Barrington H. Brennen is an ordained minister of the gospel, board certified clinical psychotherapist, nationally certified psychologist, USA, marriage and family therapist, musician and writer.   He loves talking with young people and sharing about Jesus and the practical things of life.   He graduated from Bahamas Academy in June of 1973.  He is a husband (33 years), father, and grandfather.  He earned graduate degrees in counseling psychology and religion from Andrews University, Michigan.

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Third Session

   Roadblocks To the New Hot You 


Today's Text: Proverbs 4:23

"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."


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High Points:

  • All behaviors are learned, including loving and hating.   Unfortunately bad behaviors are learned easily and are seemingly more attractive to the human mind.

  • High school students learn from a very early age habits that can destroy their future lives.

  • These bad habits can be roadblocks to the "new hot you" in Christ.

  • These roadblocks can include the following and more:  Inability to think and act independently, inability to think critically, lack of self-management, lack of self-esteem,  being easily motivated by powers outside of yourself. 

  • These roadblocks must be removed to build the "new hot you."

  • If these roadblocks remain, you will accept bad behavior as normal until you become either tired, ashamed, or embarrassed.

  • Living for Jesus is the answer.

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