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Barrington Brennen Son: My mother taught me lots of things.  She taught me also how to be a good person.  She was the best mother in the world.   My creativity, cooking skills, sewing skills, are all the a result of her patient, skillful teaching.  She was a loving, caring, wonderful mother.  My dearest mother was a loyal, loving, faithful wife to my father.  My parents have been married for 63 years.  What exited me the most as a little boy was when I first saw my parents kiss on the lips.    It was wonderful.  They knew just how much love to demonstrate openly.  In July 2002, when they celebrated fifty-one years of marriage, I wrote the following:   [ Click her to read entire article ]    [ My Dearest Mother and Me ]

"Here are a few of the Brennens’ secrets for a happy, long-lasting marriage.

  • They discovered the power in a slice of Johnny Cake.  Typically all the Brennen family members will get a call, and on the other end of the line would be their mother with the words "Come and get a piece of Johnny Cake." And they would run home like little children for our piece of Johnny Cake. They all love Johnny Cake (especially when Mother Mary makes it with some whole wheat flour). It’s a family tradition in their home that works magic. Well it is not really the Johnny Cake itself, but the tradition of the Brennen’s Johnny Cake that reminds me of perhaps the most important ingredients for a good marriage: That is establishing long-lasting family rituals. Eating together as a family is very important. The family that never eats together is a weak family.
  • They discovered the magic in a birthday card. They still give birthday cards to each other, and to all of the family members. This speaks to the importance of keeping the fires of love burning in marriage. It is continuing to do what you did to get each other in the first place. That is what they did to get each other 51 years ago, they are still doing it to keep each other now. It is so easy to forget to say "I love you," to share those love notes, birthday and Valentines Cards. They are still doing these things. I could remember the first time I saw them kiss. When children know their parents are happy and they can see it, children are happy and secured.
  • They discovered the power of laughter. The Brennens have a healthy sense of humor. Laughter is one of the spicy secret ingredients for a happy relationship. Too many husbands and wives take their lives too seriously. They have lost the ability to laugh together. If you can’t laugh with your spouse, your marriage will dry up. There have been many scientific studies that show laughter does help to improve the immune system, because when we laugh, our brain releases all kinds of wonderfully happy hormones into our bodies. Also, learning how to incorporate laughter in marriage will add to the health of the relationship. You must have a sense of humor to keep the fires of love burning in your marriage. Laughter will strengthen the marital immune system–called romance.
Judith Edwards, Daughter: My mother Mary Elizabeth Catalyn Brennen. I always called her the twin of Queen Elizabeth. My mother was a "Queen." She carried herself like one. She has taught me all I know in life. How to handle challenges that come into my life. She always had a positive attitude. She always loved unconditionally. She will be greatly missed by me but I know that she is in no more pain and I will see her one day. My mother was a woman that always spoke her mind and was very frank. I can remember when I was graduated from High School she sat me down and said I had a choice, you can stay in Nassau and get married (even though I had no boyfriend) or you can go to college. I chose college. She also said to me, "I will never tell you who to work for, but if you do decide to work for the church know what you believe and why you believe what you believe." Those words have never left me because I found them to be so true. I can remember every summer she would come and spend six weeks with me wherever I lived in the United States.

She made my children's first phonic cards for learning to read out of a shoe box (the cards of which I still have to this day). She taught all my son's how to read. As long as she was in my house for the summer they had Reading, Math and English.  I carried that right though the raising of all my sons. If you could not handle my mother's frankness that was your problem as she was going to tell you what she thought. I can remember growing up and all missionaries knew they could come to my mother's house and they would have a hot meal. Everyone and anyone was welcomed at our table for dinner. She gave all she had and scarified so much for her children and for so many. She gave her life to teaching. I can remember her telling me once after she retired that she would have stayed in the classroom a little longer if she knew that the teacher's would have the support of the parents. She was bothered that parents no longer supported the teachers. She has taught many leaders of the Bahamas and never changed. A very humble, firm, loving, compassionate, passionate woman. As I continue to walk this path of my life I will always know my mother is with me in my memories. I will continue to be the love and peace she lived.

James Catalyn Brother:

A Tribute to My Sister Mary Elizabeth Catalyn Brennen

With Love, "Titty"

Written on the occasion of my sister being honored for fifty-three years service as a teacher in the education profession.  © June 5, 1997


Mary had a little lamb
Who kept her on her toe
Cause everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go.


‘Twas four a us, us Catalyns fair
All born on Shirley Street
Between der Minus' and Symonettes dern
An' Ebenezer Church across the street.


E was Mary who was der oldest one
Der nex' one come was label
Joe, ter yall who know us well
Ter most he was Joseph, Joe or Abel.


Den Peter came long nex' in line
The third one on the list
An' jes' when dey was settlin' down
Mudder say is one she miss.


Miracle of miracles at forty years
My Ma delivered me
Der las' one of der Catalyn line
Der best lookin' fer all ter sec.


Na Titty get “Titty” cause Joe call her dat
An' Peter call Joseph, “Vada”
Den I come along wasn' checkin' fer dem
Call dem all Titty, Peter an' Vada.


From der time I born, was Titty I know
I usta follow her up an' down
Yer woulda tink she was my Ma I carryon so
I usta hang on ter der tail a her gown.


She did gone ter Eastern Senior School
She learn cookin' an' sewin' an’ tings
Na I'een know if sha had boyfrien' den
Cause I'een see her wit' nobody school rings.


Her, Inez Crawford Antonio an' Marie Armbrister Coakley
Usta sit up do homework at night
Na when it was time fer dem ter go home
Dey escort each udder up an' down der road in fright.


Titty learn how ter cook from Mrs. C. H. Reeves
How ter melt cheese spread between bread
Or how ter take sausage make slam bam
Der only menus Mrs.Reeves had in her head.


She usta teach Sunday school with Lillian Gibson
At Ebenezer in Epworth Hall
We sat in the corner across the room
Far, far from the rest a dem all.


She start ter teach at Sands School in forty-four
She carry me dere in September
When all der children call her Miss Cathleen
Titty was der only name I remember.


Dat cause confusion wit' me all through life
Because a one story we read
Bout Titty mouse and Tatty mouse an' all der udder mouse
Lammie Archer call me "Titty Mouse" til he dead.


She loved the children from way back when
She always held them near
She taught them morals, how to read and write
And how to love and care.


Dere was Kendal Nottage, Arlington Butler, and Swindel Moxey she taught
An' Preston Moss became Monsignor
An' L.M. an’ Sonia Bowe, Delores an' Donald Cooper dem who
Usta bring 'nough soda biscuit fer four.


Titty was a young an' a delicate girl

She was learnin' tings young girls learn
Like knittin' and smockin' and sewin' an' such
While for her han' many a young man yearn.


