite easily that there is another person living with them or who comes to visit them frequently. These men tend to be stuck in their ways and believe their partners should quit complaining and just adapt.”


Fourth, the gentleman. All the ladies love this type of man. No matter how pressed he is, he always manages to lift the toilet seat up (or to sit down) and even remembers to put it back down for his lady. Some would say he’s soft, others say he’s a pushover. But women say he is a considerate, humble and diligent man. . . . He only makes up less than 20 percent of the world’s population and most of his type was raised by decent parents who have great toilet etiquette.”


Men, let’s be considerate.  When using a regular toilet to urine, sit down, especially when another person would come after you to use it.  You will be a gentleman. Would a sitting position change who you are or your sexual orientation?  Certainly not! Then give your wife or partner a wonderful Christmas gift.  Start sitting on the toilet seats at home.  Happy sitting!



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