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Anthony Livingstone Roach

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Added May 6, 2014
BETTY GRANJA: Carla and children, I am so sorry to hear the loss of Mr. Roach. In our business relationship, he showed to be a professional and ethical man. He always thank me for taking good care of his needs and also said that I was his type of person always taking the extra step. That made me feel good about our company and the customer service we provided. May you find peace as you go through these difficult times. God Bless. Florida
Added February 9, 2014
LOWELL FISHER: Carla I'm sitting in my hotel after we spoke upset by the loss of Tony, my friend and I only have a few. He was my friend and I will miss him, I'm so thankful he waited for me to sit and talk before he went. For whatever reason we were brought together i am blessed and feel so unbelievable fortunate to have had Tony as my great friend. I will always as will my family hold a special spot in our lives and memories for my great friend Tony.  Love you.
Added January 31, 2014
MARY KIRLEW LANGLEY:  I am so very sorry for your loss. Dear Family and friends we went to school in Jamaica for one year then he left for Union College. I have been trying to locate him the past year on FaceBook unsuccessfully . May his family be comforted.
Added December 22, 2013
MILDRED ADDERLEY:  Remembering an excellent volleyball Coach; one who taught lessons and showed his care for the students that lasted a lifetime - GHS 82-85; and someone who always had a smile when you saw him. NASSAU
LAZANO S. ROLLE: It may be weeks later but it has taken this long for me to find words suitable for a giant of a man. Years ago Mr. Roach came to COB looking for musicians and from then it has been a joy to play for him. We weren't Adventists, but he never made us feel uncomfortable in anyway... We felt that we were apart of him and his wonderful family. He wasn't an ordinary choir director either; it was a joy to play for him and watch him pour out everything into the music. PASSIONATE! He was a giving man always opening his home to us on Sabbath and always giving of whatever knowledge and resources he had!.... He was a father figure, a role model, an advisor and never forgot to always show us that he was a man of God. There wasn't much we wouldn't do for Mr. Roach because there wasn't much he wouldn't do for us. Who would have thought this giant of a man would have gone so soon, but God has other plans for him. His legacy will live on through us forever and we will always remember everything he has imparted to us young musicians. The last song I remember playing for Mr. Roach and the Adventist Men sums up everything I have to say to the family "We will understand it better by and by"! Mr. Roach, you will never be forgotten!  We love you!  NASSAU
Added December 12, 2013
TYRONE & CORINNA NEELY AND FAMILY. Our condolences to you the family, Carla, children and all, from Tyrone and Corinna Neely, and our family including my brothers Denny and Greg who went to school with Tony, and all of us who grew up in church with him, and his family.  Tony lived a life well worth honoring, a vibrant and positive spirit, working, smiling - I remember my last encounter several months ago at a restaurant where he was out with his family, and he made it a point to introduce Corinna and me to all of his children (of course we knew Carla already), and the other friend/relative in his dinner party - no one was left out!   I of course remember the soccer days, the music, and more importantly, the service to God. The living know that they shall die, that's you and me - let us live today, in praise to God, and service to others, Praise God for Tony's life.  NASSAU
Added December 11, 2013
1) PATRICE & DEWEY TAYLOR: Tony left a legacy for his children to follow. What an awesome example! Dewey and I count it a privilege to have known him. Carla, we love you and we pray your strength and the children's strength daily. May HE give you the peace that pass etch all understanding...  NASSAU
Added December 10, 2013

1) ALTON & VALRIE SMITH & FAMILY, & FRIENDS: It was a special privilege to have known Tony, albeit for a short while . we wish we had gotten together again. Our prayers were not answered the way we wanted, but. we hope to meet on that great of getting-up morning. Psalm 116:15 says precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints. So with " Life's race well run, Life's work well done, Life's victory won, Now cometh rest." May the Lord abundantly sustain and comfort you in this time of loss and may you be consoled by all the sweet and precious memories of him.  JAMAICA