She was datin' one fella, Charles Donaldson was his name
One a der neighbours get very upset
"Tell Mary keep her gown tail pull right down tight"
Mudder tell her she'een gatty fret.


Nex' ting I know come dis long lanky man
Wit' he hair slick right down ter he mole
I'een know what he do, but nex’ ting I know
He had Titty, heart, body an' soul.


He had one bicycle an' on dat dey ride
Ter dances all over der place
"On a slow boat to China", ter der Silver Slipper dey went
Den walk home late at a very slow pace.


He hang roun', he come roun', he coot an' he court
He was dere twenty-four hours a day
He even ain' ask my permission an' before I could say
He married an' take my Titty away.

Mamie Hanchell Astwood dem decorate Ebenezer church
Wit' crepe paper an' fern over der door
An' at der reception cross where we did live
We had ice cream an' cake galore.

Pon top a Fort Fincastle hill dey did live
Jus' cross der gully from der crazy hill
In one Mr. Carson blue house on der edge a one cliff
When I pass dere, I does shudder still.

Dey had four chirren, das all dey could do
Claudia, Barrington, Judith an' Ann
T'ree girls, one boy, das enough for two
At leas' Theresa Elizabeth Major had four gran'.

Grumma Leliah she dead right after Claudia born
An' Joe dead when he was tirty-two
An' mudder at eighty-seven went home to rest
Leavin' us t'ree ter do what ter do.

We do alright looking after wesef
Titty call me erry morn in' at seven
Peter an' Theresa visit erry Sunday afternoon
Gi' him peanut an' he in dog heaven.

Na Peter did call Titty, "Titty" like I say
'Til he grow up tink he was man
Den Titty became Mary, but he still does slip
Call her Titty every time he can.

Na ter me, she bin Titty all her life
An' Titty she will ever be
She's der only one I get, an' I want her ter know
My love for her will always be.

Titty, we're proud of you, you've accomplished much
It's time to retire and rest
You've set many students on their path in life
You truly rank among the best.


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Vernessa Rahming Granddaughter:  My Grandmother had her children scattered all over doing college and becoming man and women when I turned three my grandmother told my parents back her bag and you will see her in two months every summer we went where ever her children was we did that then my sisters joined and so on. We did that every summer until i was 16 i believe. We helped in the kitchen every Friday we prepare for Sabbath dinner cut herbs back Johnny cake and she had a pot and cloth just for her guava duff Grammy was a women of many talents and she shared with me. My Grammy even taught me in grade one. She was wonderful with my kids she always went the extra mile. She was famous for calling every morning to tell you have a wonderful day. It was her that made me want to be a teacher follow in her first steps know i teach like her , I create like her , the people from Bahamas paper company remember me with my Grammy know i go there for my paper to do bulletin boards for class. Grammy has do more from me than you can imagine she will be miss but not forgotten.


Marguerite Brennen Samuel Granddaughter:  Mary Elizabeth Brennen was the only grandmother I had the opportunity of forming a meaningful relationship with. There are very few human beings on this earth that possess the kind of qualities that she exhibited. Not that she was perfect, but that the splendor of her character out-shined her imperfections. I love and will always love Grammy, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has inserted priceless deposits of all kinds into my life. I owe much of who I am to this marvelous woman. There are many words that describe who Grammy was and what she did for her family, friends, students, parents and even strangers. I believe she has touched the lives of just about every family in the Bahamas in some way, directly or indirectly, and her legacy is one that inspires me to strive for nothing but excellence in all aspects of my life. She was the matriarch of the Brennen clan, and I am having a hard time imagining our lives without her, but what encourages me is that she made sure to pass her qualities on to us. Collectively we possess many of them, and I am sure we intend to use them and grow them.

Some precious memories that flood my mind begin with Grammy making the worlds best corn-fritters for her feening grandchildren. Many a Saturday night was spent in her family room talking, laughing, playing games and just hanging out while chewing on those sumptuous balls of delight dipped in love. And the times we didn't have fritters, she filled a brown grocery bag with stove-popped delicious popcorn over and over again. Cooking in the kitchen with her was one of my favorite passed times, because it meant we got to learn her "secrets".

Grammy introduced me to knitting when I was almost 12. My family had just moved from Jamaica and was in transit to Michigan, but we were home for the summer. She had such patience with me, even when I showed her my wholly scarf.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Grammy would ask when she recognized that there was something on my mind. She was so good at that. Many times I would try to hide that something was wrong, but she always called me out, and if she didn't, I knew that she was just holding her tongue. I loved that she was so interested in what was going on in my life and that she cared. In her last months, those words echoed to Aunt Ann as she lay next to her on the bed. That was a special moment even though I wasn't there to witness it.

Anything I needed, Grammy never hesitated to help me out of her own means. If she didn't have it, she always offered money to buy it. I often declined but appreciated the kindness that stemmed from her unconditional love.

Talkin' 'bout hospitality, Grammy was the queen of it. Grammy labored over the stove every single Friday preparing the best Sabbath meal for the entire family, her children, their children, and their children's children. She made every dish for many years, and she loved doing it. To me, that was a display of her devotion and love for her family. I'm sure there were days she didn't want to or have the strength to, and even sitting on a stool and holding a walker, she still did it. When we finally arrived for lunch, her primary aim was to make sure everyone was fed and comfortable. She wouldn't eat until everyone was served.

It pained me to leave for Jamaica in 1990 with my family, because it meant that those afternoons with Grammy at school and at her house were over. No longer would I head to her office at 3:00pm. No longer would all the cousins jam into her car to go home. No longer would I be at the feet of this giant of a tender woman. Oh, I miss those days, and they stand out in my mind. She taught me many thing... don't ask me what they are, but I know they were many.

Everything Grammy did was with excellence, and it shone through in her life as a grandmother and educator. Those were were synonymous when it came to her grand and great grand children. There was always something you could learn. You had to look right when you left your house. Your hair had to be combed. And don't you dare come into the house "wid no peasy head." Uh uh! When I did the big chop and came home with comb twist she gave me one look and I knew she was was not pleased. We would have to agree to disagree, but those moments (and they were too frequent for her) made me smile, because her expression was so priceless. Days before she passed, Alden leaned over her to greet her in the bed with her long flowing locks hanging over her, and out came a loud "Oh Lawd!" We all knew what that meant, but we knew Grammy loved us still.

There are countless more memories, but I think who Grammy was and what she did can be captured by the woman in Proverbs 31 (the Message).

A good woman is hard to find,
and worth far more than diamonds.
Her husband trusts her without reserve,
and never has reason to regret it.


Never spiteful, she treats him generously
all her life long.

She shops around for the best yarns and cottons,
and enjoys knitting and sewing.


She’s like a trading ship that sails to faraway places
and brings back exotic surprises.
She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast
for her family and organizing her day.


She looks over a field and buys it,
then, with money she’s put aside, plants a garden.
First thing in the morning, she dresses for work,
rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.


