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Adventist World Survey

On Women Ordination

Independent Survey by Council for Family Research

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Enquête Mondiale  *   Inspección de Mundo *Pesquisa Mundial   *   世界调查 -  सर्वेख्रण विश्व

L'ordonnance de Femmes au Ministère d'Evangile Dans  *    l'Eglise d'adventiste de Septième-Jour  *  La ordenación de Mujeres al Ministerio del Evangelio

En el Séptimo-Día adventista Iglesia   *  A ordenação de Mulheres ao Ministério de Evangelho  *  Na Igreja de Adventist de Sétimo-Dia

到在第 7 日的基督复临论者教堂的福音部门的女人的颁布法令

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This World Survey is not in any way sponsored by Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It is a survey created by Council for Family Research (CFR), Nassau, The Bahamas (Barrington & Annick Brennen, Co-presidents) to try and ascertain the true feelings of Adventist members and leaders around the world regarding women being ordained to the gospel ministry.  Take the survey and let us see the results of what the majority says.  Email this page to your friends around the world.


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Ordination of Women to the Gospel Ministry

in the Adventist Church World Survey

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An Ongoing

Adventist World Survey

On Women Ordination

By Council for Family Research