2) STANLEY JAMES: It is sincere condolences a saddened heart and a series of wonderful memories that I grieve the loss of "uncle Tony". Perhaps he never knew the grand impression of the manly gentleman he laid upon me while I was impressionable. Joel and family you will be in my prayers and uncle tony retains a special place in my heart. May God bless you as you grieve. I am sad that I could not be there.  BERMUDA
Added December 9, 2013
1) BASIL BEEN: It is with a heavy heart, and found memories that I convey my sympathy to Carla and the children and also the Roach family. I have been out of the way for so long and now to hear that Tony is gone, I am sadden but after reading the obituary, I have hope and I hope that you all do too. Tony was a person who I called coach and also a friend, he was one of those people who encouraged me in singing, like CB Zonicle. I am glad that I knew him. May God bless you and keep you  ABACO, BAHAMAS
2) LEE ROLLE: Please have my deepest sympathy, Roach Family. Oh the memories shared will long remain as I roll back the curtain of time. Tony, you will be missed but your smiling face and your legacy will stand the test of time.
I just had the pleasure of meeting the children at Mama's funeral. Wonderful children. Siblings, Clara, Ronnie, Lee, Anette and Adelma, my prayers are with all of you. May God continue to be your stronghold. Love always.  NASSAU

Added December 8, 2013
1) WILCOTTE RAHMING: We send our condolence to the Roach family from Wilcotte Rahming and family. NASSAU
Added December 6, 2013

1) NOAH AND TWILA WASHINGTON:  Our prayers are with you and your family as you suffer this loss. But praise God we have the hope that we will see Uncle Tony again. COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, USA

2 DANIEL MAJOR: Remembering him as a physical education instructor at GHS, energetic, enthusiastic, cordial and making an impact on all with whom he had contact. This spirit and attitude carried on throughout his life, permeating all areas of service and ministry to church and community. He has made an invaluable contribution to many; but oh what an invaluable treasure he was to his family, so how deep must be the feeling of his loss. As a man I can only pray and sympathize but ,hallelujah there is a God who can do soooo much more, and that he will no doubt do, especially at this time. My heart-felt condolences to each of you in this most challenging time; peace and blessings!  LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS
3 ANTHONY AND SANDRA BURROWS:  Please be assured of our prayers.  Let us look forward to the new earth when sickness will be a thing of the past.  May God grant you the strength needed to go through this difficult time. NASSAU
4 ANNAKA DORSETT SMITH:  Uncle Tony has always been very special to me and played many roles in my life; a Loving Uncle, a second Father, counselor and so many more. I spent a lot of time in the Roach home as a child and grew up with Alcott, Anthony and Alexia more as siblings rather than cousins. I cherish each and every memory made at that house as my time spent there has played such a significant role in my life. I'm so thankful that God allowed me to have Uncle Tony in my life for 29 years, and I'm confident a lot of who I am today is because of the lessons that he taught me. He was kind, funny, loving, and so undeniably loyal to those he loved and cherished, especially Aunt Carla, Alcott, Alexia and Anthony. I'm blessed to have known this man of God who kept praising throughout his illness, and I praise God because I have the hope that I will see my favorite Uncle again. Sleep well Uncle Tony, until we meet again! NASSAU

Added December 5, 2013

1) BYRON DEVAUGHN JONES: Brother Tony Roach has been an inspiration to me as I joined the church. He was one who loved his church and loved to sing. I will deeply miss seeing him in church and shaking my hand and saying " What's up guy". He and my mother were very close with each other. On behalf of my parents and myself we want to send our condolences to Sister Carla, the children, grandchildren, and other members of the family. May God's strengthen you as you go through this time of bereavement. NASSAU

2) JUDITH BARKER: Tony and I taught together at Government High School in the 1980's. He was my good friend. I will miss him. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA

3) CORALEE MUNROE: My Condolences to Carla and the rest of the families. Tony you're now at peace no more pain...during the year we work together at Royal Bahamian Hotel you were a real and a true worrier, not to say a real gentlemen. Rest by brother until we meet again in heaven. NASSAU
Added December 3, 2013
1) DOROTHY MURRAY:  I was so shock by the death of our dear brother in Christ. Bro Roach. Wonderful person. I was so looking forward for the next Adventist Men's concert whether at Government House or where ever. wow!!!! We will miss him.  NASSAU
2) JULIE LAZO:  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Roach during a visit to meet my new roommate Alexia :) in Nassau three years ago. The kindness and love that I received from the entire family during my stay was amazing and uplifting. Mr. Roach was always so full of joy and life. He really reflected God's character. So I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Carla, Alexia, Anthony, and Alcott - you guys have lost a wonderful person, but keep the faith that you will be reunited one day in heaven, and keep on reflecting his joyful, kind heart. GEORGIA, USA
Added December 2, 2013                                                                                                            
1)  PER-AKE & ANN ROSENDAHL & FAMILY: Carla, Alcott, Alexia, Anthony, words cannot express our sadness at the passing of your beloved Husband and Father. As we reflect on Tony’s life, we have fond memories of his great legacy, which he has left behind. He was a wonderful Husband, Father and Mentor, not only to his family but many persons in our community. We remember his great sense of humor; for always when you saw Tony, you just had to laugh out loud, because you just knew that he was going to say something that would just send you into chuckle land! We will truly miss his wonderful smile and spirit. Tony touched so many lives, and truly lived out the life that God intended for us all. You will always be surrounded by his spirit and angels; and will be comforted to know that he is with the great Physician, preparing a place where all of us will see each other again. We will miss him too!   We offer our sincere condolences to you and your family, and pray that God will continue to give you comfort and strength.  Finally, Carla, Alcott, Alexia and Anthony, you know you always have a place here in our home, if ever you need someone to talk to, or just hang-out. We love you all!
2 VIRGINIA C. F. BALLANCE:  I heard this sad news on Wednesday evening. I am so sorry. I have known you the entire time I have lived in the Bahamas (coming up for 20 years) but I only met Tony a few years ago when I was invited to play for the Adventist Men’s annual Christmas concert. Nevertheless he was the kind of person who you made you feel as though you had known him all your life. He had a big and generous, loving heart, always a smile and being around him was uplifting. He made the world a better place simply by the way he lived and treated people. I am truly sorry for you and your family and for his wife and children.  NASSAU
3)  LEBERT MCBEAN:  I am really saddened by the news of Tony's passing. It was just this week that my wife and I were talking about the Adventist Men's Chorale because of course it is now December and as a former member it came back to me that at this time we would be doing final preparations for the annual Christmas concert. Tony was a great person. Enthusiastic, energetic, committed are some of the best words to describe such a human being. I remember preaching at Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist church one Sabbath and I sang after the sermon. Tony said to me at the door "I need that tenor" He invited me to the Sunday mornings rehearsals at Centerville Church. I started attending practice and eventually became a member of the chorale. We had great times together. I remember visiting him at his home in the earlier years of his illness. We chatted and laughed and when it was time for me to go he gave me mangoes and coconut, his own produce. His jovial spirit and great leadership skills will always linger in my thoughts. My condolences goes out to his wife Carla and the rest of the family. Please stay strong and remember God makes no mistake, when you can't see His hands just trust His heart. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK
Added December 1, 2013                                                                                                            
1)  PASTOR LEONARDO AND PAULYN RAHAMING: In moments like these it is indeed difficult to understand the mind of God. However I am reminded that when we are unable to trace His hand it is then that we have to trust His heart, for "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord yes says the Spirit that they rest from their labors and their works follow them". On behalf of my wife Paulyn our daughter Davincia, the officers and members of the Maranatha & Philadelphia Churches I convey our deepest and sincerest condolences to Carla, Alcott, Alexis, Anthony Jr., Annette, Adelma along with the other family members. It is our prayer that God would comfort you the family in your time of need. Bro. Tony Roach was a committed servant of God who loved his church and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that it advance. I pray now more that ever before you would find comfort from the God of all comfort. Be assured of our prayers and support.  NASSAU
2 TERRI ANTONIO:  Carla and family, I am very saddened to learn of the recent passing of Tony. Death is something that we can neither get accustomed to nor care to talk about, but is as much a fact of life as is life itself. I pray sincerely that God would cradle you in His arms of love and comfort you during the difficult days ahead. I will always remember Tony, who I considered to be my friend, for his many talents, his willingness to serve God and his warm smile. May God bless you all.  NASSAU
3 LEXIS NEELY:  My sincerest condolences, sympathy to Carla and her family...God`s grace and mercy  NASSAU