She senses the worth of her work,
is in no hurry to call it quits for the day.

She’s skilled in the crafts of home and hearth,
diligent in homemaking.


She’s quick to assist anyone in need,
reaches out to help the poor.
She doesn’t worry about her family when it snows;
their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear.


She makes her own clothing,
and dresses in colorful linens and silks.

Her husband is greatly respected
when he deliberates with the city fathers.


She designs gowns and sells them,
brings the sweaters she knits to the dress shops.
Her clothes are well-made and elegant,
and she always faces tomorrow with a smile.


When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,
and she always says it kindly.
She keeps an eye on everyone in her household,
and keeps them all busy and productive.


Her children respect and bless her;
her husband joins in with words of praise:
“Many women have done wonderful things,
but you’ve outclassed them all!”


Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades.
The woman to be admired and praised
is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.
Give her everything she deserves!

Festoon her life with praises!

Grammy indelibly left her mark on me, and I would be satisfied to be even half the woman she was. Her legacy lives on.


Christina Rahming Granddaughter:   I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes.   As I lay there and cried with joy, sorrow and hurt, my thoughts went back to how I became what I am today.   It’s a unique story; a true story about a relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. My mom gave me food for thought about how I got to graduate from Blair wood Academy. My mother and father ran out of options what to do about my learning difficulties and trying to understand why I’m not learning the way I’m suppose to as a normal child would in a normal school. I repeated several times in the lower grade school, and I was going to continue that trend in high school also.

It took me eight years to graduate from grades 1-6 and it was going to take me another few years to graduate from grade seven to twelve.  But with the patience of my grandmother and father they came up with a solution, which was to find a special school for learning disorder known as dyslexia. This is a learning disorder that some kids have to take their time in learning because they understand things differently than a normal child would. Our brains work differently as to say it view words, numbers, sentences, and pictures etc. in a unique way. So my grandmother told my parents she would take care of it, she know of some schools that would help me and she had one principal in mind that as a vice Principal would know because she also helped children from Bahamas Academy whom needed help in that capacity.


My grandmother (Mary Brennen) was not just a vice principal she went far and beyond to help children to learn to understand that you’re not dumb or stupid or slow, She would always tell me “your are not slow or dumb. You just have a special need because your special.” The day I had an appointment to go to the school for evaluation and my grandmother was right I learned differently and uniquely. When I came from the school that day my parents didn’t really like I had to adjust to a different way of learning but when my Grammy spoke with them along with the principal there they started to adjust also and believed I would learn better. She helped me understand and know that the world is full with unique kids of my disabilities also. Yet my dad was more concern about if I would really learn, get better grads, and graduate on time. My Grammy assured him that I was in good hands and he was doing the right thing to help me develop intellectually.
In June of 1999 I graduated with awesome grades and became one of the speakers at my graduation ceremony.


To this day I still go back upon request to speck as a key note speaker at the graduating ceremony. I was also taught by my grandmother that when you are invited to speck somewhere you leave a mark, an impression that they would remember you by. You give them something to learn from as also to help enhance their lives. That’s what I always do along with my father’s assistance of making sure I speak out and speck to understand. My grandmother told me that pronunciation was important. Said if you do not understand a word sound it out. Make the vowel sounds of the word. Later on I also went to Success Training College and graduated with an Associated Degree. Today 2015 I’m a Leading Woman Marine in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. With Mary Brennen’s consistency and determination for me to learn and for me to believe in me, I can still be or still have a great, meaningful, future.


I am a mold that she created by her own wisdom, knowledge, patience and understanding given from God. There are some things that will always stick with me as I work hard and apply myself at whatever I do. She would say “Rome wasn’t built over night. Take pride in your school work or whatever you do. Take your time and do it properly and do it right the first time so you don’t have to go over it again.

Have patience and don’t tell yourself you can’t do something. There is no such words as “I can’t.” Try, try and try again and more ever trust in God. He knows and hears everything. She always taught me that the value of prayer—“the family that Prays together stays together.”
I’m proud to be an off spring of Mary Brennen. She has done it all for us. Now it time for us to pick up the pattern and run with it. We must pass on to our children and then there children all we have learned from Grammy. I love you so much, Grammy. I was always remember with you. It was like I was the favorite grandchild because I felt like I got all the attention, but we knew that she loved all of us differently but equally. I leave you with this, Grammy was our everything, and she will always be our everything.

Gerard Brennen, Grandson:  Grammy is everyone’s mother. She is loved by many and her heart is bigger than the sum of those that love her. One of my favorite quotes from my art professor at Union College described Grammy best, “When dealing with yourself, use your mind, but when dealing with others, use your heart.” Although Grammy is gone, her heart will always be with us. Because of her, we know how to live our lives to the fullest, with love and faith.  Click on my color pencil  portrait of Grammy on the left to enlarge it.  I did this drawing in one day (January 11, 2015).  It is my way of honoring my wonderful grandmother.  Nebraska, USA
Nolda Thomas Caregiver:  On August 25, 2014, I got the privilege to met the Brennen family. It was on August 23, 2015 when I met the family for my interview.   I can recall going home and praying I would get this job waiting anxiously over the weekend to hear my phone ring.  Then on Sunday around midday I finally got a call to say I was chosen for the job out of the several people who have been interviewed. That's when I prove again that God was on my side.

After working with the family for two months my mommy, who was also a diabetic took sick. Her condition turned for the worse and on the 25th of October she died at home in Jamaica.  I never got the chance to go to see her before she passed. I went home for her funeral and I returned to the Brennen family again on December 22nd.  Upon returning I can recall walking straight in the room to say good evening and she was lying there in bed looking at me. Tears was flowing from my eyes.  I could tell by the looks on her face it seemed like she wanted to tell me something.

Working for the Brennen family has been a joy for me in spite of having to care for someone who was sick. I felt loved and appreciated. During my time caring for sister Brennen I could see her principles and character as when speaking to her, her answers were always "yes mam", "no mam" , "pardon me", "thank you mam."   Up to the last few days before her passing she was still answering with respect and manners. There is so much I could say about this family for the short time working with them. It's been very hard for me since she passed. It is just like loosing two mothers in less than three months.

Sister Brennen sleep in Jesus. Your legacy will live on. You inspired a lot of people.   All I hear so far are good things about you from so many people.   Now you await the resurrection.  Sleep in Jesus.
Louis Hanchell "Uncle Louis":  I was truly blessed to have known Mary Elizabeth Catalyn Brennen as a valued friend of our family for most of my life and a big "sister" to me. A giant of a lady who touched many lives through her Christian witness and service to education, She will be missed all who shared her love. Deepest sympathy!
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Cherita A. Symmonett:  On behalf of my mother Cutel Symmonett (nee Kelly), my brother Karlen Symmonett, my uncle, Lionel Symmonett and his wife, Naomi Symmonett, all descendants of Mervin and Almira Kelly, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to “Papa” Alfred Brennen, Claudia, Ann and Judith and their respective families as well as to Pastor Barrington Brennen and his entire family, on the passing of “Mary Elizabeth Brennen (nee Catalyn).

