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South Bahamas Conference
Contact Information for Administrators, Office Staff, & Pastors

Office Mailing Address

and Location:

South Bahamas Conference of

Seventh-day Adventists

Tonique Williams-Darling Highway

P.O. Box N-356

Nassau, Bahamas


Main Number:

 242-341 4021

Toll Free:

Toll free from the Family Islands Only

 242-225 3959

Click HERE for All Pastors Phone Numbers.

Current, Retired Pastors, Retired Workers,

and Bible Workers



 242-341 4088



Adventist Book Center:

 242-341 2429




P.O. Box N-356, Nassau, The Bahamas


Last updated Thursday, October 24, 2013


Contacts for Administrators, Directors, and Office Workers

Name / Department

Phones Postal Address Email Address
Kenny V. A. Deveaux
Home: 242 327 6471
P.O. Box N-356, Nassau Bahamas
Melvin Lewis
Home: 242-323 4843
P.O. Box N-356
Nassau, Bahamas
Lynden Williams

Home: 242-225 0620  


P.O. Box N-356

Nassau, Bahamas

Paul Scavella
Home: 242-364-7580
P.O. Box N-356
Nassau, Bahamas
Idamae Hanna
Home: 242-392-1917
P.O. Box F-40515
Nassau, Bahamas 
Diane Jones
Home: 242-361-5024 P.O. Box  
Andrew Burrows
Home: 242-324 2598
P.O. Box N-10230
Nassau, Bahamas
Cherry Blackmore
Home: 242-392 0264
Store: 242-341 2429
P.O. Box N-356 Nassau, Bahamas  
Peter Joseph
Home: 242-324 4787
P.O. Box N-356 Nassau, Bahamas  
Kenny Deveaux
Home: 242 327 6471
P.O. Box N-356
Nassau, Bahamas
Kimberly Bryan
Home: 242-362 2231
Office Ext 222
P.O. Box N-9096
Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Academy Secondary
242-393 3381
P.O. Box SS-6344
Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Academy Elementary 242-393 8898
P.O. Box SS-6344
Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Academy Early Learning Center 242-394 8838/9
P.O. Box SS-6344
Nassau, Bahamas
Volunteer Bahamas Adventists 242-341 4021 P.O. Box N-356  
Bible Questions   P.O. Box N-356  
Mary Ellen-Knott
Office of the Executive Secretary
Home: 242-341 3036
Office Ext. 234
P.O. Box CR- 54403
Deena McPhee
Office of the President
Home: 242-361 7829
Office: 234
P.O. Box N-356  
Winsome Flowers
Departmental Secretary
Home: 242-364 2950
Office Ext. 242
P.O. Box EE-15512  
Charlisa Cash
Home: 242-364-1864


Curleen Forbes
Home: 242-364 1613
Danhugh Gordon
Associate in Communcation


Home: 242-341 5192   
Office: Ext 228
455 1203
Philip Humes
Audio Visual
Home: 242-454-1960
Office Ext 227
Renel Joseph
Home: 242-436-8727




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