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Please Don't Say That

"Did God put Donald Trump in Office?"



Barrington H. Brennen

Dear friends, we call ourselves Christians, but Christians are to think wisely.    Do not make the mistake by saying that since we believe in Bible prophecy, "God put Donald Trump in office" to mean it is okay or right to support him as president of the United States.    That is a false application of prophecy and a misapplication of Scripture.
We can agree that the term "God put him there" is an understanding of prophecy and not an agreement with how he got there.   
From my perspective, because he was elected, it is not necessarily an indication that God put him in office.   Secondly, if God did put him in office, it certainly dose not mean that God endorses him.    God is sovereign.  All it means is that God understands or knows the flow of history.   He knows the stupid things we do.  He does not endorse them.


Without a doubt, Donald Tramp is not fit to be president.   If we really believe that God "put him in office," then we are demeaning or belittling our God.    Please do not get into an argument by saying "since he was elected, don't question what God has done."  I am sick and tired of hearing that.

It is similar to the times when many Adventists misapply Ellen White's statement: "Decisions made by General Conference in session is the voice of God."    There are several times she herself observed that God's leader had fallen so short that she responded to a General Conference decision this way:   "This decision is certainly not the voice of God."  What makes a decision the "voice of God?"  Good question?




"Mental health professionals warned that Trump is incapable of being president."


We must understand that although we know Bible prophecy, it does not mean we must support events or decisions that we know will lead to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.   No way!    Do not be found guilty of helping ourselves get persecuted or killed.  That is not our responsibility.    We are responsible to have a godly fight to the very end.   Act out and speak out against wrong, right to the end.   When we only resign to the notions that "these are signs of the end" and think that we must agree with these decisions,  it will make us spiritually indolent.   

For example:   As Adventists, we believe that Saturday is God's true day of worship.  There is a certain lifestyle that goes along with that belief.   But here is the important punch line.   Adventists would not support any law that requires the closing of stores on Sabbath (even though we do not go to them on that day).   Why?   Because we believe in freedom of choice and religious liberty.   Also, no government is to dictate our faith.   We are to vote against such laws even though we know it is a sign of the fulfillment of prophecy.    It is not our role to "help end-time prophecies be fulfilled" by agreeing with wrong.  Do you get my drift?

Another point.   Teenage pregnancy, rape, domestic violence, etc., are on the increase or are terrible behaviors in our society.   I can easily stop my life mission to reduce these ills by saying, "these are all signs of the time," or "It does not make since trying to help because the Bible says these things will happen in the last days."  If I do this, I will be wrong (Luke 19:11-13).   Luke says to "occupy till I come."   Go on living.  Go on fighting for truth.   Go on demonstrating moral standards.   Go on being social activists.  Go on affecting change.   That's the duty of the Christian.

Note carefully that not everything "God allows" is blessed of Him and is his desire.  Look at the Children of Israel who, after observing the neighboring nations, wanted to be like them.  They wanted to have a king like the other nations.  They pleaded to God to have a king.   God said no more than once.  They pleaded and pleaded.   So God gave in (so to speak).   

Here is how writer and author, Josh Teis, talks about it:  "They demanded that Samuel appoint a king over the nation and in doing so they rejected the Theocracy of God (1 Samuel 8:7).   When Saul is first introduced we see a man who is humble, godly, and kingly (9:1-10:16) and it appears that Israel made the right decision."   The author says that the "Initial success does not equal long term blessing. . . Just because God didnít immediately judge the nation of Israel for rejecting His authority did not mean there would be no natural consequences to Israelís rebellion." 

What's my point?   God's "allowance" (during this time of theocracy) for His people to have a King was not equivalent to his endorsement to have one, even though he helped them out of a scrape many times.  
Please, dear friends, this principle is applicable to our own nation regarding our politics or social ills.    It is my view that crime can decrease.  The murder rate can go down. Do not sit back and do nothing because "it is a sign of the end."    We will be setting our own traps.    Let us demand justice.  Let us demand fairness for everyone.   Let us be social and spiritual activists now!


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