"Grammy Mary Brennen", was my former Vice Principal, Spiritual and academic mentor, advisor, confidant, and friend. I grew up going to her and Papa Alfred's home many Sabbaths and even some days during the week, with their granddaughters Vernessa and Keturah. I visited Grammy Mary and Papa Alfred three weeks before Grammy Mary died. Even though she did not speak as much as she usually would, I assured her that she was well loved by all and that she paved the way for us all to be successful, productive, well-rounded citizens of God's kingdom and this Bahama land. I also reminded her that God loved her unconditionally and that she was priceless to Him. “Grammy Mary” knew that she was loved and treasure the gifts of life, health and a peaceful mind.

Tears fill my eyes now and even yesterday, when I sang in the Cathedral combined choir at her funeral but I am comforted in knowing that she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which gave her peace throughout her life on this earth. I miss her deeply but I thank God for permitting us all to be enriched by her life on this planet; she was truly a "Queen Mary".

When I lost my late father, Christopher Sherman Gordon Symmonett, in June of 2014, I realized how painful death could be in terms of the separation that is causes; however, I too was comforted by the fact that my father also had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Grammy Mary encouraged me to continue to be faithful to God and always re-assured me of her love, support and prayers after my father's passing. She prayed with me and reminded me that God is always in control even when we lose loved ones to death. I will never, ever forget her words during such time of grief.

So to all family members, loved ones, church members, colleagues and friends of "Queen Mary", please ensure that you develop a lasting and firm relationship with Jesus Christ so that one day soon, you will all see her and live with her eternally in the earth made new.

M: Mild and Meek; A: Affectionate; R: Royal and respectful; Y: Youthful-this acronym reminds me of some of the many qualities "Queen Mary" exemplified; her memories will forever linger in my heart and contributions will live on in us all and successive descendants.

Praise God for her life and legacy!

Dr. Elliston Rahming Bahamas Ambassador to the United Nations and Organization of American States

Ode’ To Sister Mary Brennen

In a sense, Sister Mary Brennen was like my second mother. I met her when I was six years old – 54 years ago. She was my second teacher.

As a youngster from a very poor family, I vividly recall her giving me Barry’s extra uniform shirts and pants – and sometimes, socks to prevent me from being sent home due to improper uniform.

My fondest memory though, is seeing Sister Brennen around 1970, holding multiple cookouts so that I could join the Grants Town Church Choir on its way to New York to put on a concert. I was sixteen years old and had never been on a plane before. Sister Brennen made that possible for me and several others. As a direct result of that trip, I connected with an uncle I had never met before who lived in New York and was later able to move to New York where I completed college prep studies.

I need not mention the role she played in promoting the King’s Voices Quartet, of which Barry and I are a part. She was our driver and our cook.

Unfortunately, pre-existing travel commitments prevent me from attending her funeral. I will never forgive myself for this but hopefully, the family understands. To me, she was a saint, so I have no doubt that she has gone home.

Thank you, Sister Brennen.

Pastor Leonard and Family: My fellow officers, directors, office workers and families, join Denise and me in extending condolences to the Brennen family on the passing of their wife, mother, grandmother and sister.

It is never easy to lose a loved one especially a wife and mom, who has been there for her spouse and children - one who has given so much for her family and grand children. Such could be said in describing Sis. Mary Brennen - a former active church member and officer, school teacher and administrator, and a devoted child of God. However, we may be comforted for God has promised in His word that He will return to resurrect the dead in Christ. Christ declares in John 14:2-3 "I go to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also." NKJV

From Paul Scavella & Family:  Mrs. Mary Brennen was my first teacher at Bahamas Academy! As the memories flow in torrents, I can recall myself as a shy child blossoming in the warmth of a loving teacher, one who knew best how to compose a timid child! She had the ability to discipline; yet have that child return a depth of love stronger than the disciplinary act meted out; whether it was a verbal scolding or a tap on the “maximus glutemus" you knew that she loved you…it was similar to a Mom’s scolding. Her attention to details forced us to produce in her class. As a small child, I remember her holding my hand/fingers to form my letters. I wonder now… how did she get around to all of us!

As I grew, she was a great encourager and supporter. When I became the Youth Director of the conference, she worked ardently to realize the start of the Pathfinder Club at Bahamas Academy. She became an important catalyst in this initiative and many pathfinders were stimulated and inspired by her expertise. Her contribution to youth ministry extended to her place of worship too. She would often go beyond the call of duty to provide for the less fortunate and even those who were not in need. She did this despite attending to the needs of her immediate family.

I served as her pastor at the Parkgate Church where she and her husband were charter members. She was a bulwark of strength… still honing the qualities of love and care that she exhibited in my grade 1 classroom. She had an “eye” for the “marginalised” and would do everything in her power to give without discrimination. Yes, she was my teacher! … I have benefitted from a great lady who now rests until that great resurrection. We often hear the term “Integration of Faith and Learning”, she was the essence of this mantra in Seventh-day Adventist education.   I want to see my teacher again, so I encourage all others to live a full life in Christ so that we along with her can sit at the feet of the Master Teacher, where our reunion will be greater than we could imagine!

Our sincere condolences go out to her husband, Elder Brennen; my friend Claudia; my colleague, Barrington; dear Judith and my classmate, Ann. We pray for you in this time of grief.

Pastor Silas and Mrs. Ruth McKinney:  We are so sorry to learn of the passing of our dear friend. We know that “Aunty Mary” lived a long, full life, and she will be greatly missed. Her legacy of kindness, love, helping and sharing will live on and on. Please accept our sincere sympathy.  Be encouraged by God’s promises to comfort us when we mourn. May our loving Father in heaven enfold you in His arms of love and strengthen you in your hour of grief. We share your loss. Let us all be faithful to the end when, if we are faithful, we will see our loved ones again – never more to part! What a glad reunion day that will be!
Pastor Leonardo & Mrs. Paulyn Rahming and Family:  My heart aches as I write this tribute to my favorite teacher in the world. Yes I have sat at the feet of many educators but one excels them all.   Sis. Mary Brennen played a very pivotal role in my early child hood development. Up to her death she believed in me and was always looked at me with love knowing the potential that she saw and for this she will always be remembered.

I was in grade five at the time when two other male students along with myself decided that we would play a trick on our teacher. The plan was that we would catch the lizard and place it in her bag for what ever reason. The plan was orchestrated and executed by my two colleagues. The next day we (grade 5) were informed that the teacher had a difficult night because of our actions and it was Vice Principle Mary Brennen's job to investigate the matter and to administer the appropriate measure of discipline to the culprit or culprits. It did not take long for her to find out that we were responsible and we were courted off to the office for further consultation.

