Photos for 2019
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[ December 27, 2019]  Christina Rahming, Marguerite Samuel, Keturah Bryan, Vanessa Rahming. 
These are all cousins.  Marguerite Samuel parents are Barrington and Annick Brennen. 
The other three are sisters and their parents are Claudia and Normal Seymour.   Claudia and Barrington are siblings.





Christmas Dinner 2019 at Sweet Refuge (Annick and Barrington)


Brendon and Jennifer and their children:  Keith (5), Charlotte (8 month)

Christian Rahming January 2, 2020 - Leading Seaman

Gerard and Dana



Barrington and Annick, November 15, 2019.  Photo taken by Harold Dorsett during Barrington's Retirement Party at the
South Bahamas Conference


Albury 2019 Thanks giving Dinner at the home of Brendon and Jennifer's home in Maryland, USA

November--Alden, Ann's son, his wife and daughter

November--Some of Ann's grandchildren



September- One of Ann's grandsons, Keith, the son of Brendon and Jennifer, hold a snake at park in Maryland, USA

September-Ann holding the same in a park in Maryland, USA



October 2019.  The Sabbath Pastor Keith Albury was installed at the Linden Adventist Church, New York.




Zoe's preschool graduation, in Port St Lucie, Florida


Ann's grandson, Keith Christian Albury (Brendon and Jennifer's son) during his preschool graduation in June 2019, in Maryland, USA