A wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, son, uncle, friend, Christian gentleman, benefactor and entrepreneur.






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Upon the advice of the family midwife, the late Nurse Cecilia Cooper, mother of the late Rev. R.E. Cooper Sr., Arthur Leon Roach Sr. took his wife Blunetta to the maternity Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital, two days before her delivery date, to ensure that the birth of their sixth child was safe.  On Sunday morning, October, 4, 1953, a rainy day on the island of New Providence, a baby boy, was born to this lovely couple.


“Tony” as he was affectionately called, like most of the little boys around Young Street and Windsor Lane, played marbles; built and drove his box cart in the streets; made tops from lignum vitae trees and played “pegging”.  This was one of Tony’s favourite games and he would not stop until he split your top in half. 


Racing bicycle tire rims (with old clothes hangers) with his friends Snooge Ferguson and Walter Musgrove in the streets was another of Tony’s favourite pastimes.   One Saturday night, after Sabbath had ended, the “boys” decided to settle the score as to who was the best racer, so “the race was on!”  Contrary to Mama’s instructions not to race in the street at night, Tony was off with the boys racing to Mr. Moss’ shop.   Before Tony could finish the race course, which he was leading, the screeching sounds of car tires could be heard up the street and Snooge and Walter running back saying “Mrs. Roach Tony get knock down!”   Tony was rushed to the hospital where he spent three days suffering from a concussion. Tony did not like the hospital, and Mama could not stay with him, so Veronica spent three nights in hospital with him until he was discharged. 


At the age of 10, Tony moved to Hanna Road, Fox Hill with his parents and siblings.  Because of his effervescent personality, Tony made many friends quickly; amongst them were Mark Hanna, Paul and Philip Greenslade, Larry Pinder, Bruce Pinder, Earnest “Tilly” Burrows, Dr. Arthur Clarke to name a few. Tony and his friends especially Mark Hanna, spent countless hours in Malcolm Creek catching broad shads and piper fish; this was where his love for the sea and fishing was cultivated.  Led by Mark, a group of boys from the blocks –Tony, Larry, Paul and Philip- took the Honourable A.D.  Hanna’s boat to sea on a fishing expedition that ended with them being rescued by BASRA because they went adrift after running out of fuel. That was something through Hanna Road that day!  


Tony received a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education, at Bahamas Academy (BA). It was at BA that Elliston Rahming, Garth Greene, Barrington Brennen, Perry Decosta and Tony formed a singing group called the Kings Voices.  During the morning breaks and at lunch time, these boys would go in the bushes to the East of BA and practice.  Soon, the Kings Voices were good enough to take their melodious voices from the bushes to audiences who loved their singing.  In fact they held a grand concert at THE Government High School (GHS) Auditorium, with a repertoire that included amongst others a rendition of “A Frog Went Walking on A Summer’s Day.”


Tony whose nickname had become “Lil Roach” because he was so short, was the quintessential athlete, playing volleyball, softball, running track and most of all soccer, and was always the first pick for any team.  During one soccer game, in which Isaac Daffinuis was team captain, “Lil Roach” played so hard, until he split the seat of his soccer pants.  Determine to win that match, he played with such tenacity, not caring that his pants had become a skirt and that he was being teased - and won the game his team did!    A member of the Dynamos Soccer Team for a number of years, Tony played under the coaching of Philip Worrell who later became his mentor in the insurance business. 


Tony was taught the trade of carpentry by his father Leon Roach whom he accompanied as a helper to various jobs.  By the time Tony was 14 years old, he was able to hold down summer jobs with V. G. Collie as a carpenter helper.  One summer Tony earned a whopping pay check of $200.00 in one week (lots of money in 1970) by working overtime; that money he put towards school fees at BA. 


In 1971, Tony went to West Indies College, High School, Jamaica, to finish the 12th grade before transiting to College.  Upon graduating in 1972, Tony returned to Nassau, then went to Grand Bahama to find work and was employed with the Bahamas Oil Refinery Company (BORCO) as a general worker.  Tony lived with his sister Leona and worked at BORCO for almost a year, saving his money to enter Union College Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1973.   At Union College, Tony majored in Mass Communication, graduating in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  He was also a member of the College Choir.


