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We are inviting everyone to make the entire month of December 2014 a time of rebuilding, reconnecting, healing, and mending broken or wounded relationships.  Let us make December a month to start being nice, loving, humane and respectful to everyone—Bahamians, foreign residents, and visitors.  Hence, every Thursday in the month of December will be a specific loving action we must all do.  Here are the dates and kindness actions.

December 4: "Kindness Thursday"  Read

December 11: “Smiling Thursday” Read

December 18: “Friendship Thursday” Read

December 25: “Giving Thursday” Read

January 1, 2015: “New Relationship Thursday”  

There will be an article each week on the kindness activity to do.

Send your comments to  or call 1-242-327-1980  or  1-242-477 4002












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