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ABOVE PHOTO:  Peter Catalana with his nephew, Barrington Brennen (86 and 66). 
This selfie photo was taken in Lowes Pharmacy, Palmdale, on Monday, November 1, 2021, when they saw each other.

ABOVE PHOTO:  The Brennen family January 1973.   Left to Right:  Barrington (18), Ann (14), Alfred Father (44),  Mary Mother (45)   Judith (16), Claudia (20)
Barrington went to West Indies College/Northern Caribbean University that same year on August 1st

ABOVE PHOTO:  Annual Christmas Dinner about 1968 to 1970 at Grammy Major/Uncle James' Home, Bar 20 Corner.
The children ate at a separate table until they were old enough to eat with the adults

December 25, 1986.  This was when we all started eating outside together at Bar 20 Corner


ABOVE PHOTO: Christmas day 1976.   Two cousins, Claudia and Derek standing with Grammy Major.  Grammy was 76 at the time.  She was born in 1900


ABOVE PHOTO:  Ann, Claudia and Mommy (Mary Brennen)

Above Photo:  Ann, Alfred (Daddy), Judith, and Willacy Adderley (Perhaps in 1971 to 1973)


Above Photo:   Keith Anson Albury, 1999


Above Photo

Above Photo:  Gina

Above Photo:  Between 1977 and 1979

Above Photos:  The Catalano children heading to school at Bahamas Academy


Photo above taken November 25, 2021:  Judith and two of her sons--Donavon and Adam (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Marguerite,  December 8, 2021