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Gays Are Not Our Problem
By Barrington H. Brennen, June 7, 2004


What is all this talk about the "Gay Ship"? Why is it so much of a concern? Is it that some of our spiritual leaders are concerned about the influence such a large group of homosexuals will have on our nation and in particular, our youth? They have met to discuss the propriety of this trip to our shores. Is this a legitimate concern? Yes it is. However, should we spend so much energy on this subject? Doesnít it sound like the experience of the woman who was dragged to Jesus because she was "caught" in adultery? Jesus, in responding to these angry, self-righteous men said: "He who is innocent, let him cast the first stone."

I thought that the gospel was supposed to be compassionate and transforming. Shouldnít we have made the arrival of the gay ship another opportunity to witness rather than protest? Why didnít we show these visitors a true Christian spirit of hospitality, love, mercy, and compassion? I thought that when our spiritual leaders met, they would have discussed what loving strategies they would use to reach out to these creatures of God. Instead, the pro-gay groups stood alone with their exciting welcome spirit, posters, and enchanting music. They proclaimed that our nation uplifts Christian values, but they missed a great opportunity to show Christís love.
Many church buildings are popping up all over Nassau. Is the increase in the number of church buildings directly related to an increase of the true Christian spirit or spreading of the gospel? The gospel is transforming and not merely condemning. While so many of us are getting angry about gay ships coming to our shores, we are forgetting our own weaknesses and sins. Too many of our spiritual leaders are living ungodly lives. Why are we not angry at the very serious problem of sweethearting? Is it because too many of our church leaders preach every week after coming out of a bed of adultery? Sometimes their spouses and adulterous partners are in the same congregation. Do we have the moral authority to be mad at wrong doing when we are guilty of it? Why are we so proud of men who have lots of children with so many women? What an irony!

Why are we not so angry about the hundreds of children who are sexually abused or raped in our country?

A few years ago I wrote these words in response to this very issue: "Where will our national Bahamian cruise ship dock?" Will we qualify to pull into the harbor of moral purity? Will we cast our anchors in the calm, peaceful waters of justice and safety? Will we travel across the turquoise waters of sexual fidelity? Will we leave the ship and walk down the pink sandy beaches of family respect and unity? Will we eat at the banquet table of teenage virginity, experiencing the cool, balmy breezes of positive parental modeling? Will we run in the subtropical sun of personal integrity? Will we climb coconut palm trees of openness and honesty and drink the coconut water of truth and sincerity? Will we swim in the comfortable cool waters of national pride?"

Many of our leaders feel that the Bahamas should follow the example of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in banding gay cruises. They refuse to examine the real motive behind this. For example, Jamaica is openly homophobic. Many Jamaicans have a deep-seated hatred for homosexuals. Many homosexuals are brutally attacked each week. While Jamaica banded gay cruises, it has done nothing about its own proliferation of sexual promiscuity. It has popular hotels and other centers that are known to promote or house immoral activities. I have also witnessed primary school children in Jamaica looking into a street-side store bay window watching a triple x-rated movie on their way home from school. I was shocked. My message is that before we seek to make others righteous, let us first examine our own hearts.

Since we are so adamant that we are a religious nation, than the energy of our spiritual leaders should first be to live godly lives themselves and to emphasize godly living among all members. They should focus on demanding that the government of the Bahamas enforce decency laws for all. They should require that all people, male and females, locals or visitors, behave in public in a respectable manner.

Please dear friend, letís start loving instead of protesting. Barrington Brennen is a nationally certified psychologist and a marriage and family therapist. 

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