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Below are videos by Barrington Brennen

Or select videos from other professionals,

conferences or meetings.


  • Four videos on Family Life  by Barrington Brennen in England-South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Camp Meeting June 2012. 


The Making of Bad Men





Placed here on January 5, 2014




  • Pastor Brenda Billingy.  Added October 10, 2012






  • The History of Ordination - By Dr. Darius Jankiewicz. 

    Presented in June of 2012 at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church, Washington DC, USA






  • 2012 Columbia Union Special Constituency Meeting  Vote on ordination  (July 2012) 3hr 44 min





Southeastern California Conference Meeting on Ordaining Women

Taken from Spectrum Magazine

Held on Sabbath afternoon, August 18, 2012




Pacific Union Conference Constituency Meeting on Ordination of Women

Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, 21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, California, 91367 on August 19, 2012



"The Truth in Black and White"

by Pastor Dwight Nelson


Pastor Dwight Nelson on Women Ordination. January 2012

Sabbath Sermon: Multicultural Worship: Melting Pot or Fruit Salad?

by Pedrito Maynard-Reid






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