It was while in the office with Mrs. Brennen that I discovered what type of person she was and how deep her love was for me. She prayed with me, rebuked me for my actions, spanked me and then prayed with me again. That was simply remarkable. For me she was simply the best.

On behalf of my wife Paulyn and our daughter Davincia I convey our sincere condolences to her husband, children and grandchildren and other family members. My heart is full however I just want you to know that I am with you in this you hour of bereavement. She will always hold a fond place in our heart and we look forward to the resurrection day….Much Love

George W. Brown We regret to learn of the death of our dear Mary Brennen. Her death is great loss to the Adventist family in the Bahamas. She was a true Mother in Israel. She rest in the certainty of the blessed hope, Florida, USA
Pastor Danhugh and Mrs. Patrice Gordon and Family:  Mary Brennen, or Mother B as I affectionately called her, will be greatly missed by all the members of my family. In seven short years she painted for us the picture of a full life filled with kindness, dignity, strength, beauty, wisdom, charm and respect. My girls looked forward to her stories of the “old Bahamian days” and of course her authentic Bahamian culinary treats. Our frequent telephone conversations always brightened my day as no matter how hard I tried to prepare myself for her youthful voice it just always caught me off guard. I have always been in awe of her ladylike sophistication, the uncanny ability of expressing her dissatisfaction. Without losing her composure she would make her point leaving you to ponder your decision long after the encounter. Expressing gratitude for the simplest deed was a hallmark of her personality, no matter how insignificant your action she left you feeling appreciated. Danhugh, Ashli, Rhondi and I will miss visiting and serving her communion; her singing and recollections of God’s goodness will forever echo in our hearts. So long Mother B, see you by Heaven’s Kitchen
Pastor Michael and Mrs. Lynn Smith:  Pastor M.A. Smith: She looks just as her names Mary Elizabeth denote: regal & royal. What a blessing this daughter of the King of Kings has been to the Kingdom of God. I personally as a former pastor of her's was greatly benefitted. Once again, condolences to the patriarch, Bro. Brennen, children, grand and great-grand. Grand Bahamas Island, The Bahamas
Pastor Dwight and Mrs. Karen Nelson:  Barrington—I am sad to learn of your beloved mother’s death. From your note I can tell she was experiencing the vicissitudes of aging life with its aches and pains. Nevertheless, her presence was a blessing to the family. So her death rightfully brings the grief you’re describing. I’m glad you were able to be beside her as she breathed her last. She now sleeps in Jesus. But what a glorious awakening that will be. May the comforting grace of our Lord surround you both, along with your father. And may the day be soon when we will be reunited with our parents. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus"  Pioneer Memorial Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA
Pastor Jeff and Denise Thompson: When I think of Sis. Mary Brennen, I remember her engaging smile and gracious spirit. Simply put, she was an outstanding mother. She was confidential. She was a model educator. She was a veteran vice-principal. She was a true Adventist Christian, and a servant leader. More importantly, she had a special place in heart for everyone. For example, when I gave my heart to Christ as a new parishioner of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, she took me and other young people under her wings. She motivated and inspired us. Furthermore, when I think of Sis. Brennen, I remember that she loved her husband.  He was the apple of her eyes. He was the wind beneath her wings. In short, they had a happy marriage worthy of emulation. Likewise, Sis. Brennen loved her children and grandchildren and other family members dearly. She was an excellent provider. She loved her Lord. She was a dedicated and loyal lady who always placed the needs of others first. She loved her church family. The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will not be the same without her. And so, my wife (Denise) coupled with our children joins me in extending condolences to Alfred Brennen, Barrington, Claudia, Judith, Ann coupled with all members of the bereaved family. Remember, “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.”  Sis. Brennen took our breath away by her kindness.  Florida, USA
Dr. Michael D. Toote and Family:   Mary Brennen, distinguished lady, outstanding educator, dignified Christ-filled believer and exemplar par excellence, is etched in my memory and heart forever in a most admirable way.   Clearly the epitomy of the honorable woman, wife and mother of Proverbs 31, Sister Brennen, by her firm and loving manner together with timely instruction helped I and my wife Brenda to be properly formed in our social and Christian from early childhood at the Grants Town church through Bahamas Academy to over 30 years in the gospel ministry.

Fondly do I recall her counsel for a successful ministry which she gave freely in our preparation for ordination to the ministry. Yes, she was keenly vested in our success and we thank God for her interest. At times she would remind me that she and my mom (deceased) had the same name, Mary and were from the same church, in the early days breaking bread together around the same table at the homestead.

Indeed, I, as we all, acknowledge that a living treasure chest of wisdom, prudence, knowledge and understanding has fallen asleep in Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life. In His trust she is best kept for that soon coming bright and glorious resurrection morning!

On behalf of Brenda, our children, and the Johnson Park 7th day Adventist church, please accept our deep and sincere condolences. Blessings!

Pastor Hulan Hanna Church of God of Prophecy:  Acknowledged with condolences on behalf of my family and myself and the members of the Church of God of Prophecy, East Street Tabernacle.
Revs. James and Angela Palacions: My prayers are with you and your family. May the God of peace comfort you all.
Pastor Martin Hanna and Family. Please know that you are in our prayers as you celebrate the life of your mother and grieve her death. May you sense the nearness of the divine Comforter. Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA
Pastor Henry Moncur and Family:  My condolences to the Brennen family Ann Marie Albury, Barrington H. Brennen, Keith Anson Albury. Sis Mary Brennen is my my wonderful grade one teacher at Bahamas Academy. Grand Bahamas, The Bahamas
Cannon Harry Ward:  Sincerest condolences from Julie and me to you, your family and all others concerned.  Also condolences from members of Bahamas National Children's Commission (BNCC) of which Mary Brennen was a long-time member.  The following poem is in her honor.

Her name alone is legend,
Her life reflected such,
For as she stood for something good,
Her giving was ne'er too much.

Her smile revealed her golden heart,
Her eyes showed up her soul....
So soon you'd see the makings of
A lady well made whole.

So humble and considerate
For well-being of the other,
She carried every single day
The heart and soul of mother.

When called on in the nineties
To represent her Church
As member of BNCC
She gently took the leap

And made herself most useful
In ways could not be beat;
As treasurer she set the pace
For others who would come


To follow in her footsteps
Of excellence "can' done!"
Liason for her Church and school,
She offered yet the best

BNCC could hope for....
Now history holds the rest.
This virtuous lady well inspired
All in her presence, see....

I speak of others , yes indeed
But 'specially of me.
Our recognition of her
With plaque and flowers in hand,

Though noble at the time 'twas done,
Could never take a stand
Beside this tribute here I sing.....
She was an angel without wings.

Mary, sleep in Jesus, and in glory, rise.