4 COUSIN JUNE DORSETT WILSON & THE ENTIRE NORA DORSETT FAMILY: I have known Tony all of my life, we shared the same great grandparents. My grandmother was like his grandmother since she raised his dad Leon Roach her oldest nephew. To Carla and the kids, I know how much you cared and loved Tony, but God saw that he had suffered enough and chose to take him home. May the God of all comfort, hold you in his bosom and carry you through this dark valley. Remember the poem Footprints, the single footprints are because He is now carrying you! We love you and may God keep you! To Clara, Veronica, Leoni, Anette and Adelma, it only you girls left now, stay close to God and each other. You now have another angel in heaven watching over you.   NASSAU

5 PASTOR PAUL AND JOAN SCAVELLA: Tony, I new from very young as a fellow student at Bahamas Academy. Full of life and ever so energetic. Singing in quartette he Barry, Elliston, Perry, and himself. A sharp shooter on the soccer field. Volley ball coach in and out of the church.  Most of all one who loved God His family and the church.  I could remember his transition to Philadelphia Adventist Church along with his family. His involvement in the leadership there, becoming an elder, working as hard for the church as he did for his children to get them through school.

He did well selling insurance as he would sell ice to the folk in Alaska. But all to make his family achieve their goal. At his church he had a passion for help the young men in the neighborhood.  When as Adventist Men Choir leader I approached him about having an Adventist men group, he was more than overjoyed to lead out and commanded the respect of the men in our conference. Upon becoming President of the Conference he wanted the music of the conference to move to another level where by when we had conventions or camp meetings the singing would be accompanied by an orchestra. And he made that happen on two occasions. His health caused a lapse over the pass two years.

One who would always give to special projects or needs. He love the Lord and I am persuaded that he made it well with His soul before passing. Joan and I continue to keep Carla and the family in our prayers.  NASSAU
6 JIMMY JOHNSON: We will all miss Tony, the energy, the organization and the unity he brought to anything that was being done that he was involved in, his sincere kindness, and genuine concern for others.  NASSAU
7 TAMIEKA MAMBY:  I will always remember Tony Roach as a motivational advisor as he supports the youth of his church. I am deeply saddened by his passing, but I want Sis. Carla to know that her husband has left a legacy for her to live on. As she reflects also on the life she has lived with him as wife and mother, always remember the big heart your husband had and the love he shared. Be comforted sis, real joy is only a moment too soon away. Jesus is coming back and we will all be united with the ones we so dearly cherish. NASSAU
8 CARLTON & AUDREY WRIGHT & FAMILY, ANTONIA & FAMILY, MUSIC COMMITTEE OF THE SOUTH BAHAMAS ADVENTIST CONFERENCE, THE NASSAU RENAISSANCE SINGERS, AND THE ADVENTIST MEISTERSINGERS:  Dear Carla, the children and the entire Roach family, Our family is saddened by the loss of Tony, one who has served with distinction in the music ministry of our church and also in the wider community. Our daughter, Antonia, is especially sad as she remembers her high school coach with much fondness. To this day she is a strong walker and difficult to keep up with, as a result of Tony's training.  Tony was a member of the Music Committee of the South Bahamas Conference. We are thankful for his input and the part he played in its inception. We mourn with you: and offer our assistance in any way possible.

