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The Family of Barrington and Annick


Assortment of Photos & Videos

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The last photo was added on Wednesday, March 09, 2016



Noah's dedication on August 31, 2013


Noah and his Mom, September 9, 2013



Wednesday, August 21, 2013.  Gerard's first day on the job. He is standing Zane and Malachi just before walking to work.


Here is Malachi on his first day to school on August 14,2013 in Ogallala, Nebraska

Noah, our grandson. Marguerite and Leslie's son.

Video taken July 27, 2013.  Eight months old



Alexander, Our Grandson at age 3

Taken July 28, 2013


Alfred and Mary Brennen

Photo taken on Sabbath, July 20, 2013

Dad 83, Mom 84


The cake celebrating the 62 years of marriage in on Sabbath July 20, 2013.

(Anniversary is on July 18)


Claudia Seymour 2013, age 60


Gerard and Dana and their children, Malachi and Alexander, with Grammy and Pappy during the winter of 2013


Alfred Brennen at age 83

Disclaimer:  My father is not a gangster although he looks like one.


The siblings at Christian and Devaughn's wedding reception on November 8, 2009

Ann, Barrington, Claudia, Judith


Marguerite with her son, Noah, in April 2013


Noah in the hands of  broadcast journalist and news host, Soledad O’Brien, at the Third Annual Leadership Conference held July 19 to 21, 2013 at Andrews University, Michigan


Oops!  Marguerite and Leslie are not fighting.


Alexander at age 3

Gerard and Dana's son


Brothers in love

Malachi and Noah


This is Noah.  Is he hungry or angry?


Alexander playing in his new park in Nebraska, July 2013


Norman and his three daughters taken May 2013