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What Kind of Woman

Do Your Want to Be Your Wife?

By Council for Family Research



Before you answer the questions below read this article

These questions are to be answered by any male age 21 and older.

Instructions: Erase "Yes" or "No" that does not apply to your answer and leave the one you choose.  You may click on words with hyperlinks to read the definition.  After answering the questions press "Submit"



1 I prefer an independent woman
2 I prefer a financially dependent  woman  
3 I prefer an emotionally dependent  woman  
4 I prefer a skilled, educated woman   
5 I believe a woman should have equal voice, vote, and power    
6 I believe that husband and wife should share leadership in the home  
7 I believe marriage should be an inter-dependent relationship
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  The country where you live

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Independent = Self-reliant.  Can make decisions without input from others.  Free from influence, guidance or control of others.

Interdependent = Mutually dependent.  Mutually beneficial.  Both partners are independent and they join their skills and resources to form an interdependent relationship.

Dependent = Depends on spouse emotionally, etc..  One spouse is independent (emotionally and financially).  Has little negotiating power in the relationship.






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