As director of the Nassau Renaissance Singers, I convey the sympathy of all the members of the choir. Toni was a faithful member of the Renaissance Singers for many years. His tenor was missed when he was unable to sing with the group. Our thoughts and love are with you.

The Adventist Meistersingers also send condolences to the family. We are all looking forward to singing with Tony in that Heavenly Choir. Be comforted. WE HAVE THAT HOPE!!!!  NASSAU

Added November 30, 2013                                                                                                         

1) TODD, SHERRY, BRITNEY-SIMONE, SHELBY-NICOLE BENEBY:  We are sadden to learn of our former coach Roach's passing. Coach Roach was able been to touch the lives of so many young persons who became productive citizens of our country. Many of us (Centreville's Stoppers) could not appreciate back then why he wanted us to get up so early in the morning to run at Goodman's Bay beach or the Paradise Island Bridge, but we soon realized he wanted to make champions out of all of us. To Carla and the children, our prayer is that God will raise you up on eagles wings and continue to hold you in the hallow of his hand. NASSAU

2) SEANRAY JENNINGS:  I think in my life he has be there in most of it. Starting at G. H. S. as a P.E. teacher and as My insurance agent, then as a volleyball coach and President of the volley ball federation and I was at Meespierson along with Carla his wife. Then when I started my own business he will give me advice as he try to sell me some idea or something (lol). I remember when he was active in the Adventist Men Choir and the leader and he wanted to raise funds for some project, he will come and seek me out and make me feel guilty and then ask me to M C the program, Of cause I then say I will. So to Carla and the children I give you my condolences and assurance that I will be praying for you all.  NASSAU
3) BETSY HENFIELD-DUVALIER:  The Sandilands Family joins you and your family in mourning the loss of your Father. Tony was instrumental in organizing and rehearsing the Male Quartet of the Geriatric Hospital earlier this year. During the actual Patient Choir concert he sang with the men. It is not often that even Christian men would go out of their way to fellowship with the less fortunate at that level. The Sandilands community will surely miss this champion.  NASSAU
4) CAMILLE BULLARD:  I offer my sincerest condolence to his nuclear and extended families.  Death will always be a struggle for many of us.  NASSAU
5) PASTORS LESLIE AND MRS. WEALTHIA McMILLAN: On behalf of my wife and I, this message express our sadness on hearing of the passing of Bro. Tony Roach. Having grown up at the Grants Town Church at the same time as Tony and the Roach family, we in some way feel the loss. However, we are comforted and encouraged by the truth that in Jesus there is life eternal. Death is but asleep from which Tony will be awaken. Confide in this faith reality and find comfort, strength and above all, salvation in Jesus so that we all will be there on that great getting up morning. MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA
Added November 29, 2013                                                                                                         
1) DR. RUBY AND STANLY MAJOR AND FAMILY:  Condolences to the Roach family, whom I know very well. Carla, daughter of my former student, Rosebud, your grief may seem unbearable, but remember that God is still in control. He will never leave you. Let the fond memories cheer your heart. Remember that many prayers are bring sent for you to the great God of the universe. So be comforted. Tony's memory lives on in our hearts. God's soldier is resting and await the trumpet call of Jesus. Let's determine to unite with Tony on that wonderful day. Be blessed. NASSAU
2) PASTOR LEROY SEWELL & FAMILY: I am saddened to know of the death of Bro. Tony Roach. We worked closely together when I was asked to lead the Men's Ministry Department of the Conference. I will always remember how he conducted the men's choral over the years. He was a committed worker in spreading the Gospel of Jesus through singing in the Bahamas and by extension to the world over the internet. "Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning"  NEW YORK, USA
3) VESTRA FORBES:  May God our Father grant U the peace that passéth all understanding as U go through this difficult time in your life! He is able to keep U and sustain U!   NASSAU
Added November 28, 2013                                                                                                            