After graduating from college, Tony was employed as a Physical Education teacher at Government High School and was widely known as “Coach Roach”.  Determined to bring class and business style to coaching, Tony would be dressed to the nines in a suit as he coached the GHS Magic basketball team during interschool competitions, championship games and the Hugh Campbell Games.  Although he coached students, Tony still found time to play on soccer and volley ball teams in the various leagues.  Tony was selected to play on the Bahamas National Volley Ball and Soccer Teams on a number of occasions; serving at times as a player coach. 


In the winter of 1984 he won the heart of Carla McIntosh, whom he courted with his usual aplomb.  It was a whirlwind romance and after dating for a short six months, he made the decision to take her as his bride.  Tony & Carla were wed August 5, 1985. 


Using the trade taught him by his father; Tony lay out and built his family home in Hanna Road, with his own hands.  His father assisted him with the roof and he utilized the aid of one other helper.  He laid the tiles and the wooden flooring himself and many nights the neighbourhood had to endure the banging as he completed the ceiling.  Tony the Contractor!


An enthused expectant father, Tony was very attentive and would sing and read to the new baby in womb.  He would constantly touch the belly and was fascinated by the movements.  He embraced fatherhood with much pride, and insisted he be in the delivery room for the birth of his firstborn, Alcott Leon.  So smitten was he with baby Alcott, that he would pack him up in his straw basinet and carry him to work at Government High School with him.  On occasion, the staff would call his wife and report:


“Mrs. Roach do you know Tony has this new baby up here ‘round these children?” or “Tony scald the baby mouth with the hot milk”. 


It was after the birth of baby no. 2, Toni Alexia, the very next year, that the seriousness of the responsibility of fatherhood hit home.


With very swift consideration of cost vs. income, he tendered his resignation as a teacher with GHS and entered into the insurance arena.  He won many accolades as top producer at ManuLife.  Tony was a natural salesman.  His aggressive and charming personality was a winning combination. He once told Pastor Paul Scavella “I could sell ice to the Eskimos”.  Indeed he could.


Despite his success as an insurance salesman and broker, Tony’s entrepreneurial spirit, along with his determination to provide the best for his family, led him to explore other avenues of earning an income.


There are many hair-raising stories of his exploitations as a fishing boat owner, where he himself was the captain, without any formal training or practical experience in manning a fishing vessel.  Miracles abounded and he was able to escape that venture with limb and life intact. 


It took a year to recover and although he was down he was not out.  Tony got back on his feet and became the dealer of Shell East Bay Service Station.  After much challenges, he walked away from this business and started the family business of A.L. Cleaning Company.  This time, he got the requisite professional training in all aspects of the business.  He ensured his sons Alcott and Anthony Jr.  were a part of the business and taught them everything he knew.  He demanded high work ethics and hard work and made men out of boys.  His greatest lesson:” I can do all things through Christ…” – NEVER GIVE UP.


Tony loved politics. He was unabashedly a PLP.  He loved talking politics, campaigning and attending rallies.  During the political “season”, he was constantly on the phone with his cohorts and he thoroughly enjoyed engaging his children in conversation on the pertinent issues of the day.  He never tired of making the rounds of the rallies with wife Carla and sisters Annette and Ingrid.  He would often call Leona in Freeport to give a report and garner feedback from her side.


Family was of utmost importance to Tony.  He determined to raise his children, as he had been reared, in the admonition of Christ. Those qualities instilled in him by his parents, he brought into his home and passed on to his wife and children.  Alcott, Alexia and Anthony looked forward to Friday evening worship, where they observed the consistency of a father leading out in worship: Lustful singing, reciting of memory verses and discussing scripture.  Tony would ensure singing was done in parts as he conducted his little family choir.  The home was filled with music as he awoke the home to Christian music every Sabbath morning.  On other days, there was classical, operatic and secular music – but ALWAYS there was music. He loved to take the family out to eat, to cultural affairs, dog shows, fishing and travelling.  He would often invite other family members along and so ensured a bond was maintained.