Tributes / Condolences From Friends

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Phil Franks: What wonderful memories I have of Sis. Mary Brennen. A true woman of honor. From my very early years at Bahamas Academy  to years growing up at Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sis Brennen was a model of everything dedicated and committed in a lady.  I share the sadness of her amazing children who have instilled much of the training she invested in them.  The Peace of God be with each of you. Xuhui District, Shanghai, PR China
Doreen Brown:  Sincere condolences to the Brennen family. Find comfort in the memories of a warm, caring, Christian woman, Sis Brennen. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Miami, Florida, USA
Winsome Flowers: My parents, Roy and Mavis (deceased) Stewartson; two of my siblings, Pat and Ricky, my two children, Vanessa and Carlton who were privileged to be taught and influenced by Mary Brennen join me in sending our condolence to your family. Memory Lane takes us back to the good old days in Comfort Street and Harley Street, both off Mount Royal Avenue where we lived, back then. Those were the 'good old days'. Your parents were well loved and respected by our family and even thou we did not see each other as much in recent times we will remember and miss 'Sister B' as we affectionately called her. Please accept our prayers.
Annmarie Mcgregor: She was such a beautiful lady , I meet her through Claudia many years ago she was always a sweet caring kind hearted person who always shared words of wisdom with you. Claudia n family I feel your pain because she was also like mother to me n my kids. after years of knowing Claudia we found out that we were family. We all will miss her very much she played a major roll in the life of every one she came in contact with.
Joy Goffe: Be comforted that she emptied herself for so many that she live on. I am included in the vast numbers whose lives she has touched. She continues to bless and inspire others even in death. Comfort yourselves with this thought.
Cecil Cartwright, Sr.:  Mary Brennan was an outstanding woman.   I first met her just prior to her marriage to Alfred, when he was working with me on Elizabeth Avenue. He introduced her to me as his intended bride.  His position was when he got married he would return to the church. He followed through on his pledge and they both was baptized. She became a strong and faithful member of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church.   She went on to become a School teacher at Bahamas Academy and continued to her retirement. I pray that the family will be guided by her example. May she rest to await the coming of out Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.
Linda Gibson and Family: Condolences to the Brennen and Catalyn Families. Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not cure. She has been a blessing to many. She touched my life during my formative years as a student and as a camper.- May God bless you all.
Tina Moree: She was so beautiful and bright all the time, she gave love easily and received it abundantly! She will be forever remembered
Silas Moore: Our sincere sympathy to the Brennen family. From the Moore family.
Valentino and Tanya Hanna & family: We extend our heartfelt condolences to the entire family on the death of your dear mother. We pray that your faith in God, the knowledge that you did your best for your mother and the hope that you will see her again will comfort you during this difficult time. Special condolences to Pastor Brennan who was a great source of support when our mother died. His kindness and concern will never be forgotten. God bless all of you.  With love. Val & Tanya
Linda Stubbs:  I remember Mrs. Brennen as a young girl growing up on Bar 20 Corner.   Mrs. Brennen’s Mother the late Theresa Cathlyn affectionately called “Mother” lived directly opposite to where I lived. When Uncle James was off on trips and working etc. I slept with mother and occasionally Mrs. Brennen would stop by while I was there to visit mother, she always chatted with me and always had a warm friendly smile.  Sorry for your loss and that of your family Pastor Brennen my condolences.
The New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church family, extends heart-felt condolences to Pastor K. Anson Albury and the Brennen Family, on the passing of our dear Sis. Mary E. Brennen. Be assured that our prayers and thoughts are with you.  Donnie E. Rolle, First Elder
Hilbert Giscombe: The elders, officers and entire church family of the First Seventh-day Adventist Church of Port Saint Lucie, Florida extends our deepest sympathy to Pastor Keith Albury and his family and relatives on the passing of your matriarch Mary Elizabeth Brennen. Be comforted by the wonderful Christ centered life she lived and the hope we have to be reunited with the faithful. Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA
Albertha Smith Gainza: To the Brennen and Catalyn families my condolences.  When words become meaningless, please know that you are in my prayers and ever so close to my heart at this time. Miramar, Florida, USA
Antionette Pierre:  My deepest sympathy to the Brennan family in your time off grieving. It was an honor knowing Sis Brennan growing as a child in the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sleep in Jesus Sis Brennen
Carrol Bethel: The Management and staff of Lampkin and company extend our deepest condolences on the passing of your mother.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
Jacqueline Collie: My deepest condolences to you upon the passing of your mother Sister Mary Brennen. So sorry to hear that she has passed away. I pray the love of God enfolds you during this difficult time.  Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed - in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: "Death is swallowed up in victory.” Corinthians 15:52-56
Sherwyn Armstrong and Family:  My deepest sympathy to you and your family on your Moms passing. I just read your article in today's Nassau Guardian. Seems she had quite a lot in common with my late Mom. I thought I was the only boy who could operate a sewing machine. May God comfort you and your Family at this time.
Bryan Wrigth:  Deepest sympathy on the passing of your mother.  If my memory saves me right I think she taught me at "Sands School" near the Tribune along with the late Mayronna Seymour.  I am the son of the late Horace and Cynthia Wright, both teachers.  They new her quite well. 
Linda Gibson:  I vividly remember Mrs. Brennen as my Grade 2 teacher. She was an outstanding educator who worked hard to ensure that all of her students did well, I fondly remember her demanding that we did well in Arithmetic. She was a nonsense person. She was fair and kind. My prayers are with you at this time. On behalf of the Gibson family, I say condolences, her presence will be missed but will be filled by pleasant memories.
Colyn Major: Ann my dear friend and Bahamas Academy schoolmate, your Mom was my favorite primary school teacher. The time spent under her tutelage changed my life forever and impacted me for eternity. She will long be remembered for the lessons she taught, the countless lives she shaped and the legacy she has left behind in you her children, grand and great-grandchildren. My prayers are with you and the entire Brennen Family.
Alfred Pembroke Sturrup:  (USA)

A memory, After Fifty Years!

A face that holds such memories,
In the mind of a child,
The playground of Bahamas Academy,
Under watchful caring eyes.

A fall and a bruised knee, now so far away,
Elucidate and demonstrates
The profundity
Of my teacher on that day.

A little Dettol on a cotton ball,
After a fall,
A gentle rub on a scar long healed
Awaken in the memory

As the beautiful gentle smile
bathed a loving face.
A rub on the head looked
while looking up to hear,

"Alfred it's going to be OK".
It took many years to fully comprehend,
What a true teacher really means.
The embodiment of those who teach

Is not what you learned each day.
But the intangible things like a smile,
compassion, and even empathy, she shared,
That are relevant today

And still guide you on your way.
A wonderful teacher has now passed,
Leaving students with the conundrum of missing that which shall forever last.
Thank you Mrs. Brennen!

