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Special Recipes by Mary Elizabeth Brennen
The mother of Claudia, Barrington, Judith and Ann
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Mary Elizabeth Catalyn Brennen with her two brothers, James (left) and Peter (right).

Photo taken on December 25, 2005, at the home of James
Photo was taken at the home of James at "Lamp Post 8"  Bar 20 Corner


Johnny Cake 

Salt to taste & Water, as mush needed for desired consistency
Flour 4 to 8 cups
Sugar ˝ cup
Cream 1 tin
Crisco 1/4 block or 3 tablespoons
1 tablespoon Double Active Baking Powder

Crush Crisco in flour before adding other ingredients. Knead until nice and smooth. Put in baking dish. Stick with fork. Bake 330-350 degree until brown



Benny Cake

1 cup of bennie (Sesame Seeds)
Be sure to pick out small black pebbles or small rocks and dried leaves et. Wash and drain.
Place bennie in pot while wet. Keep stirring when dried out until bennie begin to pop up.
Add one cup water
1 ˝ cups sugar
Hang cooking thermometer on pot and allow bennie to cook up to 250 - 260 degrees.
Wet cutting board with water while waiting for bennie to cook. When bennie reach 250 degrees spoon out out a board quickly so it won’t turn back to sugar.
Make 12 - 16 depending to size of spoon. Use wooden spoon.


See Family Album




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