A marriage conference for Adventist couples and friends in Belize, Central America.

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Conference Topics, Handouts, Articles, Videos


Note that the slides for the seminars will only be placed on the site just before or after the seminar.

Also note that some topics might be linked together in one seminar.

The articles on the last column is for your enrichment and would be placed there just before or after the seminar.

The handout for a seminar will be placed on this page just before or after the seminar.

All of the handout may or may not be used in the seminar but are placed here for your personal enrichment.




Handout Articles to Read


Put some Cayenne Pepper in Your Marriage   Brennen Short Survey on Marital Satisfaction

Index of Marital Satisfaction

Self Test to Evaluate the Severity of Problems in Your Marriage

The Marriage Duet  
The Nuts and Bolts of Keeping it Sweet        
Kissing Won’t Help Honey ---When Love Hurts        
He should stay on his knees.        
When the Division makes no Provision        
Talk so your partner will listen and listen so your partner will talk     Honey Let's Talk

Habits for Successful Couples

Guidelines for Fighting

Outercourse Before Intercourse        
Parenting to Last a Life Time     23 Stupid Things Parents do to Mess up Their Children's Lives 22 Stupid Things Parents Do

The Obedient Trap

Forgive Me Baby – Healing Moments        
I Take You, Honey, One More Time--Renewal of Vows