Tony settled his family for worship at the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church.  He held positions including first elder, choir director, Men’s Leader, and Family Ministries Leader.  He has a great concern for the youth and used his natural abilities in education, athletics, music and sales to help with Church ministry. It was after hearing the Philadelphia Male Choral, that Pastor Paul invited him to form and lead out in the Conference Adventist Men’s Choral, which he did up to this year. He never expected or wanted accolades for his work or his giving.  That was between “my wife and I and God”.  He simply did as Christ admonished, to be his brothers’ keeper.


In March 2010 he had his first surgery to remove the offensive colon cancer.  Despite all best efforts, it was discovered the cancer metastasized in 2012.  It was pronounced that he was at stage four.  Tony fought valiantly but lost the battle at 8 p.m., on a rainy Wednesday evening, November 27, 2013.  He was alone at the time with his devoted wife Carla.   He was in no pain.  He simply breathed his last breath and went to sleep.


Tony loved the Lord.  He prayed constantly for his healing and even if God chose not to restore his body on this earth, he trusted without question that God’s Will be done.  Tony accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour into baptism on March 24, 1987 – we therefore have a hope of reuniting with our husband, father, brother, uncle, friend. 






[From the Nassau Guardian]  


He is predeceased by his parents Arthur Leon Roach, Sr., and Blunetta Roach and his brother Arthur Leon Roach, Jr. 


Left to cherish his memories are:


Wife: Carla Roach;


Children: Alcott Leon, Toni Alexia and Anthony Livingstone Roach, Jr.;


Grandchildren: Angel Alenae & Alandra Carla Roach;


"Mum" Rosebud McIntosh


Grandmother: Nora "Mama T" Turnquest;


Sisters: Clara McPhee, Veronica McGee, Leona Roach, Annette Dorsett & Adelma Roach;


Brothers-in-law: Joe McGee, Ward Olgreen, Foster Dorsett, Sr., Alcott McIntosh, Jr.;


Sisters-in-law: Terry Olgreen, Ingrid McIntosh, Beatrice Keaton, Robyn McIntosh;


Uncles: Nathaniel Roach III, Alban Roach (Gussie Roach), Godfrey Turnquest;


Nephews: Trevor Bridgewater, Joel McPhee, Alan Anderson, Demeco Dorsett, Kurt Smith, Chadwick Matkins, Foster Dorsett, Jr., Andrew Penn, Christopher Keaton, Maxwell Keaton & Elijah McIntosh;


Nieces: Cheryl McPhee, Sharon Roach, Carina Bridgewater, Shaunda Matkins, Tamara Anderson, Abigail Penn, Tara McGee, Annaka Smith, Ashley Noel, Kelsey Roach, Jenay McIntosh, T'nee Moss & Asia McIntosh;

Other close relatives and friends, including:

Deandra McKinney & Family, Selene McKinney, Pastor H. A. Roach and Family,Deidre, Gigi & Gyles Turnquest, Edith Vernita Roach, Mr. & Mrs. Ellerston Rahming, Harvey & Betsey Morris and Family, Rev. Simeon Hall & Mrs. Hall and Family, Mr. Arthur Clarke, Sr., & Family, Sir A.D. Hanna & Family, Dr. Kevin & Mrs. Karen Moss, Mrs. Dawn Albury-Gaitor, Mrs. Ona Bailey, Ms. Tracey Godet, Ms. Michelle Demeritte, Ms. Nisha Major, Dwain Wallace, C.B. Zonicle & Family, The Adventist Men's Chorale and Wives, Officers and Members of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (The Kirk), Bahamas Concert & Orchestra, President and officers of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Members & Officers of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Great Harbour Cay/Bullocks Harbour Community, Staff of A.L. Cleaning Company and others too numerous to mention.

Relatives and friends may pay their respects at Cedar Crest Funeral Home & Crematorium, Robinson Road and First Street on Saturday from 12:00 noon to 6:00p.m and on Sunday at the church from 11:30a.m until service time.