"Thank you Mrs. Brennen,
Thank you Brother Brennen
And thank you to all her children who shared their mother as our teacher."

Aloma Miller:  I am , wife of the late Wycliffe Miller, and family wanted to send our condolences on the passing of your mother. She was her teacher at Sand's School Prep at Shirley Street and School Lane. She remembers her quiet demeanor and gentle spirit. May her soul rest in peace.
Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson:  I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, but it is so good that you were with her and that she was not in hospital.   Your Mom has always had a special place in my heart.   I don't remember all my teachers but she stands out among them.   She helped lay that foundation for me and my love of reading and belief that I could be anything that I chose to be.  She was a very very special person. Please accept my deepest sympathy
Maureen Lesbott My condolences to the Brennen and Catalyn families at the passing of a great lady, Sis Mary Brennen. I have so many memories of Sis. Brennen but the one that just stuck in my mind was how she tirelessly came and picked my sisters and I up in her ‘large station wagon’ for Pathfinder’s Club meetings at the Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church in the mid 1960’s, where; she would patiently and cheerfully teach us how to tie a rope, etc., in order to qualify to go on to the next level. Then my junior and senior years at Bahamas Academy. I was truly blessed by this gem, this emblem of a Christian Woman, Sister Mary Elizabeth Catalyn Brennen.
Marisa Mason-Smith: Mrs. Brennen has left a legacy of a god fearing woman who is an epitome of the proverbs 31 woman. She has left a godly heritage and has ran her race joyfully serving her church, community and the students she taught. Our country is richer because she was here. Lovingly remembering her life and the positive influence she had over me.
Lisa Mwesigwa:  Your heart will always carry her with you. The memories will last you a lifetime. As you think about her, you will be blessed and comforted by those memories. A mother's love, there is none like it. She was a mother to so many. She was the first face, the first arms, the first voice that many first graders experienced after they left the cradle, security and safety of their home to enter the great unknown of school. She nurtured, mentored and educated generations of students and was a stellar example for so many. Her imprint and mark on this world will continue to be lived out and you will continue to be touched by her through those she touched. Feel the love my sister and know that our reunion day with her and all our loved ones is to come... The promise of eternity with them will be worth the wait...
Olive Rahming: My sincere sympathy to the entire Brennen family. It is not easy to lose a love one but when it comes to a mother. My heart goes out to the entire family. New Jersey, USA
Gigi Gonzalez: To Mrs. Brennen's family and the Adventist family, On behalf of myself (Gigi Gonzalez) and my boys (Tercero and Tereno Forbes) please accept our condolences and prayers. I can truly say that she played a huge roll in making my boys the men that they are today and I will forever be greatful for that. Mrs. Mary Brennen . . .

I don’t stare
But I’ve made a trillion glimpses.
She is beautiful without
And within, my heart is in awe of her.
Her speeches: words of truth,
Words of wisdom, words of motivation,
Words of encouragement,
Like rain fall
On my parched ground.
She is a teacher and a
Leader; in heart a mother.
She is strong;
She is my wonder;
My failures’ success.
She is a warrior,
Facing opposition with steadfast bravery.
She is a true woman;
A gift of God. ...

Gigi Gonzalez and Boys.

Gardell & Sharon Rolle: Good morning Sir, we would like to express our condolences to you on the passing of your mother, you mentioned her condition and your families' wish for her during our last session with you, so we know that you are comforted throughout it all.  May God continue to keep you and your family comforted during this time.
Esther Vincent:  She made an impact on my life as my first grade teacher and not only to me but also to my niece and nephews. What a wonderful teacher she was! May the memories you shared with her bring you peace, strength and comfort. With Deepest Sympathy!
Khichala Robinson: My sincere condolences , she was my teacher too, awesome a person she was. A woman of God. Praying for family. Cayman Islands
Portia Barnett:  Sis Mary Brennen portrayed the qualities of a Godly Woman not only to you her children; but to all those she came into contact with. Believe me when I say she touched the lives of many. She displayed Christian graces.  May God strengthen you all at this time.
Percy Roceta Miller and Family: On behalf of Roceta and I and our entire family, we'd like to express our condolences to you on the passing of our dear friend and sister in Christ, Mary Brennan. We will keep your family in prayer as that the Lord is sure to strengthen you and give you peace in this your time of loss.
Obie Burke: So sad to hear about Mrs. Brennen. We definitely want to pass on our condolences to you and family. Thank God for her life. May He comfort and strengthen all of you.  Florida, USA
Randolph Bowlin: Yes I did say she is my local queen. I know a queen in London, One who died last year at 107 from Pasadena California the wife of my grandfather and YES Sis Mary Brennen.
Vera Holmes: Saddened moment. Regret your passing Mrs. Brennen Will meet you in heaven by God's grace.  Jamaica
Katherina Smith:  Wishing you God's comfort and blessing at this time. May the many fond memories of your mother's love and the contribution she has made to society and the church comfort and cheer you and your family.
Christopher L. Pennerman: My sincerest sympathy to you Ann, Judith, Claudia and Pastor Barrington on the passing of your mom. She has made a great impact on the lives of many persons in our country. Certainly she has impacted my life from a very young child. She will be greatly missed

Amber Pratt-Cartwright:  I am so sorry to hear about your lost. Please accept my condolences on behalf of my family to yours. I love you and be strong in your time of need. May the Lord comfort and be with you in your time of bereavement.

Althea Tinker:  Heart felt condolence from My family and I to Elder B and the entire Brennen family on the passing of Sister B. We will keep all of you in prayer and pray that God’s Holy presence will continue to cover and strengthen you at this time and beyond.
Rudolph Strachan & Family:  My family and I extend our heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the passing of your mother. She was indeed a lady of virtue, outstanding & dedicated educator, a godly woman, personal mentor, and a friend for all seasons. May God continue to encourage your hearts.

Lynn Collie: Heartfelt condolences from the Hutcheson and Collie family. We love you!

Sandra M Bullard: It is with my deepest and heartfelt sympathy I write to you and your family on the passing of your mother Mary Brennen. Mrs. Brennen was a mother, a Nurse, a friend, a Teacher, a Religious Educator, a Sister and a Grandmother to our family. She will be remembered as a woman of excellence, an educator who made sure her students learn and became contributing members of society, a woman of very strong religious convictions and she believed in family. She will be greatly missed but she now sings in the heavenly choir and rests in the arms of our Saviour. Your earthly toil is complete.

Valencia Sharon Gibson:  Sincere condolences to the family. I know God in His tender love and mercy will carry you through your sorrow as you mourn the passing of a wife, mother, Grammy, aunt, cousin, friend, confidante and teacher.

