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Pastor Keith D. Albury
Man of God, Scholar, Gentleman, Visionary Leader, Loving Husband and Father
We are left to cherish the timeless words of our husband, father, son, brother, leader and friend: 
“While longevity on earth is a worthy goal,
eternity with God is more precious.
 He stated these words on Monday, January 9, 2006

        On Tuesday, January 24, 2006, at 5:37 p.m. EST,

Dr. Keith Albury died after a one year battle with cancer in Scottsdale Hospital, Arizona, USA.

Today we take comfort in the words of Paul who said:  “…I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20 

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A Statement on National Issues.  Pastor Albury addresses some national issues during Convention 2002, Nassau
"Worship In Four Dimensions"  A sermon presented January 20, 2002 during Convention.


He dreams about boil fish. He brags about his picturesque, picket-fence birth place–Harbor Island, the Bahamas. He walks and sleeps while doing his favorite past-time--reading. He vehemently expostulates on theological issues. He passionately preaches about his love for Jesus like no other islander can. Whom am I talking about? He is the six-feet-one-inch tall, 43-year-old, Keith Densel Albury--the youngest-ever president of the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Pastor Albury started his life on one of the most beautiful little villages on earth–Harbor Island, Eleuthera, nick named "Briland." Harbor Island is located more than 60 miles from Nassau, on the northern tip of Eleuthera. It has often been called the Nantucket of the Caribbean and the prettiest of the Family Islands. There is full employment, and the people live in peace and comfort. Why not? Harbor Island is the place with one of the few pink sand beaches in the world.

What does Pastor Keith love to do when he is not in his office? He loves to relax, sleep, read, surfing the web, and wear easy man shirt-jackets. There is one more thing Pastor Albury loves to do when he is not in his new, tastefully decorated, presidential suite. He plans, plans, and plans. In the words of his mother, Fannette Albury, "Keith always had a mind to achieve. He likes setting goals and planning to reach them. He had a mind of is own to become someone great." The truth is that planning, setting goals, and achieving, them are as much a part of his public life as it is his private world. Today, the Bahamas Conference is growing and accomplishing many innovative initiatives for development.

At the age of four, Pastor Albury left Harbor Island with his parents to move to Nassau. But every summer, the magic of Briland would draw him to his birth place. It was only after the birth of his own children and as church responsibilities grew that his travels to Harbor Island slowed down.

When his parents moved to Nassau, they became active members of the Church of God of Prophecy. One by one the family grew with six more siblings: Darlene, Jannel, Tammy, Wendy, Dawn, Londell.

When Pastor Keith was eleven-years-old, in 1968, he was baptized by Pastor Roy Fernander and became a member of the Grant's Town Church. He was an active pathfinder during these early years. In 1975 he recommitted his life to Jesus in the Come Alive Crusade conducted by Pastor Silas McKinney. That was the beginning Keith Albury’s call to become a minister of the gospel and his desire to share the good news of what God had done in his life. He began planning to go abroad to study to become an Adventist minister.

The lack of money did not dampen his drive to reach to his goal.  He enlisted as a student colporteur and sold enough books to achieve the first years scholarship at Northern Caribbean University (Formerly West Indies College).

Throughout his college life Pastor Albury supported himself by selling religious books during the summers.  He also testifies of the many ways God has intervened in his life during his days as a college student.  His words are "When times seemed toughest my God was my closest companion."

Mrs. Ann AlburyCollege life was active, adventurous, and romantic. While studying for the degree in religion, he was an active student leader, and of course, one of the campus favorite energetic young men. There was one female that captivated the eyes of youthful Keith Albury. It was Ann Marie Brennen. Wow! It was love at first sight. A match made in heaven. Can you imagine Pastor Keith composing and singing love songs for his lovely bride-to-be? Ann was thrilled each time she heard that soft, expressive voice,The Albury Sons singing to her those songs never heard before by anyone else on earth. Did it work? Did he have to practice by himself in the bushes? Were Pastor Keith’s compositions magical? They must have, because on December 23, 1979 (21 years ago) Ann and Keith became one in holy matrimony. They now have three wonderful sons: young adult Keith Anson, a religion and business major at Oakwood college; and teenagers, Alden and Brendon, students at the Bahamas Academy.
Pastor Keith Albury has served as president of the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since January 12, 1996. Prior to his election to the presidency of the conference, Pastor Albury served as Executive Secretary of the Bahamas Conference for five years: 1990-1996. He was the first to be named Church Ministries Director in the Bahamas (1986–1990). Before that he was the pastor for the Eleuthera, Englerston & Hillview districts of churches.

