Vernessa S. V. Rahming

Updated April 15, 2020

Any size donation will be greatly appreciated.

Donate at the Bank
Vernessa Rahming
First Caribbean Bank at any branch in The Bahamas
Account Number 201717162
Kindly indicate "Surgery"

Or Donate Online by clicking here
By using any debit or credit card.  No Paypal account needed.

Amount Needed:

PROGRESS SO FAR  As of April, 2020

  • Amount raised so far--$12,000
  • Direct donation to a fee--$2,800


  • Hospital: $39,800
  • Surgery: $30,000

Forty-five year old Vernessa was a pre-school teacher for about 10 years, and is now a certified Montessori Bahamian educator at Tiny Sprouts Montessori. She is the mother of three young adults and the grandmother of a lovely granddaughter. For about two years, she has been suffering excruciating upper back pain. 

October 2019, a medical specialist in Florida diagnosed her with a disabling condition which can paralyze or suffocate her if she does not have surgery. The specialist here in Nassau wants her to have the surgery immediately. 

As one can imagine, the surgery will cost much more than she can afford, if you are able, will you please consider donating to her medical fund right away so she can have this life-saving surgery. 

Funds can be deposited to CIBC First Caribbean account 201717162 (at any branch in The Bahamas)  in Vernessa’s name or can be made online through Paypal using any debit or credit card (No Paypal account needed).    

Vernessa and her family thank you for your generosity.

Kindly send an email to  to indicate that you have deposited funds at CIBC or Online

Barrington H. Brennen
Organizer, Uncle