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God Loves the Homosexual
By Barrington H. Brennen, 2005, Updated March 2014



Question: Dear Sir: You said it is wrong to be a homosexual, but donít you think God still loves them?
Answer: Certainly, without a doubt, God loves the homosexual. God does not like homosexual practices, but he did come to earth to die for all, including the homosexual. John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Godís love to us is unconditional. However, we must accept his love and allow the transforming power of his love to make a difference in lives. I love the way God deals with sinners and hurting people. He accepts us where we are, then empowers us to transform our lives. In other words, Godís unconditional love is not transforming until we open our hearts and minds to Him. God will never force us to do or be anything. Yet, he still loves us.  We also need to come to the point that if a homosexual cannot change his or orientation we should not judge that the life of the person is not spiritually transformed.
Over the years I have dedicated this column to the healing of individuals and families. I am writing about homosexuality because there are many homosexuals and lesbians in our country who are hurting, confused, and desperately crying out for help. Yes, there are others who are not so interested for such help. They have decided to accept their sexual orientation as "natural" and many of them would say "it is a gift from God."  There are many homosexuals who want freedom from homosexuality. I have no doubt that homosexuals can change. There are many who can testify to that.  However, I now know, based on my research and talking with others, that there are some homosexuals who really find it impossible to change their orientation.  They can choose to the have a sexual relationship, but the desire is still there.   I am looking forward to the day when a known homosexual can be visit a main-line Christian church and feel accepted and wanted and not judged about his or her sexual orientation. 
There are many male and female homosexuals who are afraid to come out of the closet and seek help because they feel that they will not be accepted and will be treated with disdain. Our responsibility as descant Christian citizens are to respect and love everyone in spite their sexual orientation. We need not encourage their homosexual practices, but we can support their basic human rights they are entitled to under the constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We all have ( including the homosexual) a right to life, liberty, and the security of person.
Ironically, many of us who are so angry toward homosexuals, are often not aware that a person they have communicated with for years on the job, at church, or in the community, might also be a homosexual. Although a healthy friendship would have developed over the years, yet as soon as they find out that their "friend" is a homosexual their attitude changes toward them. Unfortunately, to them their friend is no longer a friend, but a "disgusting homosexual" who does not deserve to be respected. This is sad.
It is difficult to identify most homosexuals. Some homosexuals get married to cover up their orientation. Others keep their activities discreetly limited to a select group of individuals. We canít always tell whoís who. First impressions are not always true and you canít truly judge a book by its cover. Most homosexuals are not effeminate. In fact, research tells us that about 85% of effeminate men are not  homosexuals. They are usually dedicated, committed, and loving husbands and fathers. It is a terrible mistake to attribute the soft voice, gentle walk, and usually hand motions, to a homosexual.
The homosexual can be that incredible hulk-of-a-man you admire, the masculine boss, the most enjoyable person on the job, the charming secretary, the committed father or mother, the affectionate spouse, or the most beautiful, famine nurse. Not all homosexuals accost or flirt with other people. What then is my point? While we speak out against homosexuality, we must find ways of keeping the lines of communication open between us. Why change our attitude towards someone simply because we learned something different about the person, especially when the person has never caused harm to you or made you feel uncomfortable in his or her presence.

Sometimes it is wise to adjust our ways of relating to each other when there are serious lifestyles differences we believe that are not wholesome. However, we need not ostracize or belittle someone just because we are sure our lifestyle and sexual orientation is the right one.
It is my opinion that too many of us straight people are angry for the wrong reasons. What about the adult men who rape innocent adolescent girls? What about the forty-year-old husband who has sex with sixteen-year-old high school females? What about the fathers who molest (rape) infant sons and daughters? What about the mothers who sexually molest their children? What about the adult women who prey on the hearts and bodies of young teenage boys? What about the countless women who are raped each week in our county? What about the married partners who cheat on each other?

Why are we not raising our angry voices against these atrocities? While we do not want to see two adult men hugging and kissing in public, yet we seem not to get angry at the heterosexual licentious behavior we see exhibited in our public buildings, school grounds, political halls, and church corridors. All indecent public behavior, whether between heterosexuals or homosexuals is wrong and must come to an end.
Unfortunately, far too many people equate homosexuality with promiscuity.  They believe that by default a homosexual is a flirt.  This is a myth. In fact, research has shown the heterosexuals a slightly more promiscuous that homosexuals.  Many homosexuals are just like many heterosexuals who are living godly, Christ-like lives. 

Many homosexuals themselves often misunderstand the straight person when he or she speaks out against homosexuality. Once you say homosexuality is wrong then you are demonstrating a homophobic attitude. This is not true with everyone. We can learn to love someone who chooses a direction in life we do not agree with. We can learn to accept people for whom they are. There are many Bahamian mothers and fathers who have a great difficulty in accepting their homosexual children as their own and still are against their lifestyle. We need strength from God to love everyone, even our enemies.
Years ago we believed the AIDS was mostly a homosexual phenomenon. One reason being that of their unusual method of sexual interactionĖanal sex. We now know that this is not true. AIDS is growing faster among heterosexuals today. Anal sex, an unusual sexual activity practiced by most homosexuals, is also very common among heterosexuals. Do you realize that there is a percentage of homosexuals who are sexually active who refuses to engaged in anal sex.  Like some heterosexual, they find it seriously wrong.   In fact many straight teenagers engage in anal sex to avoid pregnancy. While some hate homosexuals because of their sexual orientation, they are still involved in a very "homosexual act"--anal sex. How hypocritical we are!
If you would like to find out more information about freedom over homosexuality or for books and materials on homosexuality, write to Exodus International P.O. Box 77652, Seattle, Washington, 98177, or call 206 784 7799, or visit the web site at or . If you are interested in joining a Bahamian homosexual recovery group or have questions or comments on social or marriage and family issues.

Send your questions and comments to P.O. Box CB-13019, Nassau, Bahamas, or email barringtonbrennen@gmail.com or call 242 327 1980