Dr. Ruby Major:  A life lived in the Lord by a dedicated lady who spared not her self from helping anyone who needed it. Our friend of more than six decades. We did many things together. We fondly remember the Sabbaths when we jumped Collins wall with babies in two baby carriages together on our way to The Grants Town Seventh day Adventist Church. We had some great times together. Mary, a great teacher and Alfred, a beautiful singer were two of God's wonderful children, who were meant to be together are now separated. So George, as we fondly call Alfred, must continue the journey alone. We love you and we are here for you with our prayers and support. To our Pastor, Barrington, Claudia, Judith, Anne and the rest of the family, we remind you to emulate Mary and trust and serve Her God. We offer condolences to all of you, including James and Peter and their respective families.

Donnalee J. Minnis Roberts:  As I reflect on my primary education, there is one teacher that is very outstanding, and that is Mary Brennen. I remember her patience and words of encouragement, every time I wanted to give up, she always said and did something to make life a little easier as she always said you can do it Donna with a smile. My fondest memories of her are at Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist church and Bahamas Academy, always doing something positive to assist the young people and at camp, cooking, craft and mentoring the young ladies.   My family and I, will keep the Brennen family in our hearts and prayers, as we know that God will grant you strength in these hours.

JoAnn DeVeaux-Callender:   My heart goes out to the family. Mary Brennen was the lady among ladies, a mother, teacher and Godly woman. My first teacher, and I remember my mother feeling good about leaving my sister and me in her care on our first day of school. I loved your mother, she made it easy to do so. We grieve with you on the passing of a GREAT EDUCATOR !! May the prayers of us who sat under her care keep you covered during this season.

Charisee Smith:  Condolences to Elder Brennen and his entire family from Charisee and Cici. We love you Bro. B and will continue to pray for God to strengthen and comfort you. We will meet beautiful Sis. B in the great resurrection.

Elaine Bowe Taylor" It is an honor to have known such a great woman (one of my teachers at Bahamas Academy many years ago). To Ann and the entire Brennen family, please accept our condolences. May God give you comfort and peace during this difficult time. You and the family are in our prayers.

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Rochelle Basden: My condolences to you and your family. May God be with you in your time of sorrow.                             

Marie Church-Smith, DeAbdra and Daron Rolle:  It was a pleasure to know and work with Mrs. Mary Brennen at Bahamas Academy. When I came to work in the Bahamas in 1981 her home was the first home Grace and I were invited to. Our first set of Sabbath dinners were either at her home or she brought meals for us as we began to get settled in the country. It was the first place I had "Scallop Salad" and I am still looking for that special taste.

As new workers to the Conference she went out of her way to make us feel welcome and being friends with her children Barry, Judy and Ann from West Indies College days allowed her to embrace Grace and I even more. Then I began to get to know her as a co-worker at BA. She was a disciplinarian yet a mother to all the kids who came under her care. My children loved her dearly. It was always Mrs. Brennen this, and Mrs Brennen that. She knew her job and did it well, but having stayed in the profession for 40 plus years it was a calling. Many are called but few are chosen and Mrs. Brennen was chosen. I remembered when she retired I wondered how we would cope. God blessed but she was missed.
Mrs. Brennen was a "teacher come from God" and could not have done these things unless God was with her.

My deepest condolences to Bro. Brennen, Pastor Brennen, Claudia, Judy, Ann and the entire family. My prayers are with you all as you go through this time of bereavement. Remember though that joy is coming in the morning when we will meet and greet with her again.
Love Always Marie Church -Smith, DeAbdra and Daron Rolle.

Brennen Wood: May God's love and peace that surpasses all understanding embrace you.

Kenneth and Alisa Adderley: Please accept condolences on behalf of Franklyn and Alisa Collie and the staff at National Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

Juliet Constantine: On behalf of the Constantine Family, we are deeply saddened by the passing of Sis. Mary. She has indeed touched our lives while we were there. It was always a pleasure to listen to her and Elder Brennen's contribution in our Sabbath School Class. Shortly after arriving, we did arrive at the firm opinion that they both loved the Lord and were an excellent model to pattern. I am happy that we went to see her before we left. We are certain that we will see her in the Earth made new. Do take comfort that she is only sleeping, taking that needed rest until our Savior's returns.

The McDonald Family: Deepest Sympathy to you and your family on the passing of your mother. May God bless and keep you during this time of your loss. Carolyn, Chinta and Chino

Colyn and Linda Major:  "A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops". Henry Brooks Adams   As children, we spend almost as much time with our teachers as we do with our parents. It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us have vivid memories of our teachers that stick with us years later. Mary Brennen was that kind of teacher. She was absolutely the Best teacher I ever had. I was her student way back in the mid 1950's when I attended the Bahamas Academy Elementary School, and I vividly remember the times she spent helping me get a difficult lesson just right, her firm hand in disciplining me when I was heading in the wrong direction, and the part she played in shaping my life. Mary Brennen had a passion for teaching that was matched only by her compassion for her students. It shined brightly and made you want to be the best student you could be. She was certainly a special person and I am a better person for having known her. May God bless and keep you in peace as you morn your loss Claudia, Judith, Ann and Barrington and dad, Alfred Brennen and family. Your mother and wife, Mary Brennen will always hold a special place in my heart.

Louis and Patrice Cleare and Family:  Please accept our condolences to the Brennan family from Louis A W Cleare Sr and family, also from Thelma Hanna and family We are praying for you.

Jayson and Denise Green and Family:  May the God of peace be with you during this time of lost and always. Our prayers are with you.

Lebert McBean: Please accept sincere condolences from the McBean's family in New York. Keep strong as you reflect on the wonderful moments in her life. She did more than the "reason of strength" portion allotted. Be encouraged  New York

Parkgate Church: Please accept condolences on behalf of the member of Parkgate Seventh-day Adventist Church, her home church.  We have this hope that our sister in Christ and mother to many is asleep in The Lord. Please cast your cares upon God because He cares for you. Be comforted.
Noel Brown and Family: Condolences to Elder Alfred Brennen and family from Lydia Browne and family.
Stacy Algreen: My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Rollins Family: On behalf of my dad, Hugh E. Rollins, my brothers, myself & our respective families, I wish to convey our deepest sympathy on the passing of your mom. She was truly a gem, a beautiful soul who made a positive impact on so many lives, particularly during her period of teaching. Please know that you are in our prayers. Joy Rollins-Reckley.

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Paulette Lightbourne: Please accept my sincere condolences to you on the passing of your mother.  May God impart his strength and peace upon you and your family as you walk through this time.
Adelma Penn:  Bro. Brennen, Claudia, Pastor Barrington, Judith, and Ann and the extended family of your mother, I extend deep found sympathy to all of you. I sit here recalling my younger days and Sis Brennen's influence on so many of us-in Pathfinders, at Bahamas Academy as teacher of 'low beginners", Sabbath School Teacher. You will miss your wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend in the moments, days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Oh how well I do know. Hers was a Christian life well lived and I give God thanks for allowing her to pass my way during my lifetime. Adelma Roach and Family.