1)  PASTOR TERRY A. TANIS: He was such a warm and jovial person. I can still picture him on the softball diamond and directing the choir, coaching and cheering on the basketball court. He was a friend even to the strangers. I will certainly miss him. As an intern it was my privilege to preach as his children sang me happy. On behalf of my dear wife Samantha, our firstborn Samiyah, the officers and members of the Exuma district of Seventh-day Adventists I would like to convey our sincerest condolences to his family. I thank God for his presence with them in their moments of sadness. EXUMA
2 RANDOLPH STRACHAN: My dearest Sis. Carla & family,  My family and I extend our heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the passing of Bro. Tony.   Bro. Roach, besides being my High School educator and coach was a wonderful, spirited human being, my personal mentor, counselor and friend. I know we can never replace him but I thank God for loaning him to us for this period of time.  There is no sorrow that God cannot soothe or situation that He cannot bring us through. Keep your faith and Hope in Him and may His peaceful, loving and caring hands be with you and your family now and always. With sincerest condolences, Rudy.  NASSAU
3 DOREEN WASHINGTON: Sincere condolences to the Roach family.  The God whom you serve is able and willing to comfort and lift you up during your tender moments. Not too long from now, He will come and will not tarry. Take comfort, therefore!   With Touched by a Galilean book, p.8 "Heaven's Grandeur"  USA
4 TERRY & RAYMOND, THEA AND REUEL:  We extend our condolences to Carla and the children, sisters and other members of the Roach family on Tony's passing. He will truly be missed by the Adventist family as well as the wider musical and sporting community. His energy and tenacity was something to admire, whether it was volleyball, church softball league, coaching, business or Adventist Men's Chorale. Others may step in to fill roles, but he can never be replaced. We commend his family to the care of God, and remind them to lean on Him for strength and comfort.  NASSAU
5 KEITH AND LINDA MAJOR: My sincere condolences to all the family. Tony and I attended Bahamas Academy together, played on the same softball and soccer team, sang in choirs and quartets together at West Indies college, now Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica.  We also played on national soccer teams. I'm deeply saddened by his passing and I'm pondering those memories with him.  He also joined me in the insurance industry for a time. His work with the choirs and churches is thee for all to see.  I will miss tony and I pray God's grace on the family and friends during this time.  Regards.  NASSAU
6 ROY STEWARTSON, JUNE FLOWERS, PAT HENRY AND FAMILY: To a wonderful, cheerful son of God. A dedicated servant. One who would take time out each time we met to quickly greet and encourage and to enquire of old old classmates. God has seen fit to call you to rest. We'll see you on that great getting up morning. We love you! NASSAU & JAMAICA
7 BARRINGTON & ANNICK BRENNEN: Anthony Livingtone Roach, affectionately called "Tony" was a wonderful friend. We spent almost ten years singing in one of the nation's most popular quartets between 1963 and 1964 -- The King's Voices.  We had great concerts with packed attendance at Garfunkel Auditorium, Madeira Street; Government High School main auditorium (Currently College of The Bahamas Performing Arts Theater).  We sang all  over Nassau in Adventist and non-Adventist churches.  We also sang at two four-week evangelistic series with Pastor Neville Scavella on Kemp Road and Pastor Hugh Roach in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.  We spent lots of fun times together, especially on the first of April of each year at Tony's great backyard eating fresh tomatoes directly from the vine and mangoes, etc.  They were wonderful days. Tony was kind and tenderhearted, hard working, friendly, free spirited, practical, and just a down-to-earth person.    Annick and I and our children extend our deepest condolences to Carla, his dear wife; the children, siblings, and other relatives and friends.  We will miss Tony. NASSAU
8 YVON AND ALICE CHERENFANT: To Carla and the children and the entire Roach family, Alice and I know that your loss is deep and your sorrow is great; but we want you to know that we share in your sorrow. Our hearts and our prayers are with you. May you be encouraged and consoled in the words of Jesus who said: I will never leave you nor forsake you. NASSAU




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