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National Friendship Day
Proposed by Barrington H. Brennen, Updated January 20, 2010
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The idea of a Friendship Day came to my mind one day while thinking of having a national, proactive approach to crime reduction in The Bahamas.   I had no idea, until I did my research, that many countries around the world had a national friendship day.  It is wonderful how God leads his Children.   The day is to be a community-wide, non-denominational day and eventually to be made an annual official day by the government.  SEE PROGRAM

The first National Friendship Day in The Bahamas will be October 1 to 7, 2011

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I proposing to the Government of The Bahamas to have an annual, National Friendship week/Day. 

What is Friendship Day?  It is a time to honor friends and to encourage people to be kind and friendly to all with whom they come in contact.   Friendship Day was started in the United States in 1935.  Now many countries around the world celebrate the day.  It is normally held on the first Sunday of August each year.

When is Friendship Day?   I am proposing that on The Bahamas (every island and cay) our first Friendship Day be on the second Saturday (Adventists) and the Second Sunday of September each year.   However, the entire second week should be noted as Friendship Week.  This will allow for businesses, schools, and other organizations to participate.  For example: 

  • Friendship Day for Educational Institutions:  Monday
  • Friendship Day for Businesses/Organizations:  Wednesday
  • National Friendship Day for  Family, Churches and Neighborhoods:  Saturday and Sunday,

Why Friendship Day?   In The Bahamas, with the concern about the increase in crime and the break down of the family, it is important that we begin to rebuild our society.  Friendship Day can help us focus on something special that we have--our friendliness.   Friendship Day can help us see the importance of being kind and friendly to everyone.  Social graces seems to be a thing of the pass.   I believe this day can help us regain this important behaviors in our homes and society.  Friendship helps to bring peace and positivity to our country--a great reason to celebrate!   “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13-15

National Committee to be Formed. To make National Friendship Day effective a committee should be organized of persons across the society. They should include at least:  Teachers, pastors, police, civic groups, social agencies, business, musician, etc.  The committee should have no less than 15 members.


"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." Elbert Hubard

  • The Theme for Friendship Day?  "Let's Enjoy Friendship"
    Friendship Day Religious Theme Song
    Pass It On

    Verse 1
    It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.
    And soon all those around, can warm up it it's glowing.

    That's how it is with God's love, once you've experienced it, it's fresh like spring, you want to sing, you want to pass it on.

    Verse 2
    What a wondrous time is Spring
    When all the trees are budding.
    The birds begin to sing,
    the flowers start their blooming.


    Verse 3
    I wish for you my friend
    this happiness that I've found
    You can depend on him
    It matters not where your bound.

    Last chorus:
    I'll shout it from the mountain tops
    I want the world to know
    The Lord of Life has come to me
    I want to pass it on.

    By Kurt Kaiser


  • Friendship Day Theme Song:  "Pass It On"  (Secular and religious)
  • Friendship Day Theme Bible Text: John 15:13-15
  • Friendship Day Mascot: To be Decided
  • Friendship Day Suggested Sermon for Pastors:  To be Developed
  • What to Do on Friendship Day?  We are encouraging individuals, churches, and organizations to do any or all of the following:  These are only some suggestions:


  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Purchase a friendship card for a friend
  • Invited a friend for a meal in your home
  • Invite neighbors to watch a movie together with you
  • Invite a neighbor to your home.
  • Visit the neighbors next door and share something with them
  • Call a friend
  • Email a friend
  • Make an effort to establish a friendship relationship with someone new


  • On Friendship Sunday/Saturday give the congregation blank paper with the words "Friendship Day" on the header.  Take five minutes within the service to allow the people to write a friendship note to anyone.  The person can be living abroad.  The church can offer to mail all notes for the individuals after they would have placed them in the offering plates.  The individuals would need to put a complete address on the paper.
  • Have a "Friendship Meal" at the church or
  • Members have dinner with another member that day after the service
  • Every member bring a "Friendship Token" to give out to someone during the service.


  • Employees can encourage staff to bring a friendship gift to work on a particular day of Friendship Week

    Friendship Day Folk Theme Song

    To Be Decided

    Suggestions Accepted


  • Provide a friendship meal at work for the  staff
  • Encourage staff to get acquainted with someone at work they do not know very well.

Educational Institutions

  • Have students make friends with new students
  • Have an assembly period to emphasize the importance of friendship
  • Have a "Friendship Day Poem  and Art Competition"
  • Have teachers have a friendship hour in their classroom

Radio Stations

  • Radio stations to promote the day.
  • All talk shows to spend time talking about the meaning and importance of Friendship











Proposed National Friendship Committee  Not yet confirmed

  • Barrington H. Brennen
  • Colyn Major, VP College of the Bahamas
  • Angela and James Palacious Ministers of the Gospel
  • Kirk Johnson Radio Personality
  • Leon Higgs Educator
  • Gill Maycock Minister of the Gospel
  • Vecente Roberts Counseling Psychologist
  • Kelly Business Person
  • Jeff Lloyd Radio Personality







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