In coming to the office of president, Pastor Albury initiated strategic planning and developed the Bahamas Conference’s blueprint, "Vision 2000," which projected a major expansion of the Conference over a five-year period. This strategic plan has already resulted in the building of a new academy on the island of Grand Bahama and anew conference office. It also encompasses the establishment of plans to build a convention center. The principle aim is to establish 10 new churches in new territories in the Bahamas




During his 21 years of ministry, Pastor Albury has preached to thousands in crusades and other events throughout the islands of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and North America. Hundreds have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior as a result of his ministry. Pastor Albury served on the island of Eleuthera (his first pastoral district), Hillview,  New Providence and Grant’s Town churches.

He led the members at Englerston Church on East Street to reach their goal of moving into their new spacious sanctuary on Harrold Road in 1986, debt free. This new structure was named the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Albury is a no-nonsense, energetic, innovative, spirit-filled pastor. He always wants to do what is right and best for his congregation. He is not afraid of doing new things once it will help in the growth of the church.




The dynamic duet preachers in their special suits (Click to enlarge)How could we forget the dynamic pinstriped or robed preachers-–Keith Albury and Jeff Thompson? Pastor Keith passion to preach led him to try new ways of preaching the gospel. He joined with his close friend Jeff Thompson to form the first-ever duet preaching team in the Bahamas. They conducted a successful youth crusade at the Grant’sThe duet with Pastor Royden Hannan Town Church and then in Exuma. They thrilled congregations everywhere. No one could do it like these two special preachers. It sounded like one person preaching. Their phrases were joined perfectly. Their thoughts flowed smoothly. Their black robes or slim pinstriped suits swayed gracefully as they methodically and skillfully presented the message.




Before the sun rises each day, Pastor Keith opens the Word to begin the day with God. He connects his heart to the giver of life and opens his mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Keith’s commitment to his Savior is evident in his everyday life. His family devotions and spicy and invigorating. His sermons are a reflection of his deep connection with the Author of knowledge and life. He joins his wife in effectively leading their sons everyday to Jesus. He is a spiritual leader because the Supreme Spiritual Leader is in his heart.




Today, Pastor Keith is a happy and dedicated father and husband. He is an excellentStanding in front of Hillview Sevnth-day Adventist Church.  (Click to enlarge) father to his three sons. He takes his time instill in each one to excel. He wants hisWhen they were all young.  (Click to enlarge) sons to be thinkers and not just "reflectors of other mans thought." He makes his family first in his life. He cherishes his time spent with his lovely wife, Ann, and their bouncing dog.

Pastor Albury is completing a EdD in Human Services Administration/Organizational Leadership. Ann Albury is a registered nurse and an educational psychologist. She holds a MA in Educational and Developmental Psychology from Andrews University, and presently pursing further studies. 

The Alburys a little older (Click to enlarge)

As of September she has been appointed School Psychologist with the Special Services Unit for the Office of Education of the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Ann Albury is the leader of the Shepherdess Club (a sorority for the wives of pastors), whose current interests is a church history project for the Bahamas Conference. Happy wedding anniversary Ann and Keith Albury



The Albury's at Workers Banquet, 1988     Pastor Keith Albury at Andrews Univesity, graduating with MA in Religion

The Allbury with the Clevelands in Nassau  Pastor Albury with Priminter of Hubert Ingraham and Minister of Tourism He can mix with anybody.  Sir Lynden and Sir Clement.


 ORDINATION. Listening to the message  The crusade evangelistHe pray.

He can sing.  You need not ask his wife.  Just sit beside him.  Ground breaking for new conference headquartersMount Thompson Seventh-day Adventist Church, Exuam

Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church  dedication  

Pointing to Jesus under the big tent.Crusade baptism with Pastor Albury

Pastor Richard Byron and the dynamic duet preachers at Norther Caribbean University, Jamaica, 1978

Pastors Albury, Thompson, McKinney wtih Dr. Richard Lasher, former president of Andrews University  Adventist ministers and Pastor Albury with Sir Orville Turnquest, Governor General of the Bahamas



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