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Parents:   Judith & Winston (Don) Edwards
Sons:   Donnie (Winston) 22,  Jonathan,  Adam
They are living in Phoenix Arizona, USA

Don Edwards is a pastor and psychologist.  He is working as a pastor and African American Ministries Coordinator in the Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (13405 N. Scottsdale Rd PO Box 12340 Scottsdale, Arizona  85267) Judith Edwards is a hotel manager in Arizona.   Winston, the eldest son, is a music major at Berklee College in Boston. Jonathon is studying at South Adventist University. Adam, the youngest, is in high school and at home with his parents.  The Edwards family are lovers of pets.  The wonderful canine is Jessie

On Their Wedding Day, Mandeville, Jamaica, June 18, 1977 The Edwards 2001

Mr. Edwards.  Yep!  That's right!...

Father with two of the sons Mom with two of the sons The three Edwards offsprings

They are really tall

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