Crime, Family and God.  Article by Barrington Brennen
Crime, Family and God
By Barrington H. Brennen, October 2, 2006, 2022

Why is crime increasing in our country when at the same time we claim to be very religious?  Why are women and children being abused and murdered when there are so many Christian churches that should be preaching a gospel of peace and love?  Why are there so many family feuds and fights when these same families sing in church each week: Im so gland Im a part of the family me of God . . . You will notice we say brother and sister around here.  Its because were a family and the folks are so dear.  Wow!  What hypocrisy!

These questions are just an illustration of the high level of hypocrisy that exists in our beautiful county.  These questions also reveal the strategy of Satan to destroy the heart of every nation, community and church: the family. 

Satan knows that the most effective way to destroy our nation is to attack two of the institutions, or what I call, life experiences, that we cherish most dearly and the majority of us are passionately involved with.  These life experiences are the family and the church.  Satan is using these two life experiences because they both connect to the heart and soul of who we are and they speak about loyalty and service which are the foundation of all relationships.  They are about God Himself, His creative and redemptive power, sovereignty, and majesty.  If Satan can get us to doubt or disown God, he knows we will be easily lured on his side. 
These two life experiences (Church and Family) are intricately connected.  Let me explain how Satan uses these two to weaken us, our families and nation.  Satan knows that our relationship with each other either enhances or distorts our relationship with or our concept of who God is.  Satan knows that a distorted, unhealthy childhood can lead one to a corrupt lifestyle, including a life of violence, anger, sexual promiscuity , or even depression.   Satan knows that painful childhood experiences or repeated disappointments and failures in our lives can cause us to pull away from God.   Satan also knows if he can keep us rigid, inflexible, holy Christian zombies, then he will be successful in having us live faked Christian lives.  When we come to church, we would make him laugh because he knows we are on his side. In other words, if he can keep our worship (focus) on external behavior rather than on internal experience, then the chances of us falling off by the way side will be greater. 
Earlier in this article I stated that Satan knows that our relationship with each other either enhances or distorts our relationship with or our concept of who God is.  Let me briefly share how this strategy is revealed in our lives.

1.         We know that a large percentage of homosexuals have experienced at least one or all of these:

a.    Sexual molestation as a child.
b.    Exposure to sexually explicit material at a young age.
c.     Ridicule or shame by relatives or friends because of what one perceives to be abnormal behavior.
d.    Repeated disappointments and deep hurt in romantic relationships.

What is the end result?  Here it is:  Broken or unhealthy relationships on earth usually destroy ones relationship with the Heavenly Father.  The further we are from God the further we are from each other.  The further we are from God, the greater the risk of becoming emotional or physically ill.

2.         More than 90 percent of prison inmates:

a.     Do not know or had an unhealthy relationship with their parents.
b.    Were shamed and blamed more often than praised and encouraged by their significant others.
c.     Have not experienced short- or long-term loving relationships with the significant others in their lives.
d.    Thus, are more inclined to not believe in God or become disillusioned with Christianity.


3.         Most people with serious psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobia, schizophrenia

a.     Have had painful childhood experiences with their significant others.
b.    Have been shamed and blamed too often.
c.     Have been abandoned or neglected by their significant others.
d.    Thus, they often times develop fanatical spiritual beliefs, and self-righteous behaviors or become spiritually disillusioned.


4.         Many women suffering long, uncontrollable hypertension, diabetes, and other stress- related illnesses:

a.     Are living with troublesome, argumentative, and uncaring husbands
b.    Have personal unresolved issues of the past
c.     May have rebellious, defiant children
d.    Thus, causing hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol and prolactin to elevate.  If they remain elevated for long periods of time, they suppress the immune system and increase the chances of getting ill.

 5.         Rebellious, defiant, belligerent and vitriolic teenagers are usually from homes where:

a.     Parents are too strict, or unloving and uncaring.
b.    Parents are setting a poor example.
c.     Parents are too busy making a living or overly concerned about providing the material needs of the child.

Once again, what is the end result of all of this?  Here it is:  Broken or unhealthy relationships on earth usually destroy ones relationship with the Heavenly Father.  The further we are from God the further we are from each other.  The further we are from God and each other, the greater the risk of becoming emotionally or physically ill and an increase of all forms of violence. 

Are you in a broken relationship?   I encourage you to seek God who is always loving and kind.  In addition, seek professional help to assist you in the healing process. You need not remain broken and wounded.  You can find peace and healing.   


Barrington H. Brennen is a marriage and family therapist and counseling psychologist.  Send your comments or questions to P.O. Box CB-11045, Nassau, The Bahamas, or call 242 327 1980, or email,








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